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Books for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Books for kids

Are you looking for kid's books? Then you've no doubt come to the right place. We have a wide selection of kid's books and you will find everything from fabric books, wooden books, colouring books, notebooks, postcard books, mandalas, etc. In our shop you will find all the books you need for memorable reading moments with the kids.

In these digital times, it is even more important to remember the good old "analog" books. Studies show time and time again that the classic book in paper form is recommended when teaching kids to read.

Yes, it actually turns out that kids tend to become more empathetic when they read fiction. There is simply no excuse for not spending some quality time with your baby, your kids and a good book. Good stories also help develop kids' imagination, and take them to new, amazing worlds.

Books encourage kids to dream and imagine whatever they feel like. Reading aloud to your kid also helps you understand your kid better, depending on how he or she reacts to the characters in the story when they are scared or hurt. Your kid will learn that emotions are important and should be expressed.

Popular brands

Straarup & CoMegastarForlaget Fritid
Karrusel ForlagFamiliens DagbøgerForlaget Grønningen 1
Peoples PressA Big Hug BookAnja Takacs

Kids books for learning

Books for kids and their fantastic stories are a great way to introduce your kid to new words and ideas. Stories help kids to understand new concepts such as colours, numbers, names of things and shapes much better.

Many books for kids also teach kids how to take care of animals, clean up, spend their time, develop compassion for others, and everything else that is important in life. Something else incredible about kids' learning books is that it is a completely natural process. Kids learn new words and concepts without feeling like doing schoolwork.

It is a great idea to start reading aloud to your kid from an early age. The characters which kids get to know through books can feel like friends to them, and reading also helps kids with their self-confidence and language learning. Kids who learn to read early will be well prepared for the school start, and generally, it will improve their understanding of the world around them quite a lot.

Regardless of your kid's age, we have a large selection of books, and you can always search for books recommended for your kid's age via the ?Recommended Age' bar at the top of this page.

Creativity and play with kid's books

There are many advantages to buying books for creativity and play, both for big and small. One of them is all the cuddly moments that both you and the kid will remember fondly and rejoice in later in life.

We also have classic colouring books from Mandala, where you will colour all sorts of patterns in all sorts of colours, as well as smart drawing books, where you will create a beautiful picture by drawing from dot to dot (or number to number), which can of course also be coloured in after.

DIY Books - Do It Yourself Activities

In our selection you will also find challenging books with lots of creative DIY (do it yourself) activities for big and small. If you need crayons, we also sell a nice selection of them.

In addition to our large selection of books in many different and varied forms, we also have a selection of bookends, book covers, coloured pencils, and other accessories.

Kid's books for reading aloud

Kids love reading. The presence and peace created in connection with reading before bedtime or a cuddly moment in the armchair or sofa is worth its weight in gold. 

We have a great and versatile selection of books, which are suitable for reading to the smallest kids, but also for those who are a little older

Reading bedtime stories is an incredibly relaxing activity for kids. They forget the hustle and bustle of the day and let their imagination run wild. A good picture book with rhymes for the little ones can also trigger some pleasant emotions of cosiness and safety while getting closer to each other at the same time.

Activity books for kids

Here at Kids-world, we have many different types of activity books for kids. Among other things, we have exercise books with fun assignments and stickers, textbooks that help kids learn to write, do the math and much more, fun colouring books, touch-and-feel books, scratch & scribble books, books with sound, and much more.

So finally, check out our large selection if you need some fun activities to keep your kids occupied in a quality and creative way.

Cloth Books for Babies

For the youngest ones, we have a fine selection of cloth books designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Kids at this age do not have enough strength to lift a cardboard book, so the cloth books are an obvious solution - you can easily attach them firmly on the kid's playpen or cot.

The cloth books are nice and soft for babies to touch, and they will enjoy feeling the pictures and figures and looking at beautiful illustrations and colours.

Classic stories for kids 

In our selection, you will find some classic stories for kids, such as H.C. Andersen's fairy tales, stories about Peter, Ping and the dog Grog, as well as stories about Lasse-Leif and stories from "Handbook for Superheroes" series.

If the kid has a difficult time falling asleep, it may be a good idea to read the stories about the rabbit or tractor that could not sleep either.

We also have the nostalgic "Find Holger" books, which many will probably remember from their own young age. We are constantly getting new books and products on the site, so just keep an eye on this category and feel free to write to our customer service if there is a book or book series you think is missing.

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