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Clutching Toys for Kids

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Clutching toys for babies and kids

Are you looking for clutching toy which can entertain your kid for hours and at the same time help to develop the child’s fine motor skills, eye-hand-coordination, etc.? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

We have a large selection of clutching toys for babies and kids here at Kids-world, and these will bring a lot of joy to your little darling - every single day.

We have clutching toys and rattles in many different shapes, designs and materials. We are almost safe to say that there’ll also be something to your liking, both when it comes to colours and materials.

Have a look around our selection and get inspired, or use the different filters at the top of the page in order to get a quick and easy overview of the clutching toy you are looking for.

What about a cube-shaped clutching toy?

We have cube-shaped clutching toys consisting of light-coloured wood with balls in bright and beautiful colours as well as two rings, which can move forwards and backwards

There is a thick and elastic string inside the wooden pieces, which ensure that the parts always return to their original position. The cube helps to stimulate the baby’s and the child’s senses and improve and develop fine motor skills.

We have clutching toys for babies with a removable ball, which can also be used as a rattle.

These have the shape of a triangle which is connected, like several other clutching toys, by a thick and elastic string, which ensures that the different parts always return to their original position. The ball has a bell which makes a sound when the kid shakes it.

When the little baby has grown and is about three months old, it might be time to look for a super cool helicopter in nice and bright colours. The helicopter is equipped with a mirror, which encourages the baby to find his or her own reflection.

We also have classic rattles shaped like a key bundle. The rattle is obviously made of a sustainable material.

Clutching toys in great materials

Here at Kids-world you’ll find rattles with sounds and different surfaces which all help to stimulate the child’s senses; the sense of touch, the visual sense and hearing.

We have rattles consisting of triangles in wood made in beautiful colours, which are interconnected and held together with a thick elastic string.

When the wooden pieces hit each other they make a sound which is entertaining for the child. This will make the kid figure out that if it does one thing, something else and more exciting happens.

It is very life-affirming to observe your kid when he or she discovers casual links. This piece of clutching toy also helps to develop and stimulate your child’s fine motor skills.

Clutching toys for babies made of BPA free plastic

We also have clutching toys made of BPA-free plastic. What about a lovely frog with blue, orange and red details in BPA-free plastic? There is a big ball with a bell inside the frog, which makes a sound when your kid shakes the frog.

Another outstanding feature of this frog is that it has practical grip holes as well as handles in the side which makes it easier for the small hands to hold the frog and thereby makes it easier to play with. This lovely frog can be used from the age of 0 months.

We also offer clutching toys in soft materials

We also have clutching toys which are made of lovely and soft materials. For example, you’ll find a wonderful dachshund with colourful pendants, whereof one is a little mirror on one of the sides.

This clutching toy helps to stimulate the child’s senses through sounds, varying surface structures and thereby stimulate the hearing, the sense of touch and of course the visual sense.

The dachshund is shaped like a spiral which can be pulled out and easily returns to its original shape again. It can be hung on the bed, the playpen or to the car seat.

Training the motor skills

Clutching toys for babies and kids are fantastic as they help to develop the baby’s and the child’s fine motor skills.

Several pieces of our clutching toys are made of wood with a thick elastic string, which means that the baby and kid can squeeze the wooden pieces together and thereby strengthen their finger muscles and indirectly their fine motor skills.

We have lovely clutching toys in plastic, which challenge and develop the baby and the child, and can withstand being put in the washing machine when it’s time to clean them a bit more thoroughly.

Finally we also have a nice kit in wood with nice pastel-coloured blocks. An easy to grip board with a big hole is included, and this fits the different shapes of the blocks.

The blocks are connected by a string which goes through the hole in the board and you thereby avoid that the blocks get lost.

When your kid is playing with this great kit, the fine motor skills, eye-hand-coordination and sense of touch and visual sense are stimulated.

Clutching toys in nice colours

Here at Kids-world you’ll find clutching toys in a sea of colours. The toys often come in several colours as this makes it easier to catch the child’s attention and develop their visual perception. The youngest ones will typically respond to contrasts, which has been considered in the design of many of the clutching toys.

In our selection you’ll find clutching toy in green, yellow, red and blue, clutching toy in yellow, rose and turquoise as well as clutching toy in wood colour with strategic parts being coloured in a beautiful colour such as red, green and yellow.

You will find nice clutching toys in bright colours as well as clutching toys in calm pastel colours.

Clutching toys from well-known brands

We care about always having something to choose from. This is why you can find clutching toys from a wide variety of Danish and international brands, which are recognized for their originality and good quality.

At Kids-world we carefully choose brands and products we can vouch for, and this means that you should never worry about harmful substances and bad materials. You will find clutching toys from brands such as Haba, Ludi, Oball, PlanToys, Pine Cone and Sophie la Girafe.

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