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Nuk Feeding Bottles, Dummies and Trainer Cups

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Nuk Silicone Cover - First Choice - Turquoise
Nuk Silicone Cover - First Choice - Turquoise 12,00 € Save 6,00 €
6,00 € 


Nuk Lid - First Choice - Open & Close - Pink
Nuk Lid - First Choice - Open & Close - Pink 6,70 € Save 3,35 €
3,35 € 


Revolutionary baby bottles from Nuk

Nuk was introduced on the market 60 years ago and a lot has happened since then. It all started with an idea to create a natural dummy that suited babies' jaws. The company wanted to specialize in everything that considers babies and young kids. 

Together with doctors, researchers, and parents, Nuk has developed products that in Germany alone, have helped over 50 million kids and their parents over the past 60 years. For each new generation, Nuk has gained increased knowledge and they have continued to develop amazing products. 

The beginning of Nuk

During the 1950's baby boom there was a renewed need for better baby products. To reduce risk of dental issues in kids, Nuk created a dummy that had a natural shape that suited little one’s jaws. The design of the dummy is still used today! Nuk visited hospitals and talked to doctors, mothers, and nurses to develop the products correctly. 

In 1971, Nuk introduced the first exchangeable baby bottles in the world. In 1998, Nuk released the first spill-proof water bottle to help kids learn to drink from a bottle when they are young. Since then, Nuk has released many other innovative solutions for kids and parents.

For example, bottle teats you can change as the baby wants a faster flow and the teats that are designed to resemble a mother’s breast. There are also many other products such as cups and other baby bottles. Nuk continues to be at the forefront of the needs of small kids and develop new solutions as they learn new things like kids’ development. 

Buy new products from Nuk in our shop 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Nuk in our shop. We have a large range of many awesome dummies, baby bottles, cups, and breastfeeding accessories from Nuk.

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