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Squiz Equipment for Kids

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Squiz Food Pouches - 2 pcs - Animals Squiz Food Pouches - 2 pcs - Animals  14,70 € 


Squiz Food Pouch - 1 pcs - Cat Squiz Food Pouch - 1 pcs - Cat  8,00 € 


Squiz Food Pouches - Carnaval - 3-Pack - Refill Squiz Food Pouches - Carnaval - 3-Pack - Refill  20,10 € 


Squiz Sophie La Girafe - Food Pouches - 3-Pack - Refill Squiz Sophie La Girafe - Food Pouches - 3-Pack - Refill  22,80 € 


Squiz Top - 2-Pack - Ergonomic Squiz Top - 2-Pack - Ergonomic  13,40 € 


Squiz - recyclable food pouches for the entire family

Browse through our newest collection of items by Squiz that is both significant and inspiring. The recyclable food pouches from Squiz are a simple and good alternative to disposable bags. They are cheaper in the long run, environmentally friendly and much more fun for both you and your children! 

They can be used by the entire family anytime, anywhere. Squiz food pouches can be used approx. 50 times, which makes them quite helpful when it comes to reducing waste.

Food pouches are easy to clean and fill up - they consist of 3 layers of plastic and are very robust. With Squiz, parents can save time and money - the bags can be used for storage, reheating of food, transport and kids can also eat directly from them. You can fill them with almost anything - baby food, smoothies, yoghurt, soup, and oatmeal.

The story behind Squiz

The founder of Squiz, Elizabeth, is a midwife and mother of 5. She is from the United States, has travelled the world and loves children. When she discovered food bags, she loved the idea and decided to start producing her very own version.

We are excited about how how easy it is for you to find each type of product by Squiz. Use our filter to look for specific products and colours.

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