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Fleece Jackets for Kids


Find your kid’s next fleece jacket here

Find all your favourite brands at Kids-world - including the fleece jacket to wear under the rainwear.

There are so many different jackets in our vast selection with all their wonderful colours and cuts. Molo is a brand that produces lots of fine jackets that are perfect for the transitional season, or to be worn beneath the rainwear on a cold day. We also stock Didriksons - a Swedish brand known for its highly functional clothing - in this category. Didriksons have super fleece jackets that fit the entire collection.

Fleece Jackets with either a zipper or push-buttons

Fleece jackets available on this page come with either a zipper, push-buttons or regular buttons. The variant you choose is entirely up to you and your preferences, as each option has it’s pros and cons.

Besides, some of our fleece jackets come with other fine details such as cute ears on the hood, pockets to warm the hands or cool logos.

Fleece Jackets for kids in beautiful colours

In our range, you will find fleece jackets for kids in lots of beautiful colours. Therefore, there should be plenty to choose from, for everyone’s taste. And if your little one has his/her own favourite colour, there should be no problem at all to find a fleece jacket in exactly that colour.

Typically, you will be able to find fleece jackets for boys and girls in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, pink, red and black. Many fleece jackets come in a solid colour, but some also come with multiple colours or patterns such as camouflage patterns, for example.

If you are looking for a fleece jacket in a specific colour, do not forget that you can use the filter search available at the top of the page.

Fleece Jackets for kids from cool, well-known brands

Here at Kids-world, you will find fleece jackets for kids from lots of well-known brands. To be precise, we have fleece jackets for kids from over 20 different Danish and international brands, so there is plenty to choose from. Here at Kids-world, we understand the importance of choices, both when it comes to price, colours, style and design.

For example, you will find fleece jackets from Color Kids, which have a nice selection of fine colours, and a simple functionality.

On the other hand, fleece jackets for kids from Reima come in many different designs - both plain and patterned, with an extra middle layer that creates an insulating effect. Also, do not forget that both LEGO® Tec and LEGO® Wear also have some really nice jackets in cool designs.

Long story short - there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a fleece jacket for your boy or girl from a particular brand, you are welcome to use the filter at the top of the page.

Find a lovely fleece jacket that will keep your kid warm

A fleece jacket is an irreplaceable piece of clothing in many kid’s wardrobe. It can be worn alone or in combination with other outerwear, such as a winter jacket, a down vest, a thermo jacket or a pair of thermo pants. The possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure - your little one will definitely enjoy his/her fleece jacket.

The fleece jacket can be an ideal choice for your upcoming ski trip, where it can be nice to have something warm and soft to wear both on the slopes and at home in the cabin. The fleece jacket is also good for the cottage holiday or just for the cold days, when it is nice to have an extra layer under the winter jacket or autumn jacket.

If you, somehow, can not find the fleece jacket you were looking for, or if you have questions about our range, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service, who are always ready to help and answer all your questions.

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