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Filibabba Interior & Equipment for Kids


Filibabba Interior & Equipment for Kids

Organic kid's fabrics with unique graphic patterns

Filibabba is the producer of a Danish-designed kid's fabric made with 100% organic GOTS approved cotton. Characterized by strong graphic patterns in beautiful Danish designs, Filibabba continues to include the highest standards of quality.

With inspiration found in Danish and Scandinavian traditions, the brand produces the very best in fabric products for both young and old.

The elegant interior of a kid's room is designed with inspiration from everyday situations and memories from childhood.

All Filibabba products are made with love, along with the utmost respect for the environment and the people they work with.

Filibabba babynest

Filibabba is available in fabric baby products such as baby bedding, babynests, bed bumpers, nappy pillows and nursing pillows. In a variety of fabulous muted colours, these products can be combined in many ways to suit the decor of any kid's room.

Particularly popular is the Filibabba babynest, which can be used in the pram, cradle or between the parents in their double bed. The babynest comes with a foam mattress and high, round, padded sides so the baby can lie in its own little dream world without rolling away in their sleep.

With a beautiful closing mechanism at the bottom of the babynest, the circumference can be made smaller or larger, adapting to the kid as they grow. A babynest is also very practical when you are out and about and the baby needs a nap, or as an alternative to a play blanket.

As the kid grows up, Filibabba junior bedding is available in the same beautiful, graphic patterns as the baby fabrics. The collection of bedding interiors also includes beach towels and bibs, also in the same high quality as the remainder of the collection. You will find the entire range of Filibabba kid's fabric products online, here at Kids-world.

Filibabba is a GOTS approved company

Filibabba is a GOTS approved company, which means that not only are the products made from certified organic cotton, but the entire value chain has been inspected by GOTS. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an internationally recognized organic processing certification.

This processing standard ensures internationally recognized and high quality criteria for organic textile production, so you as a consumer can be certain that companies like Filibabba comply with the high environmental criteria throughout the production process of their organic fabrics for kids.

Baby toys by Filibabba

This category presents you with all the Filibabba baby toys for boys and girls. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to search for the propper baby toy by Filibabba for your girl or boy.

it's a good idea to consider the various baby toys from Filibabba and other labels if you'd like to find more ways to support your boy or girl's development.

A large range of baby toys from labels like Filibabba

Here at Kids-world you will find a great range of Filibabba baby toys. We ensure that there is a toy for everyone.

Wooden toy from Filibabba

Wooden toy from Filibabba are distinguished by being extremely durable and last for several generations. Wood is a fine material to make toys from, as it allows for e.g. Filibabba to shape the toy as they wish.

Wooden toy from Filibabba in high quality

The wood Wooden toy from Filibabba is made of approved wood in a delicious quality and painted with environmentally friendly paint.

You will definitely be able to find the perfect wooden toy from Filibabba or one of the others brands here at Kids-world.

Filibabba soft toys for kids

Filibabba are known for producing top quality soft toys. You will get a great experience if you buy a Filibabba soft toy for your boys and girls.

With a Filibabba soft toy, you can be certain that the girls and boys have gained a partner for life There are several hours of fun with a Filibabba soft toy. Don't forget our Filibabba sale, if you are looking for Filibabba toys at reduced prices.

Cozy and fine soft toys by brands such as Filibabba

We expect you'll find a soft toy by Filibabba for girls and boys in our shop.

It is a good idea to hold cherished soft toys close when the little ones are going to take a nap. Having a preferred teddy close gives so much comfort when it is nap-time.

Filibabba provide a great assortment of soft toys in many different designs, colours and sizes.

Filibabba teethers for babies

Do your boy or girl's gums itch? If the answer is yes, then it might be a very good idea to get a Filibabba teether or two for your sweet girl or boy. It can be quite a challenge when the gums start to itch and your girl or boy wants to scratch it back and have something to bite into.

In this category, you will find our entire selection of Filibabba teethers for both boys and girls. We have something for every boy and girl.

Nice Filibabba teethers

Teethers from Filibabba, as well as teethers from many other brands available on our page, come in simple yet sweet forms.

Filibabba play mats

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of play mats from brands such as Filibabba and many others. Regardless of your boy or girl's age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a wide selection of play mats from various brands - including Filibabba. Filibabba play mats make a perfect choice.

We suggest you use our filter when searching for play mats from Filibabba for your boy or girl. Whatever your wishes and preferences might be, we assure you that on our page you will find some great play mats that both you and your boy or girl will like.

We have some gorgeous play mats from Filibabba

If you decide to buy your kid's next play mat from Filibabba here at Kids-world, we will be very happy and we assure you that you will not regret your purchase.

Rattles from Filibabba

Rattles from Filibabba are great toys for babies. Filibabba produces the finest rattles in solid materials.

Rattles from Filibabba and motor exercise

The Rattles from Filibabba and the others brands are characterized by their beautiful designs such as. flamingos, bears and llamas, or perhaps the rattle of Filibabba is shaped like a giraffe, cat or a swan.

Rattles from Filibabba in environmentally friendly materials

Filibabba and the others brands make a wealth of rattles in contemporary colours as well as environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials

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