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Tiger Tribe

Recommended Age (Toys)
Tiger Tribe Toys - Bioplast - Rocking Rollers - Dog Tiger Tribe Toys - Bioplast - Rocking Rollers - Dog 13,16 €
Originally:  18,80 €  
Tiger Tribe Wallart - Space Animals Tiger Tribe Wallart - Space Animals 11,28 €
Originally:  18,80 €  

Tiger Tribe

Different activity sets for kids from Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe is an Australian brand founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia by the couple Anthony and Naomi in their garage. They have two kids and their vision was to create fun and imaginative kids' products. Since then they have moved the production out of the garage and today there is a whole design team. 

Tiger Tribe makes lots of colourful and beautiful activity books and sets. There is everything from sequins, tape, postcards, glitter, stickers, magnets, felt-tip pens with fragrance, crayons, gel pens and much more. 

There are many new and innovative concepts that challenge kids to create unique things.

Tiger Tribe - Perfect to take with you on the trip

The products are designed for use when traveling or on an excursion. They are easy to pack and take with them, everything the kid needs can be found in the set. 

Tiger Tribe products are designed to meet international safety standards. They meet the following tests: ASTM, EN71, ISO-8124, AS/NZS 8124 and REACH.

Tiger Tribe makes it easy and fun for kids to relax and play creatively wherever they are. There are plenty of activities to do for kids of all ages from Tiger Tribe.

Tiger Tribe toys

We offer a wide selection of Tiger Tribe toys here at Kids-world. Our Tiger Tribe selection is packed with great designs.

With a great selection of affordable toys from Tiger Tribe, Kids-world has you covered.

Tiger Tribe books

Books are an eternal source of learning, knowledge and fantasy. It is certainly not a stupid idea to let your kids open their eyes to books at an early age. He or she will definitely love it. Here with us we have a fine selection of Tiger Tribe books and books from many others.

Several different books from Tiger Tribe and others brands

Are you looking for fine bath colouring bookssoft books books, picture books or wooden books from i.a. Tiger Tribe, this is the place to head.

The Books from Tiger Tribe in our range are made especially for kids, and are thus of a good quality and durable. Boy and girls, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which is what the books from Tiger Tribe.

Tiger Tribe bath toys for boys and girls

Tiger Tribe designs bath toys that your girls and boys will like and have many hours of fun with. We provide lots of diverse bath toys, including beach balls, bath toy animals and bath rings, which means that the boys and girls will have enough toys to enjoy for a lot of hours.

Tiger Tribe bath toys are suitable for fun in the bathtub. Playing with bath toys can make the daily shower routine more entertaining for several kids.

Here with us at Kids-world you will discover a nice collection of lots of enjoyable and nice bath toys by Tiger Tribe, as well as from many other designers.

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