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Jigsaw Puzzle Games for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x100 Bricks - Disney Stich Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x100 Bricks - Disney Stich 10,44 €
Originally:  17,40 €  
Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 Bricks - Disney Stitch Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 Bricks - Disney Stitch 8,82 €
Originally:  14,70 €  

Puzzle games for kids

Can you think of anything more cozy than having the whole family gathered around a puzzle game? A lot of kids think puzzle games are super fun and cozy, and it is an activity which can be done by several people at the same time. 

Here at Kids-World you'll find a lot of different puzzle games for kids and adults with a child's soul. You will find puzzle games for small kids, which have wooden pieces that fit into a shape, or puzzle games which are more difficult with 1.000 pieces or more, which the entire family can help each other to assemble.

Browse our large selection and see if there is something which suits your and your family's needs. 

You can also complete the puzzle and frame it to create a lovely picture for your kid's bedroom wall. We have puzzles with many different motifs that are both colorful and imaginative. We also have various works of art or photograph puzzles. We have something for everyone. 

In addition to puzzles, we also sell other activity toys and games for kids of different age groups. All activity toys and games are of high quality and produced in carefully selected materials. This means the games will last for a long time. 

Different brands of puzzle games 

We think it's super important that there is enough to choose from, when you are looking for a new puzzle game. This is why we have puzzle games from a range of different brands. This way, you can be assured that there is something to everyone's liking. 

We have puzzle games from Bloomingville, Danspil, Done By Deer, ferm Living, Haba, Hevea, Heye Puzzle, Janod, Kids by Friis, Kids Concept, Little Dutch, PlanToys, Sebra and Vissevasse, which produce a large selection of puzzle games for kids of all ages. 

The puzzle games are made of a very nice quality and can be assembled over and over again, or you can frame the puzzle game and use it as nice posters in the kids's room. 

Bloomingville, Danspil, Done By Deer, ferm Living, Haba, Hevea, Heye Puzzle, Janod, Kids by Friis, Kids Concept, Little Dutch, PlanToys, Sebra and Vissevasse are all popular brands when it comes to activity toys and games for kids of all age groups.  

They produce puzzle games of a very high quality in carefully selected materials. The motifs of the puzzle games are colourful, imaginative and can both be pieces of art or photographies. There is something for everyone! 

Popular brands

MilaniwoodGames RoomRavensburger

Puzzle games with nice and fun motifs 

A puzzle game with a nice motif on the front can be a good motivation to get started. This is why we have puzzle games with many different motifs. There is something for kids who love nature and animals, kids who love adventures, cars, space, prehistoric animals, cities, maps or something different. 

No matter which theme your kid loves, we can almost assure you that we have at least one puzzle game in our selection, which he or she will like!

Puzzle games can be entertaining for hours and at the same time help train the child's concentration, fine motor skills and common sense.  

Puzzle games for kids of all ages

Puzzle games are enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages, but it is of course necessary to adapt the difficulty according to the child's age. A small kid will find it very frustrating to make a puzzle with lots of pieces and they will very often give up more easily, while an older kid will easily get bored if the puzzle game is too easy to assemble. 

Here you will find puzzle games for everyone. You will typically be able to see from the shape of the puzzle game as well as the amount of pieces if it is suitable for your child.

If you need help to figure out the different levels of difficulty, then check out the age recommendation on the puzzle game, or try to use the filters at the top of the page. 

You can also read more about the different puzzle games under their product descriptions. Here you will also find information about the size of the puzzle game. 

Puzzle games for young kids 

For the youngest kids, we recommend that you check out the well-known puzzle games in wood with pieces shaped like different animals and motifs which must be placed into their respective holes on a board. These types of puzzle games are super great for training the child's fine motor skills, and it will also help the kid to learn how to recognize simple figures.

We have puzzle games with 10 to 40 pieces for the kids who are a little older, and here, the kid actually has to recreate a picture, but with a limited number of pieces. Generally younger kids can also help with assembling larger puzzle games with more pieces if they are doing it together with the family, and get a simple and limited task, which could be e.g. finding the edges or pieces in a specific colour. 

Puzzle games for the oldest kids 

Many of the older kids also love to put together a puzzle game. The puzzle game can be a much needed break from the phone or the iPad, or it can be a part of having family quality time. 

Here at Kids-World you will find puzzle games with up to 4.000 pieces. These types of puzzles can easily take up to several days to put together and it is something you can do over a longer period of time.

Puzzles and fine motor skills

Jigsaw puzzles are both fun and challenging for kids. It helps them practice precision and fine motor skills, as well as support their logical development as they carefully look for the pieces and ensemble the puzzle.

A puzzle can provide many hours of entertaining play and even help strengthen kids attention span. Puzzles for younger kids are characterized by the fact that the pieces are larger and therefore easier to grab for small fingers. 

You can also find puzzles with small buds on the individual pieces for toddlers to easier get a firm grip.

Puzzle games of many different types 

Whether you are looking for a puzzle game for your little kid or a challenging puzzle game for the entire family, we have a large selection to choose from here at Kids-World. We have puzzle games with many different motifs and in many different levels of difficulty. Why not try one of our puzzle games with 1.000, 2.000, 3.000 or even 4.000 pieces!

Have a look around our selection and see if you can find the perfect puzzle game for your boy or girl.

Puzzle games train your concentration and eye for details 

Putting together a puzzle game is a good concentration exercise for kids of all ages. When you and your kid are putting together a puzzle game together, the kid is actually practicing to sit still and concentrating on doing one activity at the time. And then it's of course also a super cosy activity. 

Puzzle games are also a great way to teach kids perseverance and patience. Large puzzle games can take many hours to assemble. The good thing is that you don't necessarily have to finish it the same day, instead you can choose to divide it up. However, it is always a good idea to teach your kids to finish what they have started. 

Last but not least, puzzle games train the brain's common sense and ability to recognize and remember patterns. 

The brains of small kids are like sponges. They are able to soak up amounts of knowledge, which seems impossible and unrealistic for adults. This is why you can easily choose games that are both good fun and entertaining, but which also stimulate your boy or girl's development. 

Puzzle games for the rainy days

A puzzle game is the perfect activity for long, rainy days or when going to the holiday home. A lot of kids love to play outside, however, the Danish weather doesn't always allow for outdoor activities, and it is therefore a good idea to have a joker in these situations. Putting together a puzzle is also a very nice way to spend time together because you have time to talk about your day or even your week. 

Here at Kids-World you'll find a large selection of puzzle games for all age groups, so no matter whether you have a small toddler or a teenager at home, we can almost assure you that there is something fun and challenging for your kids. 

We also offer other games here at Kids-World, and if you would like to see more, then use the menu at the top of the page and look for the category ?Games?.

Puzzle game 3000 pieces

Here at Kids-world you will find challenging and detailed puzzle game with 3000 pieces from Ravnsburger and Educa.

Once the battle is set on assembling a puzzle game a large puzzle game with 3000 pieces, one can quickly forget all about time and place. That way, the game can continue for days.

Puzzle game 5000 pieces

With a puzzle game with 5000 pieces, your child can really get their urge to put puzzle game. A puzzle game with 5000 pieces is more than just play. It strengthens your child's ability to concentrate and gives him or her an exciting way to relax.

Best of all, the kid with a puzzle game of 5000 pieces can have fun with it and take it at his own pace.

Disney puzzle game

Several of the well-known brands within puzzle game, such as Educa and Ravnsburger, make beautiful and colorful Disney puzzle game with all sorts of Disney themes.

Disney puzzle game are available in all levels of difficulty. You will also find most of the popular characters from the Disney movies.

Is your son or daughter crazy about Aladdin or 101 Dalmatians, or do they think Cars is the coolest thing in the world? Then you will find it right here at Kids-world.

If your child can not decide which Disney movie is the very best, then Educa has made a puzzle game with four different Disney classics in one and the same box. You Sheep four different Disney puzzle game at once.

We have hand-picked the Puzzels for you. They are all made in high quality, which makes the pieces easy to assemble.

Peppa Pig puzzle game

At Kids-world, of course, we have also made sure to have a fine selection of puzzle game with the favorite pig, Peppa Pig, which is typically suitable for the youngest puzzle fans at the age of 3-4.

Your child can be entertained with a Peppa Pig puzzle game in wood, where various surprises are hidden behind the pieces.

There are also fun and educational puzzle game where the pieces have different numbers from 1-10 or different colours that strengthen the kid's numbers- and color recognition ability.

If the little one can not get enough of Peppa Pig at all, then you can consider one of the boxes of Peppa Pig puzzle game that contain not just one, but several Peppa Pig puzzle game with different motifs.

Puzzle game sale

Sometimes you are looking for a very special toys that may cost a little more, while others times it just has to be a little thing that does not have to cost the large farm.

Do not panic, here at Kids-World we also have cheap puzzle game for kids in many different price ranges and levels of difficulty.

At the top of the page, you can easily enter the price range you want to view. You can also choose to show the products from most expensive to cheapest, so you can easily see our cheap puzzle game.

You can go into our sale category and see if we have some cheap puzzle game at a discounted price right now.

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