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babyLivia Bib w. Food Catcher - Moose - Burgundy babyLivia Bib w. Food Catcher - Moose - Burgundy 8,71 €
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Here you will find our wide range of products from babyLivia.

We strive to always have an exciting range of products from brands like babyLivia. Whether you are looking for shoes, clothes, equipment, or toys for your kid, you will find it here with us. 

The cutest bibs from babyLivia

The Norwegian family business babyLivia consists of a mother who loves design, a father who loves practical solutions and a baby named Livia. Together they have created the company babyLivia to make everyday life easier for parents. 

The products are made of good materials with beautiful design and high functionality. In particular, the bibs have become a big hit in Norway and they have made meals much more enjoyable for thousands of families. Now baby Livia is ready to conquer the rest of the families of the world. 

Practical babyLivia bib and saliva bibs

Some kids and babies drool a lot, and for them it is nothing short of fantastic to have a protective teething bib, so as not to bodysuit, clothes and/or blouse.

It can also be a challenge to keep the clothes clean - Here bibs are indispensable. The bibs from, for example, babyLivia are available in several different designs, sizes and colours.

babyLivia Dinner set

On this page, you will find our lovely and versatile range of dinner sets from babyLivia for both babies and kids. We have a fine assortment of spoons, plates, forks, knives and more, designed exclusively for kids. A large set of the spoons in our range are ergonomically designed so they will fit perfectly in your kid's tiny hands.

Practical dinner sets from babyLivia

It can be difficult for a little one to hold on tight to cutlery. That's the thing designers from babyLivia had in mind while creating their practical wonderful dinner sets. Here at Kids-world.com, we have a large assortment of dinner sets from babyLivia and many other brands, so you can be sure to find something that suits your taste.

The history of the company babyLivia

It all started when it was time for little Livia to try porridge. She loved her food, but half of the porridge ended up on the floor and on the clothes, resulting in a mess that needed to be cleaned up repeatedly. Her father wished there was a bib with a high neck. And with that it was said and done, he made his own design of a bib. 

The next day he bought fabrics from a shop and after a couple of hours in front of the sewing machine, the first prototype was ready. Today, the bibs are treated with a practical PU treatment that makes it easy to wipe the bib with a wet cloth after meals.

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