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Our Generation Dolls

Recommended Age (Toys)

Our Generation Dolls

The cutest dolls and doll accessories from Our Generation

Our Generation offers a huge selection of dolls, doll clothes, toy horses, furniture, doll accessories and everything else you can dream of for dolls.

Our Generation knows that all little girls are unique and their dolls are far more than just dolls. They inspire girls to be exactly who they want to be, by developing their own voice  in a generation that otherwise encourages girls to be a certain way.

Some girls love sports, while some love science, art, and fashion. Some prefer to bake cakes indoors, while some would rather play and explore outdoors.

Styles from Our Generation with history

Our Generation represents girls who have diverse interests but still grow up together by having friends with different stories to tell. This new extraordinary generation of girls, of course, deserves absolutely extraordinary dolls.

The huge Our Generation selection of both dolls and a variety of equipment and accessories that go with them, ensures that there are many things for every girl to love. The collection is of superior quality, and the dolls include the finest little details. Kids can easily live in the world of dolls by using role play, so that their imagination is stimulated and their development is enhanced.

Choose a doll that suits your kid's personality!

Køb Our Generation dolls at Kids-world

Our Generation is a brand with a completely unique concept. The Dolls from Our Generation come in countless different models with their own unique look. The Dolls are designed with stories about their own personality and with unique outfits that express their style.

Our Generation dolls are 46 cm tall. Many children love to play with them at many different ways. It is soå nice to play with their hair, give them new clothes and immerse yourself in the world of dolls with role-playing games. There are countless different Our Generation dolls, så your child can find one that matches their preferences and personality perfectly. Your child will love to create new stories and gå on fairy tale with their new best friend - a doll from Our Generation.

The large universe that Our Generation has created includes countless different toys and accessories. r. You can help your child's creativity by; road with different themes. They can pretend that their doll is at school with a school outfit, go to the cinema or hand out ice cream to the others dolls from an Our Generation ice cream van. Let your child become set of Our Generation's exciting doll universe.

Our Generation ice cream truck

Our Generation not only offers beautiful dolls, but is alsoå characterized by the large universe of unique doll accessoriesø r. Let your child live in the fantastic world that Our Generation has created, where all girls have the opportunity to be themselves and develop their self-confidence with creative role-playing.

The ice cream truck from Our Generation is, like all others items from Our Generation, full of incredible details that make them even more fun for children to play with. The fantastic Our Generation ice cream truck has several electronic functions. The Our Generation ice cream truck lights up and can play different tunes. The ice cream truck from Our Generation also has; working windshield wipers. The ice cream truck from Our Generation includes a huge selection of different types of ice cream, toppings and milkshakes. It is designed for use with the Our Generation dolls.

Large selection of Our Generation clothes, things and accessories

Your child is invited into a huge world of play and fantasy with Our Generation's dolls and accessories. r. The large collection includes both Our Generation dolls, things, accessories, clothes, nightgowns, toys, horses and much more, creating an incredibly lifelike world your child can fully immerse themselves in

You can make your child's fairy tale with the Our Generation dolls even more fun with wonderful clothes from the same brand. A school uniform, ridetøj or Our Generation nightøj can make your child's play even more realistic. With the smart Our Generation clothes, they can dress their dolls on; for birthday parties, pajama parties and outdoor fairy tale with the unique clothes, accessories and various others items from the collection.

Cute Our Generation horses, stables and rides

If your child is absolutely crazy about animal, they could various accessories with the popular Our Generation horses, horse stables and ridingøj be the perfect playøj for them.

Our Generation horses are the perfect size for the 46 cm tall Our Generation dolls, especially they can ride out on fairy tale together.

With the horse stable from Our Generation, your child gets the perfect home to place their Our Generation horses in.

The robust and lightweight Our Generation stable has room for up to three horses on; one time. You can alsoå create a cozy enclosure by attaching the enclosed fence to the open doors. Use the carrot, hay bale or feed bucket to food the horse. Beware of the horse with the brush and the other accompanying accessories; r. Buy an Our Generation ride-on seat for your child's Our Generation doll and seat. are they ready to ride.

Our Generation dog and dog house

You will find a large selection of different Our Generation dogs and pets that fit perfectly with the Our Generation dolls. Your child thus has the opportunity to pretend that their dolls are proud pet owners.

Why not buy the wonderful Our Generation dog house as an accessory? Your child thus has the opportunity to pet their doll's dog. The Our Generation dog house is the perfect size for the dogs from Our Generation. It includes a lot of beautiful accessories such as a food cutting board; L, dog leash, blanket and toys to entertain the pooch.

Smart Our Generation cars and scooters

With a car from Our Generation, your child's dolls the opportunity to rejse where they want to go; vacation. There is room for several dolls in the smart Our Generation car and even room for the pets in the back too. The included surfboard can be fixed on; the car. In addition, it has a smart Bluetooth function, soå your child can play all sine favorite songs when the dolls go out; fairy tale.

Our Generation car has many beautiful details as well as light and sound effects. Your child can of course combine it with other accessories and dolls from Our Generation 'large range.

Our Generation also offers; wonderful scooters for the dolls, which are a fantastic way for them to drive around the city on. Your child can give his favorite doll a helmet on and soå set off on an Our Generation scooter - there is nothing that beats a nice ride in sunny weather. The Our Generation scooter naturally fits the Our Generation dolls perfectly. 46 cm.

Everything for your Our Generation house

The genius of the products from Our Generation is that they all fit perfectly; well together. Your child has ample opportunity to combine products and the accessories they already have at home with new products.

If your child already has a house from Our Generation or another dollhouse, you will find everything they otherwise lack here at Kids-world. You can either buy an Our Generation kitchen full of accessories and details, or an Our Generation washing machine for washing dolls. jet Your child can fully immerse himself in their own doll universe with products from Our Generation.

Our Generation animal and animal clinic

Let your child play vet with the animal clinic from Our Generation. The others dolls can relax in the waiting room before it is their turn to look at the healthy animal snacks in the meantime. At the vet itself, there is plenty of space and plenty of accessories that every vet needs. You can turn on the light, and the children can play that they are taking x-rays. The fantastic animal clinic from Our Generation gives your child everything they need to take good care of them. all the visitors' pets. If the various Our Generation animal need to stay overnight for observation, there are two cozy kennels that they can rest in. The Our Generation animal clinic will certainly be a hit.

Play role-playing games with an Our Generation ambulance and hospital bed

There are no limits to the fantastic accessories you can find for your child's Our Generation dolls. With the Our Generation ambulance and hospital bed, your child can really get used to the role of ambulance driver or doctor.

With the many details and accessories that come with both products, there are hours of play with an Our Generation ambulance or hospital bed.

Let the imagination run wild with an Our Generation food truck or snack cart

With Our Generation's snack cart, your child can serve hot dogs and sausages to passing dolls. The pushchair has a retro look and many types of accessories; r. Your child can place it on the beach, to a football match, at the school of Our Generation dolls, or whatever their creativity and fantasy can come up with.

The red light turns on when your child uses the rotating grill to show that it is hot. When the sausages are fried, your child can serve them on realistic trays with ketchup on them.

You can alsoå with advantage choose to buy the beautiful food truck from Our Generation. Here, your child's doll can prepare smoothies, food pancakes, juice and much more. There is also a table that customers can stand at. and eat their delicious food at Many types of accessories are included, which make the Our Generation food truck experience special; realistic as possible.

Our Generation offers and sale

We have made it soå easy as possible for you to find the best offers on various products from Our Generation. You can always see our sales page at You can use our filter to select Our Generation under brands. På this way you can see all the products that we currently have in our Our Generation sale.

Are you onå looking for absolutely wild Our Generation offers, you should definitely check out Kids-world on Black Friday. We have på incredible Our Generation offers on the day itself - as well as offers on countless others products for children.

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