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Miss Nella Equipment & Accessories for Kids

Miss Nella Nail Polish - Cool Kid w. Glitter Miss Nella Nail Polish - Cool Kid w. Glitter 5,64 €
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Miss Nella Equipment & Accessories for Kids

Miss Nella - adventurous and safe cosmetics for kids

Miss Nella believes that dressing up is something that the whole family can participate in and therefore they produce nail polish that allows kids to experiment in a completely safe way. 

Nail polish from Miss Nella is odorless and perfect for young kids who should not come into contact with toxins. This is an innovative nail polish that can be pulled off instead of using various strong nail removers. Nail polishes for kids are water-based which means that they are only temporary and perfect for little ones. 

There is a wide range of colors and finishes all for the kids to have as much fun as possible. Miss Nella also has the nice and very popular blow monkey Funky Monkey that blows on the nails so that they dry faster. You just press the banana shaped button and the monkey starts drying the polish. 

Make-up for sensitive skin from Miss Nella

There are also other cosmetic products for kids who want to experiment with makeup. The makeup from Miss Nella consists only of ingredients that are healthy for the skin and absolutely no perfumes, palm oil and heavy metals. It is safe both for sensitive skin as well as environmentally friendly. 

Miss Nella believes that good habits begin at an early age. Miss Nella has funny bath bombs that bubble when they are put into the water and the bath bombs do not contain preservatives or soap. 

The bath bombs from Miss Nella are 100% non-toxic and they will not irritate the skin. They can be used by kids from 3 years old. All products are also vegan. 

Buy Miss Nella nail polish here with us 

We hope you find one or more products from Miss Nella here at Kids-world. We offer a large range with many nice and environmentally friendly nail polishes and much more.

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