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Den Goda Fen

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Den Goda Fen

Adventurous costumes for kids from Den Goda Fen

At Kids-world, Den Goda Fen is a brand that we are extremely proud to carry. It is a Swedish brand that creates imaginative and playful costumes for kids in the highest quality, along with various types of accessories for dressing up. Den Goda Fen carries a wide range of costumes for kids, including fine princess dresses, fairy dresses and skirts, doctor sets, police costumes, firefighter costumes, knights, kings, monkeys, tigers, bears, dinosaurs, witches, Batman and much, much more.

At Den Goda Fen, you will find everything that kids need for Halloween, birthday parties, or for special costume parties. Den Goda Fen carries costumes for kids ages 3-10 years. The brand is all about playfulness, fantasy and classic costumes that can stand up to being played with.

Behind the brand Den Goda Fen

Den Goda Fen is a family business, which was founded in 1997 by the Swedish Helena Vis. The company creates many different types of costumes for girls and boys, and continues to develop new types of costumes as well as producing old classics with modern upgrades. Helena Vis has been involved in designing both costumes and accessories for Den Goda Fen for many years.

Their products are produced in Europe, Turkey and China, and a great deal of time is spent on ensuring quality. At Den Goda Fen, you get really nice kids' costumes along with reasonable prices. Den Goda Fen is headquartered in Stockholm and has a warehouse in Gothenburg.

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