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Rasmus Klump Interior & Equipment

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Rasmus Klump Toiletry Bag - Bordeaux w. Dots
Rasmus Klump Toiletry Bag - Bordeaux w. Dots 40,20 € * Save 12,06 € *
28,14 € * 



Fabulous products and accessories for kids from Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump is a well-known Danish cartoon character, who was created by Carla and Vilhelm Hansen in 1951. Together with his friends Pingo, Skæg, Pelle, and Knalle, Rasmus travels the world on his fine ship and shares his incredible experiences.

Since 1951, the Rasmus Klump comic has been published in more than 20 countries, and has sold over 20 million copies. The series has also been made into a cartoon as well as a playground in Tivoli.

Here at Kids-world, we carry cute cups, dinner sets, bowls and cutlery with the characters from the popular kids' series. We also have adorable doilies, toiletry bags, and play rugs with Rasmus Klump's imprinted dotted pattern, all in fine, high quality. materials.

How Rasmus Klump came to be

Rasmus Klump started as a comic strip in 1951 in Berlingske Aftenavis. It soon became popular and eventually appeared in foreign newspapers. The first draft was about a turtle, and that illustration was sold to Tom's Chocolate Factory, now known as Tom's Chocolate Turtle.

In 2007, the rights to Rasmus Klump were sold to Egmont, also the owner of the publishing house Carlsen, which is where Rasmus Klump is published.

Rasmus Klump was named after Carla and Vilhelm Hansen’s neighbor’s dog, called Klump. Many parents can probably also remember Rasmus Klump from their own childhood, and he has become a nostalgic and much-loved character around the world.

Latest selection of Rasmus Klump 

Feel free to check out our latest significant and inspiring selection of Rasmus Klump items here at Kids-world. One of the things we are excited about is how simple it is for you to search for each type of product by Rasmus Klump. Use our filter to look for specific products and colours.

If you have special wishes, or perhaps some other products you are looking for from Rasmus Klump that you would like to see in our shop, please send an email to our customer support, and we would be happy to be of service.

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