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Beautiful Globber scooters and accessories for kids

Scooters for kids from Globber are available in many different designs and colours so that you can find the perfect scooter in the style that suits your kid.

Globber was founded on the desire that scooters and scooters would be accessible to everyone and that you would not have to spend a huge amount of money to get a good driving experience.

Globber has a product for everyone on offer regardless of age and budget. We really have something for all tastes and all different price ranges. Globber has won many impressive awards and recognition for the innovative products, all of which are safe and comply with all international safety rules.

The story behind Globbers

Globber was founded in 2014 by experts who had over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company and its products quickly became favorites and popular on the market.

They design scooters for everyone from the youngest kids to the teenagers and even adults. The products are reliable, stylish, and innovative in design and functionality. Globber encourages everyone to have a positive and healthy lifestyle where everyday life becomes easier and more fun

The products for kids from Globber have a button that locks the handlebars. The button helps when kids learn to scoot and that the button can be used to fold the scooter which is perfect for storage and transport. You can buy the products from Globber in over 73 countries worldwide.

Globber scooter? Innovative design

Globber scooter represent a combination of stylish design, innovation and high functionality that make them a popular choice among kids and adults alike. These scooter have been created with a focus on comfort, safety and ease of use, which makes them suitable for both play and transportation.

The Scooters from Globber are known for their adjustable height, which makes them ideal for kids of different ages and sizes. This adaptability allows the scooter to grow with the kid, making it a long-term investment for parents. At the same time, the ergonomic design ensures that the user experiences optimal comfort and control while driving.

One of the distinctive pull of Globber scooter is the unique folding system that makes it easy to pack up the scooter and transport it when not in use. This feature makes it convenient for those who want to take the scooter with them on trips or keep it space-saving at home.

Globber also emphasizes safety by including features such as non-slip tires, brakes and a solid construction. These aspects combined with the stylish and modern aesthetics make Globber scooter an attractive solution for those looking for a reliable and safe way to get around.

Globber scooter a dynamic and stylish way to explore the world while maintaining a focus on comfort and safety. With their smart design and functional features, Globber scooter are a popular choice.

Colorful Globber scooter - Play in style

Children love colours. That's why we offer Globber scooter in a multitude of vibrant and exciting shades. Choose from classic colours or go for something more bold and eye-catching. Our wide range of colours allows kids to express their individuality and make their scooter a personal item.

In addition to being a playful mode of transport, Globber scooter at Kids-world also become a fashion statement for the kids. Let your kids explore the world in style on a colorful Globber scooter from our range. Take a look at our colorful Globber scooter and let your kids express themselves with their favorite colours and designs.

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Take the first step towards giving your child the perfect scooter experience by taking advantage of our fantastic offer on Globber scooter at Kids-world.

We value our customers, which is why we strive to deliver not only quality products, but also a hassle-free delivery experience. So when you shop for Globber scooter at Kids-world, you can look forward to not only first-class products, but also first-class service.

Buy new products from Globber from us

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If you have any specific requests, you may be looking for other products from Globber that we do not offer yet please contact our customer service with your requests.

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