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Rubies is the ultimate source of fantastic fairy tale for kids with their extraordinary range of creative costumes. Each costume is like a key to a magical door that opens up a world of imagination and play. Here your child can transform into everything from fearless superheroes to charming princesses and funny DYR.

Rubies costumes are not just suits - they are portals to countless fairy tale and endless opportunities to explore roller and create imaginative stories. Every detail is carefully crafted so your child can step into the character and experience the magic of being their own favorite character.

So let your child's imagination run wild with Rubies costumes. They are more than just clothes, they are the key to a world full of creativity, play and fairy tale. With Rubies, your child can create memories that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

The story behind Rubies

Rubies story began several decades ago with a vision to bring fantasy worlds to liv through amazing costumes. Founded in New York, USA, in 1951 by the Rubin family, Rubies has since developed into a global leader in costume production. They started by producing costumes in their home and sold them from their garage.

Over time, the company grew in scope and popularity and they expanded their range to include a wide range of costumes based on popular toy figurine from movies, TV shows, comics and more. Their dedication to high quality and detail has made them a trusted source for authentic and impressive costumes.

From their humble beginnings, Rubies have been a source of magic and fun for kids around the world. Founded with a passion for bringing fantasy worlds to life, Rubies has evolved into a global leader in costume manufacturing.

Rubies dedication to detail and high quality ensures that each costume is an authentic experience. Whether your child dreams of being a brave superhero, a beloved princess or something else entirely, Rubies can bring his or her fantasies to life with their spectacular costumes.

Take your child on a magical travel with Rubies costumes. Each and every suit is an invitation to create unforgettable moments filled with fairy tale and play.

Rubies costumes

Is your child a true Harry Potter fan? Then Rubies Harry Potter costumes are the obvious choice to bring the magic to life. Rubies are known for their fantastic range of costumes that allow kids to step into their favorite universes.

With Rubies Harry Potter costumes, your child can transform into the legendary wizard, Harry Potter, or one of his magical friends like Hermione or Ron.

Rubies understands the importance of providing quality costumes that are also comfortable for kids to wear. Each costume is designed with attention to detail and authenticity so your child can experience the full magical experience.

So let the play begin with Rubies Harry Potter costumes and many others exciting choices of Rubies costumes. Closet a world of imagination and fun that will bring smiles to your child and remember, we are always ready to help fulfill your and your child's wishes for the best costumes.

Explore a world of fantasy with Rubies costumes for kids. At Kids-world, you will find a fantastic selection of Rubies costumes that give your kids the opportunity to live in their favorite characters.

Rubies are known for their detailed and authentic costumes that allow kids to create their own fairy tale. Each costume is carefully designed with a focus on quality and comfort so that your kids can fully enjoy the play.

Allow your kids to unleash their imagination and creativity with Rubies costumes and closet memories that will last a lifetime. Find the perfect Rubies costume at Kids-world for your kids today.

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