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SpyX - Experience the world of secret missions

Welcome to SpyX, where imagination meets excitement and play. The spy kits from SpyX are designed to bring children's dreams of secret missions to life. With our wide range of SpyX spy kits and equipment, kids get the opportunity to enter a world full of mystery and fairy tale.

The SpyX brand was created with a passion to inspire children's imagination and curiosity. Our vision is to allow kids to develop important skills such as observation, creative thinking and cooperation, all while having fun with our exciting spy sets.

At Kids-world, we have put together an impressive selection of SpyX spy kits to suit different ages and interests. Whether your child dreams of becoming a secret agent, detective or spy, we have the perfect spy set for them. Let us take you on a travel through our world of excitement and play.

Explore our range of SpyX spy kits

At Kids-world, we are proud to offer an extensive range of SpyX spy kits. Our range ranges from the SpyX night ranger set to the SpyX Micro gear set and everything in between. Whether your child is interested in night missions, micro-scale gear or spy glasses, we've got it all.

We understand that kids have different interests and preferences, so we've made sure to have spy kits to suit everyone. Our SpyX spy kit is designed with a focus on quality, safety and fun. We believe that every SpyX spy kit is an invitation to creative play and exploration.

Take the time to explore our large selection of SpyX spy kits and choose the one that best matches your child's dreams and desires. Let's create countless hours of fun and excitement together.

Discover SpyX night ranger set - The ultimate spy set

The SpyX night ranger set is the ultimate spy kit that takes children's play to the next level. This set contains everything your child needs to explore the world of night missions and excitement. With night vision goggles, voice distorters and others impressive gadgets, your child is ready to solve mysteries in the dark.

The SpyX night ranger set is not only fun, it's also a great way to develop important skills like observation and problem solving. This spy kit allows your child to feel like a real agent on secret missions.

Explore the smart SpyX night ranger set and let your child begin their exciting fairy tale as a night mission specialist. This is a spy kit that will bring countless hours of joy and play.

Keep an eye on everything with SpyX, a lazer trap alarm

A SpyX lazer trap alarm is the perfect tool to protect the secret headquarters or catch intruders. This innovative spy kit contains everything your child needs to create an invisible laser trap that triggers an alarm when broken.

With the SpyX lazer trap alarm, your child can train their strategic skills and devise clever plans to protect their territory. This is a great way to combine play and learning as it challenges children's creativity and tactical thinking.

Discover the SpyX lazer trap alarm and let your child begin their travel as a secret agent ready to protect and monitor. This spy kit is full of fun and excitement and is the perfect gift for any curious child.

Get everything you need with a SpyX Micro gear set

The SpyX Micro gear set is the ultimate collection of micro-scale spy gear. This set includes everything from spy pens to SLR cameras and everything in between. With this spy set, your child can explore a world of micro-scale play and secret discoveries.

A SpyX Micro gear set is not only fun, it's also a great way to develop children's fine motor skills and creativity. This set allows kids to think big on a small scale and create their own secret world.

Discover the smart SpyX Micro gear set and let your child dive into a micro-scale world of excitement and fairy tale. This spy kit is full of opportunities for play and creative exploration.

See clearly in the dark with SpyX night mission goggles

SpyX night mission goggles are the ultimate gadget for kids who dream of doing night missions like real spies. These specially designed glasses allow for night vision and help your child navigate the dark with ease.

With SpyX night mission goggles, your child can experience exciting fairy tale in the dark and explore the world around them like a real agent. These glasses allow you to see clearly in the dark and discover hidden secrets.

Discover the smart SpyX night mission goggles and let your child enter a world of night missions and exciting discoveries. This spy kit is the perfect companion for any secret mission.

Communicate secretly with SpyX walkie talkies

SpyX walkie talkies are the ideal communication tool for kids who want to stay connected on their secret missions. These walkie talkies allow for secret communication at a distance and are an essential set of any spy's equipment.

With SpyX walkie talkies, your child and their friends can collaborate and communicate in a fun and exciting way. This spy set strengthens children's cooperative skills and is perfect for group play.

Embark on the secret mission with a pair of SpyX walkie talkies and let your child take secret communication to the next level. This spy kit brings fun and cooperation into the spy world.

Write secret messages with a SpyX pen

The SpyX pen is the perfect tool for writing secret messages and notes. It looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but hides a secret function. With a SpyX pen, your child can write messages that can only be decoded by those who have the right decoder.

This pen is great for training children's cryptography skills and developing their imagination. It opens up a world of secret messages and riddles that can challenge children's creativity. Discover the SpyX pen and let your child start writing and decoding secret messages. This spy set takes play and creativity to a new level.

Distort your voice with a SpyX voice distorter

The SpyX voice distorter is the fun tool to distort your voice and sound like a real spy. This spy set allows kids to play with different voice effects and create fun and imaginative characters.

With a SpyX voice distorter, your child can explore the world of voice distortion and develop their creativity. It's a great way to create fun and entertaining voices for play and imagination. Discover the SpyX voice distorter and let your child start experimenting with voice effects and creating their own secret identities. This spy kit is full of laughter and play.

Keep track of intruders with a SpyX door alarm

The SpyX door alarm is the ideal tool to keep track of intruders and protect your secret headquarters. This innovative alarm can be attached to doors and windows and will sound a loud alarm when they are opens without permission.

With a SpyX door alarm, your child can feel like a real protector of their secret room. This tool teaches kids about safety and protection in a fun and exciting way. Discover the SpyX door alarm and let your child start securing their secret room. This spy kit is full of excitement and opportunities to explore the world of security and protection.

How to get an offer on SpyX spy kit

At Kids-world, we want to give our customers the opportunity to save on their SpyX spy kit. There are several ways you can dragon advantage of our fantastic offers and discounts.

First of all, you can visit our sale category, where you will find reduced prices on selected SpyX spy kits. Here you can save money without compromising on the quality of our exciting equipment.

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