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Soft Toys

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Soft toys for babies and kids

If you are looking for a lovely soft toy for your baby or your toddler, you have come to the right place.

Our selection of soft toys is quite large and versatile. The quality is top-notch, so you will be able to find at least one soft toy that your baby or kid will like.

Who doesn't remember their favourite soft toy from when you were little? Maybe you are still having it because you are too fond of it.

Check out our large selection of soft toys from Jellycat and many more for babies and kids and see if there is a soft toy for your boy or girl.

Kids of all ages love soft toys

Kids of all ages love soft toys because they are cute, adorable, cosy and soft to touch. Soft toys are just wonderful toys. Lovely sleeping animals and teddy bears are also comforting.

It is easier to cuddle up and fall asleep in the cot or pram if you have a cute little, familiar soft toy by your side.

A soft toy can also serve as a comfort blanket because it feels soft and nice to the touch but also in the mouth. We have beautiful rabbit soft toys with adorably long ears, which are fantastic to pull and bite on.

If you are in doubt about what kind of soft toy is best for your kid's age, then you can use the filters at the top of the page. You can also always read more about the different soft toys under each product.

Big soft toys and gift boxes

As your kid is getting bigger, he/she might want a soft toy which is a bit bigger too; a great companion to play with and make tea parties.

Also, a kid can put the soft toy in the doll's pram and walk with it in the garden and cuddle around it just like adults do with a small baby. Pure cosiness.

We have cute gift boxes with soft toys and accompanying suitcase, soft toys with socks and a bib.

The gift boxes, which we have in several versions and colours might be a perfect push gift or a birthday present.

A soft toy will always be a good, classic gift that most kids will be quite happy with.

Popular brands

Jellycat B. toys Disney Princess
Mudpuppy Sky Dancers Tender Leaf
Toy2 CoComelon Vileda Junior

Soft toys in all shapes and sizes

At Kids-world, we have a large selection of soft toys in many sizes, colours, shapes and materials.

We have soft toys in many price ranges and for all tastes. Common for all of them is that they are wonderfully soft and made of non-toxic materials.

You can find classic soft toys, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, octopuses, rhinos, donkeys, zebras, rabbits, owls, pandas, dinos, lions, deer, swans, monkeys, moose, hippos, kangaroos, skunks, dogs, lambs, unicorns, whales, hedgehogs, dolphins, bats, pigs, raccoons, snakes, koalas, sloths, eagles, crabs and many many more.

In short, it is no problem to find exactly the kind of soft toys that you are looking for.

How about a luminous soft toy?

If you are looking for a new night light for your boy or girl, then you might want to consider a soft toy with a small light bulb in the stomach.

These not only act as night lights but can also keep your kid company when it has a hard time falling asleep.

We also have soft toys that can act as heating pads as well as soft toys that make funny, rattling sounds which makes them fun to play with and pull on. Finally, we also have soft toys on wheels, the so-called 'pull along toys'.

Of course, we also have the good old classic soft toys. Soft toys owe part of their popularity among kids and all childish souls out there to their versatility.

Soft toys can be used as a sleeping animal, for tea parties, as action heroes or just as a faithful friend who is always by the kid's side.

Among other things, we have soft toys made of various fabrics as well as crocheted soft toys.

Original soft toys for everyone’s taste

Some people prefer soft toys which look like real animals, while others love the more inventive ones, designed in different patterns and colours and maybe even with excessively long arms and legs.

For example, you can find pink elephants, green zebras, floral bears, blue owls and unicorns.

Here at Kids-World, the imagination is limitless - whether you are into reality or fantasy.

We also have soft toys that are designed so that they look like animals from the real world, with a rice bag on the buttocks, enabling them to sit on their own.

For example, a QR code is included, which links to a video about the animal that a soft toy represents. It can be, for example, an eagle, monk seal, lemur, hippopotamus, snow hare, hedgehog and many more.

The vast majority of soft toys can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Soft toys in beautiful colours

Babies, young kids and all other childish souls for that matter are crazy about soft toys. That is why at Kids-World, we have a large selection of soft toys in many different sizes, shapes and colours, which can suit your kid's needs perfectly.

On our page, you will typically find soft toys in the blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise.

There are soft toys in realistic colours as well as soft toys which are more imaginative as they come in fun colour combinations.

If you are looking for a soft toy in a particular colour, remember that you can always use the filter at the top of the page.

Soft toy pacifiers for the little ones

For the youngest ones, it's a good idea to start with the small soft toys which can fit nicely in the stroller when it's time for a nap.

It could, for example, be a soft toy pacifier - a soft pacifier with a matching soft toy, which is attached to the handle of the pacifier with a small velcro strap.

The soft toy itself has a beautiful and plush surface with four legs, which the kid can hold on to. Of course, the soft toy can withstand the pacifier being washed in boiling water.

Activity soft toys

For the youngest ones, activity soft toy can be a really good idea. Activity soft toys are soft toys with several different functions.

This means that the soft toy comes with a bite ring, several different textures or maybe makes noises when the kid touches it or holds it.

Activity soft toy are good at stimulating the kid in different ways and developing various parts of their motor skills and senses. Also, they are often suitable for itchy gums.

On this page you will find activity soft toys in several different varieties and from several different brands. Explore our range and see if there is an activity soft toy that fits your little one.

Beautiful pull along toys

For a toddler who has just learned to walk, it can be a good idea to get a pull along toy so that he or she has a faithful companion when walking needs to be practiced.

When the pull along toy is not in use, it will surely decorate the kids' room.

When people think of pull along toys, they probably think of Little Per and his elephant, but pull along toys actually come in many different varieties.

On this page you will find deer, hares, swans and moose, but of course also the classic elephant.

Your kid will also love to have a nice sleeping buddy that fits perfectly to the bed, where it can function as a bed edge - cosy and nice when the little one needs to get ready for a dreamland.

Giant soft toy or just a large soft toy

Is there anything nicer than cuddling with your favorite teddy bear? Most kids ville definitely answer no. It should then just be if the kid could be law to choose a new playmate in the form of a giant soft toy or a large soft toy.

A large, soft soft toy can be a large comfort when the kid is feeling a little dirty, has a cold or just needs a proper hug from a well-known friend.

At Kids-world you can find large soft toys from Jellycat with weight at the bottom so they can sit on their own, or large soft toys from Senger Naturwelt, which also act as heating pads.

Whether you are looking for a soft toy dog, dinosaur soft toy or just some ordinary cute soft toys, you will find a large selection here at Kids-world, where you can find many different giant soft toys.

Squid soft toy and rabbit soft toy are the kids' large favorites

Among the children's favorite stuffed animals you will find an squid and rabbit soft toy. An squid soft toy can do something very special, as the kid can both lie up on the round head and pull on its long squid arms, which are also nice to scratch or hug with.

The Squid soft toy is available in many designs and colours from various well-known brands. Most can be used right from the first months.

A rabbit soft toy is also among the kids' favorites. Here there is no doubt that the soft, long ears are particularly inviting. Brands such as Jellycat, Teddykompaniet and NatureZoo offer beautiful rabbit soft toys that are ready to play with, hug and cuddle at bedtime.

Soft toys and stuffed animals at great prices

Our stock of soft toys and stuffed animals is constantly evolving. That is why we always have good offers on soft toys and stuffed animals. You can see the many offers on soft toys and stuffed animals here in the category, where you can use the filter at the top to quickly find the exact cheap soft toy that you are looking for.

If you are looking for others good offers, you can with large advantage visit our sales category, where you can see a long range of goods and products that are on offer right now.

Should there be nothing to pick up right now, you are always welcome to drop by later. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter so you are sure to be notified as soon as we have current deals on Kids-world - including cute soft toy and stuffed animal deals.

Fine hand puppets for kids

Besides classic soft toys, here at Kids-World, you will also find hand puppets.

Cute hand puppets from Bloomingville are obviously designed for the creative kid who loves to tell stories and make performances out of big and small events.

Lovely comfort blankets 

Comfort blankets are super cosy and can help in creating a quiet and cosy environment for your little one.

They are characterized by being flatter than a traditional soft toy, and some are looking more like a blanket with head, arms and legs. However, that does not make them any less cute and soft.

On this page, you will find comfort blankets designed as penguins, monkeys, pandas, zebras, elephants and rabbits in several different colours.

Oeko-Tex 100 certified soft toys

Just like many other products available on our site, you can, of course, also find Oeko-Tex 100 certified and ETKO certified soft toys.

The certifications are your guarantee that the soft toy and the material which it is made of have been tested in a professional laboratory and are free of harmful and allergenic substances.

Besides, you can also find soft toys which are made of organic cotton.

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