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Didriksons Clothing & Footwear for Kids


Didriksons Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Kids clothing from Didriksons 

Didriksons design outerwear for kids and they have over 100 years of experience in making outerwear that keeps people dry and warm. The collections consist of clothes that can be combined which is suitable for everyday life or travel regardless of whether the kids are little or large. 

Wear a Didriksons winter snowsuit during the cold winters or during the ski trip, to be able to ski or snowboard all day. It is easy to combine the stylish winter jackets for kids from Didriksons with a pair of ski trousers or waterproof trousers depending on the weather during the day. 

Here at Kids-World you will find a wide and amazing range of many wonderful clothes from Didriksons such as rainwear, snowsuits, ski trousers, jackets for summer and winter as well as hats, gloves and welly boots. 

Didriksons outerwear for kids 

Outerwear for kids places high demands on quality as kids spend a large part of the day outdoors when they are in preschool or school. The outerwear from Didriksons gives your kid stylish and practical outerwear that is of the best quality which is perfect for active kids. The clothes are durable, waterproof, and breathable. 

Functional kids' clothes from Didriksons in a timeless design 

Didriksons create functional clothes that have a timeless design and the clothes can be used every day no matter what weather it is. The clothes from Didriksons are made in an incredibly high quality and there are many smart details in the outerwear which are perfect for kids and their outdoor games. The kid's clothes from Didriksons also make it easy for kids to dress themselves, which makes everyday life a little easier for parents. 

Some of the clothes for kids from Didriksons have a design where 'a larger size' is sewn into the clothes. Once the kid has outgrown the snowsuit or jacket, you can easily make the clothes a size larger by cutting up the specified seams. This means that they do not outgrow the clothes as fast, but you can possibly wear the clothes over two seasons. 

Didriksons is one of the leading brands in rainwear and outerwear on the Scandinavian market, which is not surprising thanks due their knowledge of making clothes and the quality of kids' clothes. 

Technological development and environmental considerations 

Didriksons was founded in Grundsund, Sweden in 1913 by Julius and Hanna Didrikson. Initially they made workwear for fishermen, but thanks to the technological advances that Didriksons has made, they are now a popular brand for many people as well as professionals in various sports and jobs. 

Didriksons strives to reduce environmental impact 

Didriksons continues to develop products and manufacture clothes while considering the environment. They always try to reduce their environmental impact during the production of the clothes. They do this by minimizing the use of chemicals and banning all toxic substances. 

They are also trying to reduce the use of water, energy, and transport. Didriksons is trying to make clothes from materials that are not only practical for its purpose but also more environmentally friendly to produce. 

Didriksons uses and recycles polyester whenever possible. All water-repellent treatments of the clothes are 100% PFC-free. The clothes are not filled with down and there are no leather details or real fur in the collections. In addition, they use Lyocell cellulose instead of cotton because less water is required during the production of Lyocell cellulose in comparison to cotton. 

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We hope that you will find nice new outerwear for your little one from Didriksons in our shop. We have a large range of many nice winter snowsuits and stylish jackets that are suitable for both the summer and winter. 

In addition, we offer rainwear from Didriksons that is perfect for the colder climate when the weather is unstable. Please browse around the nice clothes in our online shop from Didriksons and many other brands.

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