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Cool-Kidz Equipment for Kids

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Cool-Kidz Shampoo - 200 ml - Cotton Soft Cool-Kidz Shampoo - 200 ml - Cotton Soft  20,10 € 


Cool-Kidz Shampoo - 250 ml - Creepycrawly - Tea Tree Oil Cool-Kidz Shampoo - 250 ml - Creepycrawly - Tea Tree Oil  21,40 € 


Cool-Kidz Equipment for Kids

Danish quality products for children from Cool-Kidz

Cool-Kidz manufactures unique and natural shampoo for little ones. The products are perfect for any parent who wants to pamper their kids with natural shower and bath products. 

Cool-Kidz is a family owned company from North Jutland and they are known for their natural products in high quality. They collaborate with Urtegården, their producer. The products are 100% produced in Denmark and they are vegan. The products are produced with great love and they are based on kids needs and desires. 

Krible Krable Shampoo

The preventive lice shampoo Krible Krable contains tea wood oil which minimizes the risk of lice in the little ones hair. The product is easy to use and it is both caring and preventive. It is recommended to use the shampoo after a completed lice treatment. The shampoo is also mild so that it does not damage your little ones scalp. 

First shampoo for kids

This shampoo is a great choice as the first shampoo for little ones. It is very gentle on the delicate scalp that newborns have. The product also does not contain any perfume or allergens, which means that the shampoo does not sting if it gets in the eye. 

Buy new products from Cool-Kidz from us 

We hope you find one or more practical products from Cool-Kidz in our shop. We have a large assortment of many safe products for kids. Browse the other categories to find other smart products for your kid or for little ones bedrooms.

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