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Design Letters Shelf - A3 - 30x42x10 - Black Design Letters Shelf - A3 - 30x42x10 - Black 52,26 €
Originally:  87,10 €  

Shelves for your kid's bedroom or playroom

Here you can find a large selection of shelves that are perfect for a kids room. There are shelves for babies and kids of all ages. 

We have shelves in different types of wood and in metal. Elongated shelves, small and large; shelves designed like a piece of furniture with many different compartments, which is perfect for storing both books and toys; display shelves, and much more.

You can absolutely find a shelf or several shelves that fit perfectly with your kid’s décor. You may even be able to find shelves that will match the décor in other rooms such as the kitchen, living room, or home office. 

Shelves in many different styles

We have shelves from several different designers and each in a style and design that characterizes that brand. We have shelves with beautiful and simple patterns as well as shelves in cute and kid-friendly patterns. 

You can find metal shelves in cool colours, wooden shelves in beautiful shapes and colors, as well as shelves that are made in a combination of both wood and metal. 

The range of metal shelves vary widely 

For example, we have a beautiful and simple shelf in black metal with four built-in shelves that through its simple design can be used in many different rooms and fit with several different styles. 

We also have a 2-pack string shelf, one small and one large, in light blue. The shelves are perfect for clothes, books, or toys. They can also be easily hung for storage or over the changing table for storing nappies or washcloths

Shelves for small things

We have a couple of shelves that are perfect for storing smaller items in, these have different animals’ patterns and on the front of the shelf it suggests what it can contain. 

The biggest shelf of this kind is a shelf that is grey with the word 'THINGS' on the front. It is perfect for storing crayons, a small plant, or toys. It can also be used at the changing table for storing nappies, creams, or anything else needed for nappy changes. 

Another shelf featuring a cute little animal on it, has the word 'PIXI' on the front which is perfect for storing the classic pixi books that are almost a must in any kid's room. 

These shelves are a little different from the others in our range and they can stand on your desk if you do not want to hang them on the wall. On your desk, you can store pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, rulers, and scissors, and more.

Bookshelf for the kid's room

A kid's book collection will typically grow large over the years. It may therefore be a good idea to find a way to keep track of the books.

Bookcases for kids are an excellent storage solution that creates an overview and decorates the kid's room. With a shelf for kids, it will be easy for your kid to pick up and reach sine books himself, as it can be hung on the wall at a suitable height.

In this way, the books on the shelves become visible to your kid, who can more easily see an exciting book on the shelf in the kid's room.

Whether you are looking for a little and simple in wood bookshelf or a large metal shelf in several levels, you will find the favorite on this page.

Shelves made of imperial wood, pine, and decorative saccharum 

We have shelves made of various woods such as emperor wood, pine, and decorative saccharum. 

We sell a nice shelf in rustic wood-colored saccharum wood. It has two shelves consisting of round sticks with space between the shelves. The shelf can either stand on the floor and serve as, for example, a bedside table, or be hung on the wall for storage of dolls, cars, teddy bears, and other toys. 

In addition to these we sell a trendy shelf in light wood that has a white front shaped like a white cloud. The shelf is like a box with a decorative frame (cloud) around it. On the inside of the box, and the part of the shelf that rests against the wall, there are two closed, black eyes. 

Display boxes 

We also have so-called display boxes with a light base. This set consists of three different sized boxes. The boxes can be mounted close to each other on the wall or hung with at a larger gap between. You can also turn the boxes around, the way you want them to hang. 

If you are looking for more imaginative shelves, that are different from classic shelves, we have a beautiful star-shaped shelf in metal, lacquered in a light brown color. This shelf has four compartments of different sizes to store, for example, jewelry, toys, or other beautiful treasures that your kid has found. 

We also have a cute pink metal wire cabinet with shelves. The door is held in place with a click mechanism. The shelves are made of wood, painted in pink. 

Smart bookcases

Another example of a smart bookcase we sell is the bookcase with legs, similar to the bookcases that you can find in libraries. The front of the bookshelf has a print with text and pictures. The bookcase has three practical shelves that provide plenty of space for kids’ books, comics, toys, blankets, and much more. 

The bookcase is at a good height that is perfect in a kid’s room. The kid can easily find the book he or she is looking for, making it easier to also tidy up after.

Last but not least, we also sell shelves that are made of a combination of wood and metal such as our white or black shelves. These shelves have a practical design and a variety of possibilities and easily fit with your kid’s décor.

Shelves for practical and smart interior 

Shelves are a great addition to the interior of a home. Shelves have several different functions, ranging from storing small things, to decorative elements in the home. 

Many shelves are made in different formations and as such they offer an element of life to the room, such as oblique shelves, shelves that are aligned with each other, shelves that are on top of each other, or shelves in a geometric design.

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