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The Spirograph has been an absolutely fantastic toys that has inspired countless artists for decades. In fact, the product has been around for more than 50 years. Spirograph is a unique series of creative set which, in an original way, allow kids to create countless fantastic designs.

Your child gets to choose a precision ring in a fun shape, use the Spirograph's accessories to hold it in place, and then turn the precision wheels with one of the pens. Finally, your child has a complex spiral design. Spirograph offers fun, creative products for kids and adults of all ages and allows them to develop their artistic side.

The original Spirograph products from the 1960s were produced by the Kenner brand. day, the PlayMonster brand has acquired the rights to the series and produces the modern versions.

PlayMonster was originally called Patch Products and was founded in 1985 by brothers Fran and Bryce Patch. They began by creating puzzle game for kids, but the company quickly developed to add others game as well as toys.

Over the years they have acquired others companies and rights and expanded their product range to offer many products for both kids and adults. These include ranges such as Spirograph, Latchkits, Popids, Play-Doh and more.

Whether it's developing a new idea, collaborating with an iconic brand or helping inventors bring a new idea to life, PlayMonster is on board with the idea and having fun with it - every single day.

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