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Bath Toys

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Liewood Bath Toy - 3-Pack - Jacob - Rose Multi Mix Liewood Bath Toy - 3-Pack - Jacob - Rose Multi Mix 20,88 €
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Bath toys - Toys for pools and bathtubs

If you are looking for beautiful, fun and wonderful bath toys for your kid, you have come to the right place. At Kids-world, we have a versatile selection of accessories and toys for pools and bathtubs, which can help make it even more fun to be in the shower.

Why not make bath time something fun and cozy instead of it being an unpleasant duty? If you would like to upgrade your kid's bath time, please feel free to see if there is anything on this page that can help you.

Here in this category, you will find our selection of bath toys, all of which have been specially developed to be waterproof. This selection of bath toys consists of things like bath blocks, lifeboats and animals, all of which are suitable for both pools and bathtubs.

So, go underwater hunting in our product range to see if you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Have fun with bath bombs and bubble bath

We also have a nice selection of fun, festive things for the bath like bath bombs in different colours such as blue, yellow or red.

Just a cautious reminder that the foil that protects the bath bomb must be removed only with dry fingers and hands. Many of the bath bombs conceal a small figure, which appears when the ball/bomb is dissolved in water.

No harmful substances or materials have been used in the manufacture of the bath bombs, which are produced with only natural dyes and food colours, and they don't stain skin or bathtubs.

The bath bombs are dermatologically tested and are not dangerous for a baby's tender skin. We also have bubble bath, which helps make any bath extra entertaining.

We also have kid-friendly bath colour, bath confetti and bath crystals. Bath colour turns bath water into nice, pleasing colours, bath confetti can be poured into the bath and are nice to look at and play with, while crystals make funny, crackling sounds when poured into the water. All can help make bath time a little more exciting.

Kids don't usually find it fun to scrub when it's time to wash. You can make it a little extra fun with a bath sponge designed as a large lollipop, which when the bath is over, can be hung up to dry with a practical cord at the end of the stick.

Animal bath toys for little ones

Some young kids love to take a shower, while others find it less fun. Therefore, a little entertainment can make bath time much more fun and a pleasant joint activity for you both.

Are you looking for a cute animal bath toy duck, frog or other type of animal? If so, you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of animal bath toys, which are very suitable items for when little ones require a bath, while at the same time, they make everything cozy in the bathtub.

We have a fine selection of animal bath toys for babies and kids, which are completely harmless to them.

For example, we have several different animal bath toys that are made of natural rubber or natural rubber latex, so your baby or young kid is not at risk of exposure to harmful dyes and/or chemicals. The animal bath toys are completely free of BPA and the CE mark.

Your kid will love having bath toys in the bathtub

Your baby or toddler will love having toys with them in the bathtub. For this reason, we also have a fine selection of fun, exciting bath toys that can float and are immense fun to play with.

On this page, you will not only find a selection of classic animal bath toys, but you will also find actual games that kids can either play with alone or with a sibling.

For example, there are throwing games with soft little balls and a target, games where the kids can wash animals themselves or fishing games where kids have to try to catch floating ducks or fish with a fishing rod. Then, finish up with crystals when it comes to wash time. With bath games, kids can be entertained while getting clean.

Animal bath toys and boats

You will also find classic animal bath toys, ships and boats on this page, which your kid will enjoy immensely in the bathtub.

We have polar bears, penguins, ducks, giraffes, frogs, submarines, ships, fish, cats, rabbits, cars, bees, airplanes, flowers, dinosaurs, squids and whales.

In other words, there is something for everyone, whether your kid loves sea animals, machines or just a classic bath duck. Explore our product range to see if there's anything for you and your kid.

Books for the bath

If you have a small bookworm at home, then a bath book may be just the thing. A bath book is really just a waterproof book that can withstand being in the bathtub. The books are either made of textile or waterproof materials, ensuring they don't come apart or get moldy when they get wet.

This means that your kid can take books with them in the bathtub over and over again. Bath books can also be good to take with you on trips, because they are typically more durable than regular books and can easily stand up to being washed or wiped if they get dirty.

Many bath books even come with plastic rings, which means they can be attached to prams or strollers, so that kids have something to look at while you are out driving around.

Here at Kids-world, we have several different bath books, so please feel free to look for the story or stories that your kid will like best.

Bath toys in beautiful colours

Many kids like beautiful colours, so therefore, we also have bath toys in a variety of different beautiful colours. On this page, you will typically find bath toys in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, rose and red.

Therefore, there's something for everyone, so you should easily be able to find bath toys in your kid's favorite colour. Feel free to explore our selection or use the filter at the top of the page to easily find bath toys in the exact colour that your kid likes best.

Bath toys from different brands

One of the many ways we make sure there's always a lot to choose from here on the site is by have many different leading brands. At Kids-world, we have bath toys from many different Danish brands and foreign brands, so you will always be able to find bath toys in a myriad of colours, styles and materials.

If you are looking for a special brand, remember that you can always use the filter at the top of the page to perfect your search. If you are not finding what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, who are always available to help and answer questions.

Bath toys in fabulous designs

Many parents don't like the idea of having their kids' bath toys laying around the house and all over the bathroom. Maybe it doesn't quite fit the bathroom decor or it just becomes cluttered easily.

The solution could be to buy some bath toys in nice, fabulous designs that fit well with the decor and colours of your particular bathroom. We have animal bath toys in fine dusty colours, which also look really nice when displayed in the bathroom.

Great equipment for the beach and pool

Bath toys are not only just great fun at home in the bathtub, but can also easily be taken out to the kids' pool, in the garden or on the beach. We also sell toys specifically for the beach which are perfect for the holidays or a cozy day at the beach or by the pool.

You can find inflatable kids' pool toys in different colours that can turn a hot summer day into a garden party. Kids' pool toys can be easily inflated with a pump, and when the games are over, they can be packed down nice and compact, so as not to take up too much space.

We also have inflatable animals and swimming mattresses, which are suitable for both play and relaxation. You can find swimwear and swimming mattresses in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Among other things, we have inflatable beach toys shaped like Pegasus, pizza, ice cream, waffles, peacocks, hearts and stars.

The different designs are all wonderful and are always pleasing to both boys and girls.

If you want to teach slightly older kids to dive, you can use the so-called dive buddies, which are filled with sand so that they sink to the bottom of the pool. Your kid can subsequently practice diving down to pick them up again.

We also have standard beach balls, which are always a hit with kids. If you would like to see a larger selection of balls, you can always look under our category Balls at the top of the menu, where you can find a large selection of different kinds of balls for babies and kids in different sizes, colours and materials.

Bath toys for kids of all ages

Kids of different ages have many different ways in which they need to be stimulated, which is why you will find bath toys for kids of all ages. Most younger kids need training in fine motor skills as well as something cozy to sit and fiddle with. Therefore, classic animal bath toys or bathing books are ideal for little ones.

Slightly older kids typically want something more challenging, so for them a real bathing game can be a good idea, although bath ducks and bath boats are always a hit among slightly older kids.

If you are looking to pamper your tween or teenager, then it might be a good idea to grab some wonderful bath bombs that not only smell good but add a nice colour to the water. Slightly older kids are often happy with beautiful inflatable toys and animal bath toys, which are fun to take on holidays or to the beach.

If in doubt about what is best for your kid's age, you can use the filter at the top of the page. In addition, you can also always look under each individual product to read about which age group they are suitable for.

Bath toys in different price ranges

Sometimes you want to pamper your little one with something extra special, while other times you want things to be a little simpler. That's why we offer bath toys in many different price ranges. You can easily find great deals and inexpensive items by using the filters at the top to sort by different prices.

If you are looking for a small gift for a kid you know, a bath toy might be the perfect choice.

Remember to empty the inflatable beach toys and rubber toys of water

If you do not remember to empty the bath toys and inflatable beach toys of water, you risk bacteria within the toys. After the bath, it is important to empty bath toys which spray water. We recommend that you leave the bath toys to dry - don't put them away too soon.

The well-known bath toys from Hevea have been made with a hole in the bottom, making sure that there is not left any water inside. These bath toys do not make noises, but they are still fun to play with for babies and toddlers.

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