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Creamie Clothing & Accessories for Kids


Creamie Clothing & Accessories for Kids

Creamie is Danish designed girls' clothing

The Danish fashion label Creamie is widely known for its detailed soft bohemian layer upon layer style, along with a characteristic attitude that praises femininity. For little girls, Creamie could not possibly be any sweeter or cuter, and for big girls, sharp looks can be created with cool T-shirts or a pair of nice leggings.

The beautiful, feminine clothes from Creamie can be styled for both everyday situations as well as parties with their different dresses, skirts, T-shirts, leggings and cardigans. The colours of the Creamie collection are kept primarily in bright and delicate pastels such as powder rose, light pink and ivory.

A creative, fun thing to do is to pair a black Creamie leggings with a sweet outfit to give it an edgy look. The clothing line includes many beautiful details along with lace and light chiffon, giving girls' clothes beautiful and unique effects. At Kids-world, we also have Creamie dresses with wonderful prints and fabulous patterns.

Creamie dresses come with a cute look and can be paired with Creamie T-shirts and cardigans, among many other things.

Creamie originates from the womens' brand Cream

Creamie is a Danish brand that is produced by DK Company, a leading supplier of fashion clothing. Creamie originates from the women's clothing brand Cream, which is known for beautiful and luxurious clothing in a bohemian style.

Today, Creamie has developed their own identity and universe independent of Cream. Creamie has a more adventurous and elegant style that includes raw details, but still allows room for creativity.

For the princess with an attitude

Creamie kids' clothing for girls is designed for girls aged 3-12 years. The style is feminine, sweet and at the same time, cool. The different styles can be combined to give a sweet look more edge, for the princess with an attitude.

High quality Creamie kids' clothing

The collections from Creamie are made of fabulous, soft fabrics that kids feel very comfortable in.

The clothing comes with high quality construction, meaning they are made to last and worn without having to worry about them coming apart or losing shape.

Please feel free to view the selection of beautiful Creamie girls' clothing here at Kids-world.

Shop the latest styles by Creamie

We have made it simple for you to buy from the comfort of your own home. We aim to bring an inspiring collection by Creamie alongside an excellent shopping experience for you. See our Creamie sale as well.

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