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Zebla - sports detergents and waterproofing products for clothing and shoes

Zebla creates fantastic sports detergents and cleaning products that make both your and your kids's clothes and shoes last much longer. Their products are specially designed for sports shoes and sportswear, which tend to quickly develop an offensive odor. You can save money by making household clothes and shoes last much longer!

In addition, all Zebla products are environmentally friendly and do not contain unnecessary additives. They are all Danish produced, made from recyclable materials, and free of parabens. Zebla offers detergents for sportswear and shoes, wool and down products, deodorants and conditioning products. You can protect both your financial investment and the environment with Zebla.

More about Zebla

Kasper Børs Petersson stood there in 2009 with his much-loved running shoes on. They smelled pretty bad, even though he had cleaned them several times in the washing machine. The shoes were still looking almost new, but the smell was unbearable, so he was ready to throw them in the trash. He was not happy about having to throw out perfectly good shoes.

Six months later, Kasper created Zebla deodorant, and in 2012, Zebla sport detergent was released. Two years later, the range was further expanded, and today it covers the vast majority of needs for sportswear and shoes. Zebla offers fantastic products for the entire household, so that the life of clothes and shoes can be extended. The products are easy to use, leaving clothes and shoes soft and fragrant.

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