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Eberhard Faber


Eberhard Faber

Eberhard Faber

Eberhard Faber is a brand with deep roots in the world of writing and art, stretching back to the middle of the 19th century. Founded in 1861 in the heart of New York by two German brothers, this brand represents a blend of German precision and American entrepreneurship.

Coming from a long tradition of pencil making in Germany, these brothers saw potential in the booming American market and decided to create their business there.

Over the years, Eberhard Faber has firmly established its position as a leading manufacturer of quality pencils, artists' materials and others writing instruments, always with a dedication to innovation and quality.

Eberhard Faber now brings their creative equipment for kids who love to explore, create and express their imagination. With their experience and commitment to providing reliable and inspiring products, Eberhard Faber is the perfect choice for kids who want to unleash their creative potential with fun and ease.

Eberhard Farber tattoo markers

With Eberhard Faber tattoo markers, your child gets the opportunity to explore the world of temporary tattoos in a fun and safe way. Designed with children's sensitive skin in mind, these markers are both skin-friendly and easy to wash off.

Imagine your child's excitement when he or she can show a colourful butterfly on the arm to a friend or a star on the cheek. Regardless of whether you have a family day in the park, a festive occasion or just a creative afternoon at home, Eberhard Faber tattoo markers are sure to be a hit.

And the best part? As a parent, you can rest assured that these tattoo markers are made with your child's safety and well-being in mind.

Large selection of Eberhard Faber hair color

Is your child also fond of changing his look and playing with colours? With Eberhard Faber hair dye, your child can easily and safely experiment with his hair and let creativity game free. Known for its quality and safety, Eberhard Faber has created a range of temporary hair colors that are perfect for kids.

Eberhardt Faber hair color is easy to apply and washes out easily, making it ideal for festive occasions or just for fun at home. Whether your child dreams of pastel hair, striped locks or perhaps a whole rainbow, Eberhard Faber has a hair color to suit. So give your child the opportunity to express himself and have a party with his hair.

Let your imagination run free with Eberhard Faber face paint

Are you looking for a safe and reliable face paint for your child's creative expressions? Eberhard Faber face paint is just the answer. As a parent, you know how important it is to have products that do not harm the kid's delicate skin.

Eberhard Faber has managed to create a face paint that is both safe and super fun to use. It allows you to transform your child into everything from a brave superhero to a glittering fairy or dangerous lion. The Colours are intense but easy to remove again, making your choice worry-free.

So get ready for a child's birthday, Mardi Gras or just a fun day at home, where your child can let his imagination run wild and become exactly the fantasy character he or she dreams of with Eberhard Faber face paint.

Creative play with Eberhard Faber play dough

Eberhard Faber play dough is the epitome of creative play for kids of all ages. Each pack contains a sea of??colours that allow your child to create everything from colorful DYR to imaginative toy figurine.

This play dough is specially designed for children's hands, so it is easy to shape and work with. Not only that, but Eberhard Faber has ensured that their play dough is non-toxic and safe for kids to use.

As a parent, you can therefore be safe in letting your child explore his creativity with Eberhard Faber play dough. After a day full of imaginative and creative play, it is easy to store the play dough in the included containers so that it is ready for the next time inspiration frames.

Let your child's imagination run free and see the fantastic creations he or she can create with Eberhard Faber play dough.

Paint with Eberhard Faber finger paint

Introduce your kids to a world of colours with Eberhard Faber finger paint. This finger paint is perfect for the little artistic souls who want to express themselves through paint without the limitations of brushes.

With Eberhard Faber finger paint it is easy and safe for your child to explore different textures, patterns and color mixtures. Developed especially for children's sensitive skin, the paint is both non-toxic and easy to wash off, so you don't have to worry about stains or irritation.

Discover the joy in your children's eyes as they dip their fingers into the vibrant colours and create their own masterpieces. It's a great way to develop their motor skills and creativity. With Eberhard Faber finger paint, art and creativity become both fun and safe for your kids.

Transform your home into a creative playground with Eberhard Faber products. From the colorful tatoo markers to fantastic finger paint and the fun and easy-to-use play dough, Eberhard Faber has everything you need to explore your child's artistic abilities.

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