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Colouring Book for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Ooly Colouring Book - My First - Amazing Animals Ooly Colouring Book - My First - Amazing Animals 12,18 €
Originally:  17,40 €  
Ooly Colouring Book - Busy Bug Buddies Ooly Colouring Book - Busy Bug Buddies 12,18 €
Originally:  17,40 €  

Colouring books, pencils and pencil cases

This is the place to find colouring books for kids of all ages including pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens and markers of great quality. Most kids (and often their parents too) enjoy spending time colouring wonderful pictures - therefore, if you are looking for colouring books for your kid to have fun colouring, you have come to the right place!

On this page, you find our vast selection of colouring books for kids of all ages, including pencils, felt-tip pens and markers of excellent quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a colouring book which will provide hours and hours of craic and hygge with your kids, you have come to the right place.

We offer colouring books with many different themes and patterns, and whether your kid likes flowers, wildlife or outer space, we have something to choose from. Please feel free to search through our wide selection and find a nice, fun and interesting colouring book for your kid.

Allow kids to unfold creatively with a colouring book

Kids enjoy unfolding creatively in many different ways, and drawing and colouring is something that most of them love to do. There are several reasons for this, and it's always exciting to let your imagination run free. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to concentrate and focus by making beautiful patterns and drawings, or colouring incredibly fascinating mandala patterns.

It's very important to train the ability to concentrate and develop fine motor skills, especially in these digital times. You are doing your kid a great favour by making sure they have these opportunities with colouring books and colouring with different types of materials.

Perhaps there's a birthday in the family coming up, and your kid would like to make a nice drawing as a gift. Grandparents and others will love getting a nice gift that demonstrates that a lot of effort has been put into its creation. Personalized gifts are usually the best.

Colouring books from popular brands

The range of colouring books we have are from different brands: Alvilda, Design Letters, Doddlebags, Mandalas, Scrunch, and Tiger Tribe. Some of the colouring books are more demanding than others, therefore, it's possible to find a colouring book for your boy or girl, whether it's his or her first time or not.

Colouring is a wonderful activity; your kid produces wonderful pictures, learn accuracy when trying to ?stay within the lines' and on top of all that, this type of activity is quite calming.

We also have lots of colouring sets that contain crayons and colouring books - a great basis for several hours of creative fun and playing with colours and paper.

Our large selection of different brands also means that we offer colouring books in many different styles and at many different price ranges. If you are looking for a colouring book from a particular brand or in a specific price range, remember that you can use the filter at the top of the page to get a quick overview.

Many different colouring sets

You can discover many different colouring sets that contain both crayons and colouring books, ensuring that a foundation is laid for several hours of creative play with colours and paper. Some kids love to colour with markers, while others like to colour with crayons.

Both types of colours have their benefits. If you want to mix the colours in a way so that they blend together, it's often easiest with crayons. Pencils provide lots of colour right away.

Check out our fine selection of colouring books, colours and markers, as we are certain there is something for kids of all ages. Let your imagination run wild and let your kid cultivate their creative side as much as possible.

Bring the colouring book and colours on the go

When you are on a trip, on a holiday or visiting friends and grandparents, it's always a good idea to bring something with you to ensure that your kid is entertained. You can't always count on there being toys where you are going.

A colouring book is perfect to take on a trip. It doesn't take up much room in the bag and can entertain a kid for a long period of time. In addition, it's an activity that can take place in many places.

Your kid can either sit and paint in the book on the train, on the floor in the living room or at the dining table while the adults are having a conversation. It's also perfect to bring a colouring book on a holiday when mom and dad just want to relax a bit in peace and quiet.

Here at Kids-world, we offer many different kinds of colouring books, sketchbooks  and notebooks. There is something for older kids who like to sit down, be creative and draw, but also a lot for smaller kids who are still learning how to stay within the lines.

Colouring books with many different themes

Tastes differ, especially when it comes to kids. That's why we offer colouring books with many different themes. That way, you can easily find a colouring book for your kid that fits perfectly within their interests.

We have colouring books with farm animals, insects, wild animals, pirates, princesses, jungles, unicorns, tractors, dinosaurs, kaleidoscopic patterns, pandas and much, much more.

The good thing about a colouring book is that the kids can easily make it completely their own. Should the zebra have green stripes? Or should the sky be pink? Your kid makes all the decisions, and therefore colouring books are a fantastic outlet for creativity and relaxation.

Mandala colouring book

At the webshop you will find a wide selection of Mandala colouring books. Coloring Mandala drawings creates relaxation and helps to stimulate the kid's ability to concentrate and stop thoughts.

Both Karrusel Forlag and Mandala have some really nice colouring books with strong quality paper. They are bound so that each page can be taken out and hung up on the wall in the children's room as a colorful work of art once the kid has colored it. The beautiful Mandala drawings can also be given as a card or gift.

Disney colouring book

One never goes wrong in the city with Disney when it comes to the little ones. Here at Kids-world we have a large selection of Disney colouring books with different Disney themes and toy figurine.

Is your little crazy about Olaf from Frozen, or just the Frozen characters in general, or can your little girl just not get enough of one of the many fine Disney princesses, such as Ariel or Snow White? Then you have landed in the right place.

In addition to your child being law to spend hours in the company of the favorite characters, it will also be stressful and relaxing for the kid to immerse themselves in the coloring with a Disney colouring book.

Peppa Pig colouring book

With a Peppa Pig -themed coloring and activity book book, you can be sure that your child will have many fun hours ahead of him in the company of Peppa Pig and her family and friends.

The Peppa Pig colouring book is full of fun tasks that your child can solve and subsequently color the pages for the large gold medal.

Your child Sheep ample opportunity to unfold sine creative abilities and at the same time develop their logical sense when solving tasks where the Peppa Pig universe may be an additional motivating factor.

Dinosaur colouring book

In our large assortment of colouring books, we have of course made sure that there is no shortage of colouring books with motifs of funny, giant, tiny and dangerous dinosaurs.

A dinosaur colouring book adds up to hours of immersion and creativity. It can be a great way to get kid off the screen.

Find the crayons and clear the desk so that your little one can unleash their creativity and color their favorite dinosaur in a dinosaur colouring book from, for example, Forlaget Bolden.

On this page you will also find a beautiful sketchbook from Ooly with dinosaurs, which gives the kid free rein to draw imaginative drawings.

Paw Patrol colouring book

At Kids-world, we love the Paw Patrol characters - and we are not alone in that, because the little ones are also often crazy about Ryder and the doggies. Therefore, we have of course also made sure that there is a Paw Patrol colouring book among the many choices.

Give your child a good reason to get completely in gear with a good round of coloring the many drawings with Paw Patrol, where you can color toy figurine and beautiful patterns.

A Paw Patrol colouring book is a great alternative to screen time. It can have a de-stressing and relaxing effect on your child. Once the drawing is colored with the kid's favorite colors, the page can be pulled out of the Paw Patrol colouring book and hung up on the wall as there is nothing on the other side of the paper.

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