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Play-Doh - Play Dough


Play-Doh - educational and entertaining play dough for kids

With the fun moldable dough from Play-Doh, there are no limits to what your kid can create at home.

Imagination and creativity evolve as kids sit and play with legendary Play-Doh dough. Kids can shape or create whatever they want. The dough contains no harmful substances, does not stain and can be reused over and over again. The dough consists mainly of water, salt and flour.

With the many different sets, you can find everything from toys to accessories for Play-Doh. All to make it even more fun to create unique objects with the dough. Kids get the opportunity to create and live their way into a fantasy world where they can shape fun things and characters.

The story behind Play-Doh

Originally, Play-Doh was produced in the United States to use to clean for wallpaper in the 1930s as the inventor wanted to make a non-toxic product. The product was later revised and in the mid-1950s the product began to be shipped out to schools in Cincinnati. Play-Doh was demonstrated during a conference in 1956 and then sold to stores. There were also many commercials on TV in 1957 which contributed to the sales.

Since Play-Doh entered the toy market in the 1950s, the product has become hugely popular and sold worldwide. In 2003, Play-Doh was included on the list from the Toy Industry Association as one of the best toys of the century.

Between 1955 and 2005, more than two billion tubs of Play-Doh were sold worldwide and now the product is sold in more than 6,000 stores in the United States. Popularity has only grown over time and Play-Doh is truly a timeless product that all kids love to play with, from generation to generation.

Great and varied selection of Play-Doh play dough

At Kids-world, we are pleased to present our impressive range of Play-Doh play dough. We have carefully selected a wide selection of creative products that can stimulate children's imagination and create fun moments of play.

Whether it's for creating small toy figurine or large works of art, we have Play-Doh play dough to suit every need. Quality and variety are the key words in our selection, which ensures that kids can explore their creativity in the best way. Take a look at our exciting selection and find the perfect Play-Doh product for your child.

Play and learn with Play-Doh set

Our commitment to promoting creative play does not stop at Play-Doh play dough alone. At Kids-world, we also offer fantastic Play-Doh set that inspire kids to explore new themes and create fun scenarios.

Explore our selection of Play-Doh set that include everything from kitchen set and ice cream trucks to pizza and veterinarian set. With our attractive offers and set, you can create a world of play, learning and imaginative creativity for your child. Find the perfect Play-Doh offer or set that matches your child's interests and let the play begin!

Play in the kitchen with Play-Doh

Closet magic in the kitchen with our Play-Doh kitchen products. Give your child the opportunity to develop as a little baker or chef with our exciting Play-Doh kitchen set. Low imaginative cakes, delicious pizzas and much more!

Explore our selection of kitchen set and let your child experience the joy of creating delicious Play-Doh dishes. With detailed shapes and colours, our Play-Doh kitchen products are perfect for stimulating creativity and imaginative play. Make playing in the kitchen more fun with Play-Doh, which opens up a world of culinary fairy tale!

Cool down with a Play-Doh ice cream truck

Give your child a refreshing play with our Play-Doh ice cream truck. With our ice cream truck set, your child can create colorful and imaginative ice cream cones, popsicles and much more. Let them be the best ice cream maker in town!

Explore our selection of ice cream truck sets and discover how Play-Doh can bring coolness and joy to play. With different shapes and colours, your child can create their own unique ice cream creations and parts them with friends and family. Let the Play-Doh ice cream truck take your child on a cool and fun travel!

Low amazing Play-Doh pizzas

Closet your own culinary masterpieces with our Play-Doh pizza set. Let your child be a pizza baker for a day and closet imaginative pizzas with Play-Doh play dough. With different toppings and shapes, the play can begin.

Explore our selection of pizza- set and let your child develop as a master of pizza art. From making the perfect dough to adding the most imaginative toppings - our Play-Doh pizza set makes play both fun and educational. Take your children's culinary fairy tale to new heights with Play-Doh pizza play!

Go to the vet with a Play-Doh play set

Give your child the opportunity to explore the role of a vet with our Play-Doh veterinarian set. Closet colorful and imaginative vet experiences with Play-Doh play dough and accessories that get the play going.

Explore our selection of veterinarian set and let your child take care of imaginary animals with love and care. From creating small DYR to playing vet for them - our Play-Doh veterinarian set opens up a world of creative play and empathy. Give your child an experience as a vet with the Play-Doh veterinarian set from Kids-world!

Smile with a Play-Doh dentist set

Give your child a playful experience with our Play-Doh dentist set. Let them explore the role of dentist and create fun and imaginative dental visits with Play-Doh play dough and accessories.

Explore our selection of dentist set and let your child take care of the little Play-Doh teeth. From making smiley faces to playing dentist for Play-Doh toy figurine, our dentist set offer creative play and learning at the same time. Give your child a reason to smile with the Play-Doh dentist set from Kids-world!

Play-Doh play dough in many different colours

The game becomes even more fun when it is filled with colours! At Kids-world, we offer an extensive selection of Play-Doh play dough in different colours. On our website you will find a multitude of shades, including light pastels, deep primary colors and fun special colors.

Explore our range and give your child the opportunity to create colorful masterpieces. From rainbow projects to imaginative creatures, our Play-Doh colours open up a world of creative expression.

Take a look at our colorful selection and choose the perfect colours for your child's next creative fairy tale.

How to get an offer on Play-Doh play dough

We want to make shopping at Kids-world extra fun, which is why we offer regular offers on Play-Doh play dough. Keep an eye out for our sale category, where you can find fantastic discounts on selected Play-Doh products.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and be among the first to be notified of our exciting promotions. You can also follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest Play-Doh offers and news. Take the chance and save on your next purchase of Play-Doh play dough by taking advantage of our fantastic offer.

Buy Play-Doh here with us

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