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Baby Toys

Recommended Age (Toys)

Baby toys - Toys for babies

If you are looking for wonderful toys for your baby, you have come to the right place. At Kids-world, we have a huge selection of fabulous baby toys for little ones in many price ranges and from a myriad of different brands.

All of our toys for babies and kids are made in very high quality, so you should definitely be able to find something that suits your baby's needs.

For an infant, who hasn't learned how to crawl or catch things, can enjoy colourful figurines and shapes. Toys that rustle, crinkle, tinkle or perhaps play melodies are wonderful for babies, too.

Babies' senses must be stimulated by touching, looking, hearing and tasting, therefore, it's important to have toys that are easy to handle while stimulating the senses.

When can a baby play with baby toys?

From 0-3 months, kids still can not grasp things and their vision is also not fully developed, which means that their vision is blurred. Newborn babies can therefore primarily see things that have large motifs in strong and contrasting colours.

The best toys that you can buy for your baby in the first months are things like musical mobiles that play calm melodies, mirrors so that the baby can look at himself, or rattles that can make sounds and make the kid want to reach out after that. Soft soft books with many and preferably strong colours can also be a good gift idea for the little gold nugget.

Overall, baby toys with light and sound are a really good idea here as it plays on several senses. Therefore, consider these things when searching for baby toys.

When should baby have toys?

Babies are the most precious gifts we as parents can receive. From the moment they are born, they bring joy and happiness to our liv. As parents, we always want to give them the best of everything, whether it's food, clothes or baby toys.

When we talk about baby toys, there is a question that many new parents often ask: What age should a baby be when it starts playing with toys? There is no exact answer to this question as all babies develop at their own pace.

In the first pair months of a baby's liv, they can't do much other than look, listen and reach out and touch things. However, most babies start to show interest in baby toys at 0-3 months of age. Here, a best friend in the form of a cuddly stuffed animal is a hit that can provide joy and security for many years to come.

At this point, your baby is learning about the world through sine senses. Babies will enjoy baby toys that are visually stimulating, for example baby toys with black and white patterns or toys with strong, contrasting colours.

Brightly colored, padded rattles and fabric activity play mat are therefore perfect for babies between 0-3 months. A mobile above the changing table can be a fun distraction, while toys with music and tunes are often a good way to calm the little when it's time for a nap.

However, be aware that at this age your child is not yet able to play on his own. It is therefore important that mum or dad stay close while baby explores his exciting new baby toys.

When can baby hold toys?

At the age of 4-6 months, your child begins to develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to grasp objects. The best types of baby toys for this age group are toys that stimulate the grasping function of the hands, as well as toys that crackle and rattle when your baby touches it.

You can help promote this development by giving your baby toys that are easy to grasp. Soft toys with different textures, e.g. stuffed animals with crackling ears or tails are perfect for this age group.

Another good type of toys worth considering in this age group is baby toys in different shapes and sizes. This includes toys with different buttons and rings for your child to grasp and explore.

At 7-12 months, your baby is becoming more mobile. Baby crawls and moves around and explores sine surroundings. At this age, your baby will be happy with toys that give him or her the opportunity to practice sine new skills, for example toys that can be pushed, stacked and sorted by shape.

How many toys should a baby have?

In the first 3 months, do not go too far with the toy. Too many baby toys can be overwhelming for a newborn, who can easily be overstimulated. Stick to a pair simple toys and switch them out gap pair days to keep things interesting.

As your baby gets older and becomes more interested in exploring sine surroundings, you can advantageously introduce more variety in the selection of toys. Again, however, be aware of overstimulation. One toys at a time.

Although it is recommended that infants concentrate on one toys at a time, your baby can easily have many different toys, each of which trains different senses.

Therefore, you can easily have a varied selection of toys that you let go on a walk with you every few days. In this way, your baby develops his entire sensory register, and the toy is always new and exciting.

Baby toys toys: Toys from 4 to 12 months

It is of course different from child to child, but from approx. At 4 months of age, your baby can start to grab the toy.

In the period from 4 to 12 months, your child develops more and more motor and begins to take an interest in toys with different textures, sounds, light and materials.

So whether you are looking for toys for babies of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 months, you will find a large selection of baby toys that capture the interest of the little ones.

The world is wonderful. The little baby fingers will also help to explore it, while the little sore baby gums also want to be relieved with some toys when they itch.

From an early age, kids begin to attach themselves to the soft stuffed animals, rattles with sound, bite teether and soft books that activate the senses. Especially baby toys with sound are a hit here.

From 6 to 9 months and up, the kid's development really takes off. Here are toys like shape sorters, balls, soft toys and things you can open and close a hit. The same goes for baby toys with light or sound that the kid can make light or say something.

Once the baby starts crawling, or maybe even starts taking the first steps, then you can start looking around for a baby walker and toys that can be stacked or put something down.

Baby toys in wood, plastic, foam, etc.

You will find beautiful wooden toys (beech, maple, etc.) plastic, foam, rubber, fabric and cardboard here at Kids-world. Since small kids have a tendency to put things in their mouths, you can rest easy, as all the toys that are available on this page are made of non-toxic materials that are harmless to kids.

Give your baby the best start in life with loads of fun and play, by making certain they are playing with toys that stimulate their sense of touch, taste and hearing.

If you fall in love with a toy, but are in doubt about what it’s made of, you can always read more inside about the product itself. Here you will also find information about sizes and possible learning applications.

Baby toys from many brands

Whether you have a little boy or a little girl, you have a vast selection to choose from at Kids-world; challenging, decorative and beautiful to look at - for mum and dad, too.

At Kids-world, you will find, for example, fabulous Danish-designed furniture/toys for little ones that are made of 100% EVA foam. Kids absolutely love them. This so-called tumble furniture can be used to sit on, build towers and, of course, play with. Tumble furniture is great at challenging kids' motor skills and imagination.

We havemore than 30 different brands of baby toys from Danish and foreign brands, which is your guarantee that there is always a large selection of different designs, colours, materials and price ranges to choose from.

Feel free to browse the various categories and find exciting girls’ toys and boys’ toys. An abundance of toys of beautiful and bright colours.

Popular brands

Infini Fun Baby Einstein Ludi
Bright Starts Vtech Tiny Love
Natruba BAMBAM Tikiri

Baby toys help babies learn

Surveys based on decades of research show that the best way to learn new things for kids, is while they are being stimulated actively and otherwise entertained. Learning begins the moment the baby is born and while he or she is growing and toddling around having fun with all the exciting toys.

On this page. you will find a huge selection of toys for babies and young kids. There is something for every baby, whether it be rolling balls, sweet rattles, fabulous teething rings, soft dummies or challenging blocks.

Amazing and intriguing baby toys

Baby toys must be exciting for the baby to play with. Playing is an essential part of growing up and developing in a healthy manner. Nowadays, the selection of toys that are meant to strengthen kids’ ability to solve problems, cooperation skills and develop their fine motor skills is vast.

Baby toys, like all other toys, must always be inviting and exciting for kids to engage in and be entertained by.

On this page, you will discover a wide variety of exciting baby toys, whether your interest lies in stimulating fine motor skills, touch, taste, hearing or something completely different.

Activity toys for prams and baby beds

We have a large selection of activity toys for prams, baby beds, strollers, playpens or any other different type of play equipment.

Many activity toys are available in a multitude of designs, materials, sizes and colours. Whether you prefer toys made of wood, fabric, plastic or rubber, you can be certain to find what you are looking for on this page.

All activity toys for little ones are made to capture a toddler's attention, either because of its beautiful colours, shapes or melodies, or a combination of all three at the same time.

You will discover activity toys with bells or those that make rattling sounds, activity toys with different textures, stripes, animals and mirrors.

We also have many different varieties of pram chains that kids can lie down and observe on their walk, as well as activity toys that small kids can lie down and observe at home in the living room.

Different types of activity toys can often be combined, so that if your baby has fallen in love with a specific activity toy, it can then be taken home to the living room and hung on a pram chain.

Baby toys in a lot of different shapes and designs

Some kids are into toys that roll, while others are crazy about toys that make noises. No matter what you are looking for, you are always guaranteed a large selection of baby toys here with us. We have many beautiful, fun balls with different sounds and textures, building blocks, stacking towers, puzzles and much more.

Puzzles for little ones should never be complicated, but rather made with easily recognizable figures, often made of wood, which fit into recesses in a wooden board, so that the puzzle can be completed again and again.

At Kids-world, you will also find beautiful pram toys for your child, with the finest carved blocks in wood, painted with non-toxic paint.

The blocks can be set neatly in place in the pram, or taken out and used for building or stacking. In other words, they can be the basis for many hours of fun play for toddlers.

In addition, blocks help to develop a kid's imagination and dexterity. Over time, kids begin to sort the blocks in different ways, such as with shape and colour.

In addition to our beautiful blocks, we have a fine selection of soft foam blocks, where kids develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and the ability to recognize different shapes and colours. The different types of soft blocks can be simple geometric figures, fine small buildings or animal figures.

Baby toys in nice colours

You will find baby toys in many different, amazing colours here with us. Therefore, you can easily find baby toys in a colour that suits your home decor or a colour that your baby is extra happy with. You will normally find baby toys in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

You can find baby toys in single colours and baby toys that come in a variety of different, beautiful colours. Whether you are primarily into vivid colours or the subdued, we have something for you and your baby.

Explore our wide range by using the filter at the top to find baby toys in very special colours.

Baby toys toys with sound and baby toys with light

Baby toys that make a sound when the baby presses it are a huge hit with the little ones. Baby teether, rattles and clutching toy often also have an additional function in the form of a soothing sound or a light that is activated when the baby presses a certain place.

At Kids-world, in addition to entertaining baby toys with sound, you will also find baby toys with light. Both types of toys invite your little to explore and understand cause-and-effect relationships.

If the baby presses the rangle's head so that it makes a sound, it is large likely that he or she will try again and see if the same sound repeats itself. It tends to be a huge hit with the little ones, especially if mom or dad is playing along at the game.

Baby toys for the car

The travel time by car, flight or by train can feel really long if the kids do not have any toys that can provide the entertainment along the way.

It is a good idea to look for some baby toys for the car that the kid can play with and entertain themselves with during the transport time.

Whether it's baby toys for kids at 6 months, or whether it's for the bigger or smaller ones, it's a good idea to consider whether it should be baby toys with sound or baby toys with light that should be on the trip.

At Kids-world you will find many different offers for baby toys for the car depending on the age of the children. See our entire range on this page and see if there are any baby toys that will be a hit with the little one at home.

Wood is suitable for baby toys

Wood is a very suitable material for kids toys, as it is durable and good to hold on to. On this page, you will find various types of wooden toys painted in beautiful colours, and when your little kid begins to immerse themselves in role-playing games, they will simply love to serve cakes, pizza or other goodies for mom and dad when they are guests in the playroom.

In addition to play food and blocks, we have beautiful wooden locomotives with lorries and train tracks to run on as well as many different play sets that are perfect for playing with on the floor.

We also have soft toys for the little ones. Your baby or toddler will love sitting in their own soft car, or lying and playing on one of the many fine play or activity blankets.

Explore different kinds of baby toys

Almost no matter what kind of baby toy you are looking for, we can guarantee that you can find something to choose from here at Kids-world. We have activity toys, bath toys, teddy bears, pram chains, teething rings, books, balls, dolls, bibs, musical mobiles, dummies, puzzles, rattles, games and much, much more. In short, there is everything you need, and then some.

You can either choose to just look around a bit and be inspired, or you can sort by the different types of baby toys at the top of the page. Simply press ‘type’ and then select the types of baby toys that you are interested in.

If you are also looking for other items such as baby equipment or baby clothes, feel free to use our other categories by using the menu at the top of the page.

Baby toys offers and sale

At Kids-world you will find thousands of offers and great prices. This also applies if you are looking for baby toy sale.

If you need a toys for your little gold nugget, you can find it here on the page where you can filter

your search in relation to the type of toys you are looking for. You can search specifically for baby toys such as rattles, shape sorters or bite teether or choose to search more generally for toys.

We also recommend that you sign up for our newsletter so that you are informed as soon as we have new, exciting offers and children's toy sale here at Kids-world.

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