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Sistema - lunchboxes & water bottles for kids

Sistema creates great solutions for to-go lunch, drinks and snacks for kids. The lunchboxes come in a variety of sizes and colours, and some even have several compartments making it easier to separate the food you put in the same lunchbox.

There are also smaller snackboxes which are great for fruits and vegetables - among other things. The lunchboxes are environment friendly and free from BPA and phthalates. The Sistema lunchboxes are great for school, kindergarten, or when going on a longer trip with the family. They are dishwasher and freezer safe.

The Sistema water bottles for kids and the cups for smaller kids are perfect to always have with you in the backpack or in the bag for when the kids get thirsty. These are also environment friendly, free from BPA and phthalates and produced in New Zealand. There are many different colours and models to choose from!

The story behind Sistema

It all started 30 years ago in a garage in New Zealand. Today the products are exported to 110 different countries around the world. The director of the business, Brendan Lindsay, is extremely proud of the success, and the mission continues to be the same: to create safe food storage solutions in beautiful designs, which can be stacked on top of each other.

Sistema water bottles

On this page, you will find all the Sistema water bottles for girls and boys. Regardless of your kids' age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a wide range of brands producing water bottles - including Sistema. Water bottles from Sistema are an ideal choice.

We are sure that our filter can help you while searching for the perfect water bottle for your kid(s).

Buy water bottles from Sistema today

We hope you find the ideal Sistema water bottle for your kid here at Kids-world.

We have fine water bottles from Sistema. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Many different Sistema drinking bottles

Quench your thirst with one of the many different drinking bottles from Sistema at Kids-world. A good water bottle is absolutely essential for the kids and is at the same time a good way to both save money and avoid unnecessary plastic consumption, as the water bottle can always be reused.

We have many different kinds of drinking bottles from Sistema, which come in a myriad of shapes, colours and capacities.

You can find Sistema drinking bottle with a practical spout, internal straws and in comfortable shapes that are easy for the kids to hold.

Try the Sistema water bottle Twist if your kids need a simple water bottle with a spout that is extremely easy to operate even for very young kids.

You can also try a Sistema Quick Flip water bottle with the smart quick flip lid, which opens with a single push and gives access to the drinking spout with a practical straws in it.

Last but not least, the delicious Sistema Hourglass water bottle offers a practical handle so that it can be hung on the bag. In addition to this, the water bottle has a smart closing mechanism and a lid that is secured against leaks.

Sistema drinking bottle in many different colours

Become extra green and sustainable with a practical Sistema water bottle in green. With a water bottle, you avoid having to buy bottled water all the time or not being able to drink water at all because there is no cup nearby.

A water bottle is ideal for when the kid is out on a trip or a long excursion, so that they can always have something fresh to drink to quench their thirst. A Sistema water bottle is also ideal to take with you for the long hours in the classroom or for sports lessons, where the kid is far from a tap. With a little drink, the brain always works a little better.

You can easily get an overview of the many different colours you can choose from when you need a Sistema water bottle by using our search filter.

You can filter your search for Sistema drinking bottles by colour, type and much more. Sistema drinking bottles are available in all the colours of the rainbow, so you can easily find your children's favorite colours.

Should your Sistema water bottle have a straws?

The advantage of a Sistema water bottle with a straws is that your kids can quickly and easily get something to drink without wasting anything.

Everyone knows about drinking bottles with openings that are too large, which for the kids often ends up with the contents escaping over the kid instead of being drunk.

You avoid this with a practical straws in the Sistema water bottle. A Sistema water bottle with straws is ideal for when you and the kids are on the go, or for when the kids are full of active sport and play and get thirsty.

With the beautiful Sistema water bottle Quick Flip, you get a practical closing mechanism with a built-in straws. You can also find a Sistema water bottle with a straws in many different sizes. The practical straws makes it easy and quick to quench your kids thirst.

Sistema drinking bottle in various sizes

It is easy and quick to find a Sistema water bottle at Kids-world in just the size the kids need. Among other things, you can find a little Sistema water bottle of 330 mL, Sistema drinking bottle of 460 mL, Sistema drinking bottle of 800 mL and many more sizes.

A Sistema water bottle of 330 mL is ideal to have with you. You can have a Sistema water bottle of 330 mL in even the smallest bag or a little school backpack. A Sistema water bottle of 330 mL is also good for very small kids, who can more easily carry it around themselves.

A Sistema water bottle of 460 mL is a medium-sized water bottle. It is practical to take with you in school backpack or on a trip.

You can also choose a Sistema water bottle of 800 mL. It is the largest Sistema water bottle and can quench your thirst on even very long trips.

If you want to find others sizes for your Sistema water bottle, this is also possible. We have Sistema water bottle of 380 mL, Sistema drinking bottle of 475 mL, Sistema water bottle of 520 mL, Sistema water bottle of 600 mL and Sistema drinking bottle of 700 mL.

Cleaning the Sistema drinking bottle

It is super easy to clean all Sistema drinking bottles. All you have to do is just put your Sistema water bottle in the dishwasher. A good round of dishwasher cleaning results in your Sistema water bottle being clean to drink from again.

If you don't have a dishwasher, you can also clean your Sistema water bottle by hand with warm water and soap.

All Sistema drinking bottles are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean. Cleaning the Sistema water bottle is important to avoid bacteria in the water bottle.

Also remember to clean your children's Sistema water bottle if it has been used for juice, juice or something else, so that it does not get an unpleasant aftertaste.

Large selection of Sistema lunchboxes

A Sistema lunchbox is ideal for storing your children's lunch or snacks. You can also advantageously use a lunchbox to store meals or leftovers from dinner and give them as lunch for the kids.

Take the Sistema lunchbox with you to school, on an excursion or when the kids are going on a trip. In the smart Sistema Lunch Stack lunchbox cutlery, you get 965 mL capacity with a partition in the middle of the lunchbox, which makes it possible to keep the food separated into different types.

You can have snacks in the little room and a cuddle in the large room. Included in the purchase you get cutlery in the form of a multi-use fork with a built-in spoon. It is always practical to have cutlery in the lunchbox, which can be stored inside the box. The lid of all Sistema lunchboxes is designed so that it is completely tight and does not leak.

Look through our large selection to find several types of Sistema lunchboxes with accessories. Here you will also find Sistema lunchboxes with extra containers and several built-in compartments. We have Sistema lunchboxes in different sizes, from 350 mL up to 1.4 litres, so you can find a Sistema lunchbox to satisfy the little hunger or to bring a large lunch for your kids.

We have many package solutions where you can buy Sistema lunchbox in, for example, a 3-Pack or 4-Pack.

If you would like your Sistema lunchbox to be extra sustainable, you can choose the Sistema lunchbox Renew, which is made of 100% recycled plastic. You can also get these Sistema lunchboxes as a 3-Pack and with cutlery on top of that.

Sistema lunchboxes with and without compartments

There is nothing better than when the kids can enjoy their packed lunch and eat a little piece of dessert afterwards without it all being mixed up. You can avoid this with a Sistema lunchbox, which has several divided compartments.

Whether you want a Sistema lunchbox with a large compartment or you want a Sistema lunchbox with several compartments, you can find it at Kids-world.

You can get Sistema lunchboxes with one large compartment, several divided compartments and up to 4 divided compartments. This is handy if you want to keep your children's food separated into different types. With divided rooms, you also avoid that tasty food gets mixed up.

If you want many divided compartments in your children's lunchbox, the Sistema lunchbox Sistema Lunch Cube 1.4 liters is ideal, as the lunchbox has a total of four compartments. The compartments are held together with a special clip on the side, so it is easy to open for the kids.

Sistema storage - Many options with Sistema buckets

When you use Sistema storage, you get a lunchbox with room for just the lunch that your kids like best. You can both store a three-course menu and keep it separate with several compartments, or you can store a good portion in a large Sistema bucket.

With Sistema storage boxes, you can find space for most things. With Sistema buckets, you have a tight box that does not leak. With Sistema's small buckets, you have the option of storing an extra little dressing for the packed lunch, which is often what makes the packed lunch extra tasty.

In card, the smart Sistema boxes offer countless options for good and practical Sistema food storage.

All Sistema lunchboxes are approved for storing all types of food. You can also heat the food in your Sistema boxes in a microwave without problems, but you must remember to remove the lid. If you want to freeze the food in your Sistema bucket, you can also do this at any time.

How to shopper Sistema on offer

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Shop Sistema at Kids-world - your Sistema lunchbox retailer

If you need inspiration about lunchboxes, check out our large selection of Sistema lunchboxes at Kids-world.

It is always important to store sine children's food in a safe and practical way so that they can enjoy eating lunch every day.

We have Sistema lunchboxes in all kinds of shapes and colours and with the capacity that is needed. Let Kids-world become your Sistema lunchbox dealer and get endless inspiration.

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