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Popupshop Clothing for Kids

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Popupshop Leggings - Baggy - Crocodile
Popupshop Leggings - Baggy - Crocodile 37,44 € Save 26,21 €
11,23 € 

0-3 months

0-3 months

3-6 months

Popupshop Baggy Shorts - Ivory w. Ghosts
Popupshop Baggy Shorts - Ivory w. Ghosts 30,00 € Save 21,00 €
9,00 € 



Popupshop - simple and organic kids clothes in Scandinavian design

Pop-up shop designs and manufactures timeless classics for little one’s wardrobes. The basic clothes are both durable and comfortable to wear and they are made in amazing quality. The clothes are also easy to match with other clothes. The kid’s clothes are designed to fit into the Scandinavian style. 

The story of Popupshops

Popupshop was founded in 2007 in Copenhagen by Luca Leschly Romagnoli and Marie-Louise Mogensen. The company wants to design and produce products where fit, simplicity, function and durability are the most important. 

Their collections of kid’s clothes are designed at prices that all budgets can manage. In the beginning, there was a desire to create a brand where all the different stages of a product's life cycle could be controlled, from design, production, and distribution. 

The founders considered calling the company names like ''uniform'', ''customs'' etc. but one of their friends suggested ''Popupshop'' which fit perfectly. 

At first, the plan was to sell directly to customers but after many requests from stores they decided to sell to shops as well. 

Find new clothes from Popupshop in our shop 

We hope you find nice new clothes for your boy or girl from Popupshop in our shop. We have a large range of many nice and simple kids’ clothes from Popupshop. No matter the style of your kid, we think you will find something nice in our shop. 

Please browse the other categories here in our online shop to find other good products for your kid or for a kid’s room. 

Tips for buying kids clothing 

If your little one is still growing, it can be a good idea to buy kids clothes in a size up. It is not comfortable for your kid to wear clothes that are too small regardless of whether the clothes are from Popupshop or any other brand. 

It is therefore common for parents to buy clothes in a larger size like size 56 even if your little one wears a size 50. This also helps when it is time to change to a larger size because you already have some clothes in the closet for your kid. 

News, new collections and offers from Popupshop

The products from Popupshop are extremely popular so it is a good idea to keep track of when news from the latest collections from Popupshop are launched. 

Despite the popularity, we sometimes discount some of the products from Popupshop at a reduced price. If you want to buy products from Popupshop with a discount, it is important that you keep track of our sales category.

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