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Play Kitchens for Kids

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Play kitchen, workbench and play tools for kids

Play kitchens are perfect for role plays and many hours of fun where kids use their lively imaginative skills for making themselves comfortable with cooking and building projects. Therefore, it's not surprising that play kitchens and workbenches have become immensely popular over the past few years.

On this site, we offer a large variety of toy kitchens and different types of accessories such as toy kitchen appliances, play food and play utensil sets. In addition, you can also find different kinds of play tools and play tool benches in our wide selection.

In short, we have collected the best toys for your kid's role play all in one place. So whether your kid dreams of being a carpenter, framer, cook, waiter, barista or just loves to play role-playing games, we definitely have something for all to enjoy.

Please feel free to explore our large selection to see if there is something that meets your and your kid's requirements.

Why have play kitchens become popular?

Most kids imitate adults; they do as their mum and dad. They think it's so much fun. Whether it's cooking, vacuuming, doing the dishes or mending the bicycle in the workshop. 

This has been going on for ages, forever actually, and most likely it will continue being so. Play kitchens are fantastic toys; they resemble a real kitchen with an oven, burners and a sink. An ideal for kids to use their imagination for preparing favourite dishes for friends and family.

A play kitchen is much cheaper than a real kitchen, so you don't need to worry about the price. Play kitchen can be found in many sizes, designs and colours. We are certain of there being a kitchen for everyone - the same goes for the play food.

Why your kid should play in a play kitchen

Play kitchens set kids' imagination free. Ultimately, playing in a play kitchen develops vocabulary and social skills. Play kitchens invite playing and cooking. Most play kitchens are big enough for many kids to play with; cooking wonderful dishes. It's important to remember to put the roast in the oven, flip the eggs on the frying pan before serving.

There are many ways in which the kids can play in a play kitchen. A cool feature about the play kitchen is that you cannot put anything in the oven or the refrigerator without the lid or door being open. Knowledge of physical challenges encourage playing that are related to finding solutions; requirements to how you open and close the lid of the oven or the door of the refrigerator before continuing the game.

Let you kid do the cooking

Are you brave enough to let your kid cook for you? If you answer ?yes' to this question, the play kitchen is just the toy for your kid. Play kitchen do not take up more space than other toys, however, you do need enough room without limiting the kid's imagination when being the head chef in the kitchen. Lean back and enjoy! Your kid will love serving roast with potatoes and gravy.

For example, it's fun for kids who want to surprise mom and dad with coffee in the toy kitchen or maybe serve breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.

Although a toy kitchen can't cook for real, it can be a really good way to spark your kid's interest in food and cooking. In time, it may even be that your little boy or girl can assist in the real kitchen when it comes to making dinner or baking Christmas cookies.

Many different kinds of toy kitchens

Do you want powerful, sparkling colours or do you prefer the minimalist look? There's no need to panic, because on this site, we have toy kitchens for every taste. There are classic toy stoves from Brio in beautiful colours or state-of-the-art toy kitchens from Bosch. You can find toy kitchens in both wood and plastic.

Besides classic toy kitchens and toy stoves, we also offer many other kinds of toy accessories for the kitchen. There are dishwashers, espresso machines, mini grills, ice cream parlours, food carts, cash registers, popcorn machines and credit card machines.

With all these possibilities, a toy kitchen can easily be transformed into a restaurant, cafe, ice cream shop, a falafel cart, a cinema or something completely different. In fact, there are many different possibilities, and it's only the imagination that sets the limits. Maybe the kids are inventing a brand new dish in their toy kitchen or perhaps a brand new kind of shop.

Lots of accessories for the toy kitchen

To make a play kitchen complete, many items are needed. That's why we have many accessories for the toy kitchen, putting the icing on the cake. We offer a selection of potholders, blenders, hand mixers, baking sets, tea sets, pots, pans, plates, shopping bags, aprons, picnic sets, electric kettles, toasters and much, much more.

The accessories come in many different varieties and price ranges and are, therefore, perfect as a gift if you know a kid who has a toy kitchen that could very well use some updating.

Maybe your kid really likes a particular kind of food or a special kitchen appliance. If this is the case, they would really enjoy having similar items in their toy kitchen.

How about some play food?

No toy kitchen is complete without play food and that is why you can find a great selection of fun, fabulous play food on this site. You will discover cakes, fruits, burgers, breakfast, vegetables, sandwiches, skewers, ice cream, eggs, pizza, cupcakes, tea, chicken, bread, milk, fish, butter, steaks, ketchup, cold cuts, cheese and french fries. The play food comes in many different varieties and materials, such as wood, plastic and textiles.

If you want to know what your kid's play food is made with, you can always read more under the descriptions of the individual products.

If you would like to see an even larger selection of play foods, please feel free to go to the play foods category in the menu at the top.

Other role-playing toys

As mentioned above, we also have other toys and play furniture for role play on this site. You can easily find tool belts, tools, tool benches, mini planers, tool sets, hedge trimmers, tool boxes, work sets, safety helmets, tool trucks, garden work sets, wheelbarrows and angle grinders. Play tools come in many different materials, and from many different brands like MaMaMeMo, Cam Cam, Dantoy, Le Toy Van, Little Dutch, Bosch Mini, Janod and Kids Conecpt. You can find play tools from companies like Bosch, which produces kid's tools to match the ones you have at home.

If you would like to see a larger selection of play tools, then feel free to look under the category Tools at the top of the menu.

Toy kitchens and accessories from many different brands

At Kids-world, you can find toy kitchens, play furniture and accessories from over 20 different Danish and foreign brands.

We know that taste and desires are always different, even when it comes to toys, therefore we make certain to have something for everyone. This means that there is always plenty to choose from when it comes to colours, materials and price.

On this site, you can find toy kitchens and accessories from brands such as Braun, Brio, Cam Cam, Dantoys, Haba, Miele, Sebra and Weber Mini.

If you are looking for a specific brand, please keep in mind  that you can always use the different filters at the top of the page.

Buy a set for the toy kitchen that includes other parts

If you are going to purchase the first set for your kid's toy kitchen, then it might be a good idea to buy sets that include other important parts. It can be a tea set with teacups, cake, plates and teapot or it can be a fun breakfast set with juice, fruit and a croissant.

It can also be a set with several different pots and pans, or how about a barbecue set with a barbecue, burger, salad, burger buns, spatula and ketchup?

The possibilities are many, so take a good look, and maybe you find exactly your kid's favorite dish among our large selection of toys and accessories.  

Toy kitchens and accessories in sustainable materials

On this site, you will also find toy kitchens and accessories in sustainable materials. Sustainable materials typically mean that a toy kitchen is made in such a way that takes nature into account.

Here, you can find beautiful potholders from companies like Cam Cam that are GOTS-certified. A GOTS certification is your guarantee that a product is produced under sustainable conditions, where things such as working conditions and wastewater treatment during production have been taken into account.

You can also find a nice microwave or wonderful play food from PlanToys, which are made of different varieties of sustainable wood.

In addition, you can also find a number of different types of play kitchen equipment from Dantoy, which has the Nordic Eco-label, the Swan.

You can always read more about our different products' labels and materials in the product description itself.  

Minimalistic or colourful?

Some kids dream of a toy kitchen full of colours, while others would rather have a toy kitchen that is similar to the one their parents have. It may also be that the toy kitchen is going to be placed inside the living room and you would like it to properly fit in with the rest of the decor.

Whatever your kids like, we have a great variety in our selection. We offer toy kitchens and accessories that look like miniature versions of real kitchen items, and also have toy kitchens and accessories in a beautiful variety of colours, which will put any kid in a good mood.

If you are looking for a toy kitchen or accessories in a particular colour, remember that you can use the filter at the top of the page. By using the filter, you can quickly and easily get an overview of our range in the desired colour. 

Accessories for the sweet and the salty kitchen

If your kid dreams of becoming a little pastry chef, baker or ice cream maker then you are at the right place. On this site, you can find play food for both the sweet and the salty kitchen. On the sweet side, we have lots of cakes, cupcakes, layer cakes and ice cream.

You can also find cookie molds, hand mixers, cake rolls and whisks, making it easy for your kid to create wonderful pastry and cakes or maybe play that they're participating in a big cake competition on TV. 

On the salty side, we have an even bigger selection. Here you can find play food that is suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can find sets that contain everything a kid needs to make particular dishes such as a burger or sandwich, but you can also find packages with different kinds of cold cuts, bread, vegetables, fruits and meat.

Toy kitchen sale

At Kids-world, we sell a large selection of play kitchens in a wealth of fine colours and materials from well-known brands.

You may have already explored the many possibilities, but go with a little dream of making a good bargain on a toy kitchen for kids. If you are, you can with large advantage look through our many toy kitchen offers and see if there is not exactly a toy kitchen that you make the little one happy at home.

If you want to see others offers than our current toy kitchen offers, then you can look past our sale category, where you can be lucky to find a toy kitchen at a reduced price or others strong offers.

If there is nothing to find at this time, do not despair. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page and thus stay updated on the current offers at Kids-world - also toy kitchen offers.

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