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Cybex - safety equipment and accessories for kids

Cybex is a leading brand in children's safety. They are a lifestyle brand that helps parents with daily life with kids using innovative products.

Cybex offers everything from car seats and stroller sleeping bag to mosquito net and strollers which are not only safe, but also perfectly adapted to the hectic liv in the cities.

Cybex works based on their DSF principle (design, safety and functionality). This strategy has made it possible to develop award-winning car seats, such as the delicious Sirona model, and they have even won fifteen Red Dot Design awards.

Cybex was founded in 2005 by Martin Pos in Germany. He chose to found the company after many frustrating hours installing complicated car seats when his kids were small. Martin decided to create better and innovative products. He ville to make products that were simple and innovative to use via smart designs. Martin began creating baby products that are safe and super functional, all while having modern designs and being innovative. The vision was to make Cybex a global manufacturer of baby equipment that combines safety, comfort, practicality and style.

What began as a little team in 2005 quickly grew to 150 employees after 3 years. Today, the company has more than 13,000 employees.

In 2014, the German company Cybex joined forces with GoodBaby International Holdings Limited. GoodBaby has 25 years of experience in research, development, design and testing in their own production facilities. GoodBaby has set a new global standard in safety, innovation, design and production.

Cybex car seats

At Kids-world, we are proud to present our selection of Cybex car seats. Our aim is to ensure that your child travel safely and comfortably on the road. We offer a wide selection of Cybex car seats that suit different ages and needs. Our products are carefully selected to give you the best quality and safety for your child, whether it's an infant seat, a kid's chair or a stroller.

Cybex is a recognized brand known for combining innovative technologies, safety and style in their products. The brand was founded with a vision to create products that not only meet the highest safety standards, but also add an aesthetic dimension to children's products. Cybex car seats are a result of this commitment and have become the choice of many parents worldwide.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Cybex car seats and share their commitment to safety and style. With our extensive selection of Cybex car seats, you have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your child's age and your personal preference.

Whether you're looking for a Cybex Aton 5 for your infant or an advanced Cybex Pallas G i-Size for your growing child, we've got it all. We also offer a wide selection of colours so you can find the car seat that suits your taste and style.

Explore our selection of Cybex car seats

We offer a wide range of Cybex car seats, including popular models such as Cybex Pallas, Cybex Sirona and Cybex Anton B2 i-Size. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality car seat designed to protect your child on the road.

Cybex Cybex Aton 5

One of our most popular Cybex car seats is the Cybex Aton 5. This car seat is designed for infants and delivers first-class safety and comfort. With its light weight and easy installation, it is a favorite among parents. The Cybex Aton 5 gives your infant a safe and protected driving experience, and you can find it in different colours to match your style.

We recommend visiting the Cybex Aton 5 product description, where you can find additional information on size, weight limits and compatibility with your car model. At Kids-world, safety is paramount and we are proud to offer this excellent car seat for your child.

Whether you are looking for the first car seat for your newborn or an upgrade to an existing car seat, the Cybex Aton 5 is an excellent choice that gives you ro of mind while driving.

Cybex Anton B2 i-Size: Safety and Comfort in Perfect Harmony

Cybex Anton B2 i-Size is a car seat designed to provide exceptional safety and comfort for your child on the road. This car seat is set of Cybex's impressive range of products that have won the trust of parents all over the world. With the Anton B2 i-Size, you get a car seat that meets the strictest safety standards and at the same time gives your child a pleasant travel experience.

One of the most outstanding features of the Cybex Anton B2 i-Size is its compliance with the latest i-Size regulation (UN R129). This means that the car seat has been carefully tested and approved to protect your child in the event of a collision from all shevrons. With advanced side impact protection and an adjustable headrest with integrated seat belt, the Anton B2 i-Size gives you peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands.

But safety is not the only priority with the Cybex Anton B2 i-Size. The car seat is also designed with a focus on comfort and convenience. The ergonomic design ensures that your child sits correctly and comfortably throughout the journey. The car seat has several adjustment options for the headrest and harnesses, which makes it easy to adapt the car seat to your growing child.

The installation of the Anton B2 i-Size is also simple thanks to the ISOFIX mounting system, which ensures a stable and correct position in the car. The car seat can be adjusted in several resting positions so that your child can relax during long drives. The fabric is not only soft and comfortable, but it is also easy to remove and wash, making maintenance a breeze for parents.

With Cybex Anton B2 i-Size you get the perfect combination of safety, comfort and ease of use. This car seat is suitable for kids aged approx.. 4 months to 4 years (up to 105 cm), making it a long-term investment in your child's safety and comfort during all drives.

Explore our selection of Cybex Anton B2 i-Size car seats and find the perfect solution for your child. We are proud to offer this impressive product, created by a brand that has dedicated decades to creating innovative and reliable children's products.

Cybex Pallas: Innovation and safety in one

The Cybex Pallas range is synonymous with advanced safety and intelligent design that grows with your child. This range of car seats represents a remarkable fusion of technology and comfort and includes models such as Cybex S-Fix, Cybex Pallas B2-Fix and Cybex Pallas G i-Size. Let's explore what makes these car seats a premium choice for parents.

The Cybex Pallas series is known for its use of the latest technology in child safety. All models in the series meet the strict safety standards and are equipped with Cybex's patented safety features. One of the notable features is the Linear Side Impact Protection System (LSP System), which absorbs energy in the event of a side impact and protects your child's shoulders and head.

Cybex Pallas car seats are also known for their unique ability to grow with your child. They are designed to last for several years, making them a long-term investment. The adjustable head support system and harness adapt to your growing child's size and needs, and adjustments are easy to make to ensure an optimal fit.

One of the most popular variants in the Cybex Pallas series is the Cybex S-Fix, which offers the same high level of safety and comfort as the rest of the series, but with extra features such as an adjustable headrest and an ergonomic seating area. Cybex Pallas B2-Fix is??known for its easy installation thanks to ISOFIX mounting and can be used in several positions to adapt to the age and size of your child.

Cybex Pallas G i-Size is another impressive model in the series that complies with the strict i-Size regulations. This car seat provides extra protection and comfort thanks to the integrated side impact protection system and Adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection Plus (LSP Plus). Cybex Pallas G i-Size is suitable for kids from approx.. 9 months to 12 years, making it a long-lasting travel companion.

Regardless of whether you choose Cybex S-Fix, Cybex Pallas B2-Fix or Cybex Pallas G i-Size, you can trust that you are giving your child a car seat that meets the highest standards of safety and comfort. The Cybex Pallas range is known for providing reliable protection and practical features that make it an excellent choice for any parent.

Cybex Sirona car seats: Safety for toddlers

The Cybex Sirona car seats are characterized by their excellent safety standards and cutting-edge technology, offering ultimate protection and comfort for your infant or toddler. This product line includes popular models such as Cybex Sirona, Cybex Sirona SX2 i-Size and Cybex S2 i-Size, all created with a focus on safety, ergonomics and ease of use.

The Cybex Sirona range is designed to follow your child's growth and age. It is a versatile solution that allows you to rotate the car seat 360 degrees, making it easy to place your child in and out of the car seat. This feature is convenient and allows you to choose between different driving positions depending on your child's needs.

One of the most popular choices within the Cybex Sirona range is the Cybex Sirona SX2 i-Size. This car seat has been developed in accordance with the latest i-Size regulations and exceeds strict safety requirements. It is equipped with Cybex's innovative technology, such as the Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP System), which absorbs energy in side collisions and protects your child's shoulders and head. The Cybex Sirona SX2 i-Size gives you ro of mind knowing that your child is in safe hands during the journey.

For parents looking for a more price-conscious alternative without compromising on safety and comfort, the Cybex S2 i-Size is an excellent choice. This car seat still offers advanced safety and ease of use while fitting the tighter budgets.

All Cybex Sirona car seats are easy to install thanks to the ISOFIX mounting system and come with adjustable headrests and suspenders to ensure an optimal fit as your child grows. The fabric is soft and comfortable and is easy to remove and wash, making maintenance simple for parents.

Regardless of whether you choose the Cybex Sirona, Cybex Sirona SX2 i-Size or Cybex S2 i-Size, you can be confident that you are giving your child the best possible protection while driving. The Cybex Sirona car seats combine safety and innovation and make the journey more comfortable and safe for your little one.

Cybex Libelle stroller: Flexible, light and ideal for travel

The Cybex Libelle stroller is a sand master when it comes to combining practical design and functionality. This stroller is set of Cybex's impressive range of strollers, created to make parents' liv easier and more convenient. Let's explore what makes the Cybex Libelle the perfect companion for you and your child.

Cybex strollers are known for their light weight and agility, and the Cybex Libelle is no exception. It is designed to be easy to maneuver, making it ideal for travel and city life. With its compact size, you can easily navigate through busy streets, narrow sidewalks and public transportation with ease.

One of the most impressive features of the Cybex Libelle is its collapsible design. It can be folded with ease and easily fits into the boot of a car or stored in a closet at home. This stroller is the perfect choice when space is tight or when you're on the go.

Cybex Libelle is also designed with the kid's comfort in mind. It has an adjustable backrest and footrest that allows your child to sit or lie in the most comfortable position. With a protective canopy, you can protect your child from sunlight or light rain while they enjoy the ride.

Parents will also appreciate the practical features of the Cybex Libelle, including the spacious storage net under the stroller, where you can store your important belongings or your shopping bag. The pram's handle is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable and non-slip handles, while the brakes give you full control of the stroller when needed.

The Cybex Libelle stroller combines style, functionality and convenience in one single product. Whether you're on a weekend trip, visiting the city or just taking a walk in the park, the Cybex Libelle is the ideal companion for parents who want the best for their child without compromising on comfort and practicality.

Cybex bases for car seats

Cybex bases are a crucial set of the Cybex car seat system, adding extra convenience and safety to your travel experience. The Cybex bases are designed to easily fit Cybex car seats in the car and ensure that they are correctly positioned every time.

With the Cybex base, you can quickly click the car seat into place and be sure that it is securely attached. This not only gives you a convenient way to install the Cybex car seat, but it also provides increased safety by minimizing the risk of installation errors. Cybex bases are compatible with various Cybex car seats and are an indispensable accessory for parents who want to ensure a safe and easy travel for their child.

Large selection of Cybex accessories

Cybex is dedicated to creating a comprehensive experience of safety, comfort and convenience for both parents and kids. In addition to our innovative car seats and strollers, we offer a selection of practical accessories that complement your Cybex experience. Our Cybex mosquito net is essential to protect your child from pesky insects, giving them a comfortable travel without unpleasant interruptions.

For correct installation of your Cybex car seat, we also offer the Cybex isofix guide, which provides clear step- lining step instructions and guidance to ensure that the car seat is fixed correctly and safely in the car. This accessory increases both safety and ease of use and gives you peace of mind on your journey.

When the sun is shining and you want to protect your child from the harsh rays of the sun, we have Cybex pram sun shade that provide effective brim and protection against UV rays. Our pram sun shade is designed to fit perfectly with Cybex car seats and strollers and gives your child a comfortable and shaded experience during outdoor fairy tale.

Finally, when the weather takes an unexpected turn, our Cybex pram rain cover is the ideal accessory. It keeps your child dry and protected from rain and the wind, so they can continue to enjoy the trip in comfort and dryness.

Whether you are on a sunny excursion, protecting your child from mosquito bites or preparing for unpredictable weather, Cybex accessories are the perfect complement to your Cybex products and make the journey even more comfortable and safe for you and your child.

Cybex car seat size guide

Our Cybex car seats come with a comprehensive size guide. This guide will help you choose the right car seat that fits your child's age and size perfectly. You can find size information in the product descriptions, where we also share important information about the fit of each product.

When choosing a Cybex car seat, it is important that you look at what height the individual Cybex car seat is intended for. Here you can see the kid's height in relation to i-Size, which is the new size standard when it comes to car seats.

How to wash your Cybex car seat

We recommend always following the washing instructions that come with your Cybex car seat. If you should lose them, our customer service is always ready to help you get the necessary information. It is important to keep your car seat clean and maintained to ensure the best possible safety and comfort for your child.

Accessories for Cybex car seats

To complete your Cybex car seat experience, we also offer a selection of accessories, including Cybex stroller sleeping bag, mosquito net, isofix guides, pram sun shade and pram rain cover. These accessories help improve the safety and comfort of your child during travel.

Cybex base

To ensure correct installation and use of your Cybex car seat, we also offer Cybex bases. These bases make it easy to fit the car seat correctly in your car and ensure that it sits securely in place while driving.

We hope this information has helped you learn more about our range of Cybex car seats and accessories. At Kids-world, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products for your child's safety and comfort. Explore our range today and choose the best car seat for your child.

How to get an offer on Cybex car seats

We know parents are always looking for great deals. At Kids-world you can save on your Cybex car seats by visiting our sales category, signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media. Keep an eye out for our promotions and special offers to secure the best prices.

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