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Hevea Toys, Accessories & Equipment for Kids

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Hevea Beach Set Set in Shopper - 20x6.5 cm Hevea Beach Set Set in Shopper - 20x6.5 cm 24,00 €
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Hevea Toys, Accessories & Equipment for Kids

Hevea - natural and sustainable products for babies and kids

The Danish brand Hevea makes fantastic products for babies and kids. The products are made of durable wood and rubber from the Hevea tree. With Hevea, you take responsibility for the future of the planet and reduce some of the plastic that kids products usually have. 

Hevea offers both pacifiers, bathing animals, flippers and many other important kid's products that are produced in a sustainable way and with a fantastic Danish design. 

It is important for Hevea to produce the products in a sustainable way, through recycling of materials, reuse, and kid safety. All packaging is FSC certified which ensures that the paper/carton comes from a sustainable forest to reduce damage of the forest. 

This is important for people who depend on the forest for living and also for the environment in general. In addition, it is important that the products are safe and good for kids. With products from Hevea you get responsible products for your kids. 

The story behind Hevea

Hevea started with a question: how can we take better care of our kids and the planet? The lack of natural products for kids and also future generations led to the brand Hevea Brazilsis - or natural rubber, which subsequently became the base for their mission and also the purpose. 

Hevea, natural rubber, can replace many types of plastic. It breaks down quite naturally and can even turn into new products. With Hevea, parents can make the world a little better for future generations. 

The tree variety Hevea can be found mainly in Asia, but the philosophy of the design behind the products from Hevea is Danish. The products combine beautiful design with functionality which is a foundation within the Danish tradition in design. 

Hevea wooden toy

in wood Toys from Hevea are fantastic toys for babies and kids. The Wooden toy gives memories of a bygone and uncomplicated time. The Hevea wooden toy lasts really well and lasts for several generations.

Hevea wooden toy in a good quality

The wood Wooden toy from Hevea produce in approved wood in a high and painted with environmentally friendly paint.

Hevea and the others brands produce toys in fine colours, toy figurine and forms such as train, cars, animal, brick boxes, game and much much more. There is something for everyone.

Baby toys by Hevea

If you try to find toys for a baby by Hevea, you have come to the right place.

In the first year of a kid's life, he og she go through a lot in motor and sensory development.

A large range of baby toys from labels like Hevea

You will find a wide range of baby toys by Hevea. We ensure that there is a toy for everyone.

Hevea teethers for babies

Do your boy or girl's gums itch? If the answer is yes, it might be a great idea to buy Hevea teether or two for your baby. It can be a challenging period once the gums start itching and the baby wants something to scratch them with and bite into.

On this page, you will discover our entire gorgeous selection of Hevea teethers for boys and girls. We have something for every boy and/or girl.

Sweet Hevea teethers

Teethers from Hevea and other brands available on our page are made in simple yet cute shapes.

Hevea bath toys for girls and boys

Hevea makes bath toys for boys and girls. There are several diverse bath toys, such as shapes, bath animals and bath bucket, that your boys and girls can play with in many different ways.

Bath toys from Hevea are perfect for satisfying times in the bath. Playing with bath toys can make the weekly bath routine more enjoyable for lots of kids.

Here at our shop you can pick from an vast selection of lots of fun and nice Hevea bath toys, and many other designers.

Hevea puzzle games

In this category, you will discover all Hevea puzzle games for kids of all ages. Regardless of your kids' age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a fine range of puzzle games from various brands - including Hevea. Puzzle games from Hevea make an ideal choice.

We would recommend you use our filter search while looking for Hevea puzzle games for your boy or girl. Regardless of your taste and preferences, we can assure you that on our page you'll be able to find the perfect puzzle game that both you and your girl or boy will like.

Discover Hevea puzzle games today

We hope you will find the perfect Hevea puzzle game for your girl or boy right here at Kids-world.

We have some fine puzzle games from Hevea. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Shape sorters by Hevea

We stock a vast assortment of shape sorters from brands such as Hevea and many others.

We have lots of shape sorter brands - including Hevea. Shape sorters from Hevea are a lovely pick.

We are confident that our filter system will support you in your search for the shape sorter you are seeking for.

Shop Hevea shape sorters today

If you decide to buy your toddler's next Hevea shape sorter at Kids-world we will be pretty pleased and ensure that you will not regret it.

We store fine Hevea shape sorters. That is why, we believe you find just what you are wishing for.

Balls from Hevea

Balls from Hevea are fun toys and they can be used by both girls and boys as well as by kids of all ages. Even adults enjoy playing with a ball, you're never too old to be able to have fun with a ball.

Here with us you will find a great selection of Hevea balls as well as balls from other brands.

Good quality balls by Hevea

We have balls from Hevea as well as balls from other brands that are made in different sizes, materials and colours.

Please check out our whole selection of balls for babies and kids if you can not find what you wish from Hevea.

Hevea furniture for the kids's room

Furniture from Hevea for kids's rooms must be of a delicious quality and they must be able to withstand most things. The furnitures from Hevea that. You can find, for example, tables, sofas, chairs, shelves and tumble furniture from brands such as Hevea and many more.

Common to the furnitures is that they are made with different materials, soft as well as hard. Hevea makes furniture for a little of everything.

Buy new products from Hevea here with us 

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for from Hevea in our shop. We have a large range that contains many nice and exciting products from Hevea. Feel free to look around the different categories and get inspired.

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