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Noa Noa miniature Clothing for Kids

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Noa Noa miniature Clothing for Kids

Noa Noa miniature for babies and kids

Baby and kids clothing from Noa Noa miniature are always characterized by a simple and light Nordic look. This style is based upon bohemian designs along with feminine, romantic and light expressions.

Great emphasis has been placed upon Noa Noa miniature to produce natural products while still maintaining the highest standards of quality. Their many fine, beautiful details offer testimony to the company’s immense love for the design craft. Here in the baby and kids clothing category from Noa Noa miniature, you will find many fine items to wear for both boys and girls aged 0-12 years.

A Danish brand for girls and boys

Noa Noa is a Danish fashion brand that was founded in 1981 by the brothers Harald and Lars Holstein. The brand not only makes clothing for adult women, but their sub brand, Noa Noa miniature, produces wonderful clothing for babies and kids. This collection follows along the same styles as the adult collection, so that mother and kid can both wear matching outfits. Forming the quintessence of the feminine and romantic, Noa Noa miniature is the epitome of the soft and refined.

Noa Noa miniature is a clothing brand that is known all over the world, with stores in more than 15 countries. You always have the opportunity to purchase a large selection of baby and kids’ clothing from Noa Noa miniature here at Kids-world. Although their clothing is primarily for girls, there are also fine styles for boys. Baby and kids’ clothing from Noa Noa miniature is available in sizes from newborn to 12 years.

Noa Noa miniature with a Scandinavian style

Originating from Tahiti, the name Noa Noa means "simple and harmonious,” and are two words that successfully embrace the simple, stylish and calm expressions of their clothing. The collection harmonizes well with both Danish and Scandinavian styles, which are characterized as being light, airy and simple. Noa Noa miniature baby and kids’ clothing finds inspiration in the modern bohemian culture in a relaxed style with soft, muted colours.

Feminine and natural clearly describes Noa Noa miniature's clothing, and comes into play with lace, pearls, glitter and fine embroidery. They are also reflected in the frequent use of all natural materials such as wool, linen, silk and cotton. The clothing is packed with fine details, such as fabric-covered buttons and hand-stitched details, as well as styles that are knitted by hand.

At Noa Noa miniature, you will appreciate their amazing design craftsmanship. You will also clearly see that there are people behind their products who are very meticulous and demonstrate the best of care for every single piece of clothing. Noa Noa retains its roots in the bohemian lifestyle while maintaining a strong connection to feminine, free and natural. The majority of materials used in production are natural, and in the event synthetic materials are used, it is only done to emphasize a certain property, as they are primarily made from organic cotton.

Attitude towards the materials

Noa Noa distances themselves from any use of real fur, so you will never find any in their collection. When down and leather are utilized, the materials are always waste products from animals that have been used in food production. These materials would just be thrown out and destroyed, but instead, Noa Noa gives them new life by including them in their fabulous clothing line.

Many styles contain merino wool, which feels super soft and comfortable against the skin, and keeps kids warm without them getting too hot and sweaty. Noa Noa miniature wool is always certified, so you can be assured that it comes from sheep that have been treated properly throughout their lives and their wool has been cut in a completely painless manner.

Noa Noa miniature and social responsibility

Just as the brand has taken a stand on animal welfare, the use of natural materials and materials that come from animals, they also have a healthy attitude towards social responsibility. That's why Noa Noa miniature is a member of the BSCI: Business Social Compliance Initiative.

This workplace standard means that the company takes social responsibility all the way through the production of their clothing. Noa Noa prides itself in supporting various social programs that help women. For example, the company supports a project in Uganda to provide assistance to street kids by helping their mothers to achieve financial independence, as well as a project to support a women's cycling team from Afghanistan.

When you purchase kids’ clothes from Noa Noa miniature

When purchasing baby and kids’ clothing from Noa Noa miniature, you will receive simple designs with fine details that are suitable both for everyday situations and parties. Since there are both plain and patterned clothes for boys and girls, it is easy to combine these two styles.

The Noa Noa miniature baby and kids’ clothing comes in delicate pastel colours with quality that is always exceptional. There are clothes for kids up to size 12 years, and you can dress them for the inside and outside both in summer and winter. You can also find fabulous accessories for outerwear if the kids are planning to go out and play in cool weather.

Noa Noa miniature cardigan

Your little gold nugget will look absolutely adorable in a Noa Noa miniature cardigan. These cardigans, known for their fine details and high quality, are the perfect piece of clothing for all seasons.

Made from soft, comfortable materials, they'll keep your child warm in the winter and serve as a chic option for parts in the spring or fall.

With their timeless design, they are easy to combine with any outfit and offer a mix of functionality and fashion that both you and your child will love. Make your little extra charming with a Noa Noa miniature cardigan.

Smart Noa Noa miniature dresses

Should your little princess be chic and charming? Then a Noa Noa miniature dress is the perfect choice. Known for their unique design and high quality, these dresses are the ideal outfit for any occasion, from everyday play to special events.

Each dress is designed with an eye for detail, from fine prints to delicate fabrics that ensure both comfort and style. With Noa Noa miniature dresses, your girl can express her personality and feel like a real princess. Delight your little girl with a trendy and smart Noa Noa miniature dress.

Cute Noa Noa miniature bodysuits for the little ones

Are you looking for something particularly sweet for your little? Look no further than the Noa Noa miniature bodysuits. These adorable bodysuits are designed with comfort and style in mind, making them the perfect basic piece of clothing for your baby.

Made from soft, child-friendly fabrics, the Noa Noa minature bodysuits offers fantastic all-day comfort. And with their charming designs and delicate details, they will add a touch of sweetness to any outfit.

With a Noa Noa miniature bodysuit, your child will not only be ready for the day, but also look absolutely adorable. Pamper your little wonder with the best from Noa Noa miniature.

Warm Noa Noa miniature jackets

If you want a jacket that combines warmth, comfort and style for your little one, then a Noa Noa miniature jacket is the perfect choice. Noa Noa miniature jackets are designed to keep your child warm and comfortable in the cold weather, while the jacket also gives the kid a trendy look.

With their sophisticated designs and quality materials, a Noa Noa miniature jacket will ensure that your child is ready for both the playground and family outings. And for the coldest days, try a Noa Noa miniature winter coat, which offers extra insulation and warmth.

Noa Noa miniature winter coat are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out, so treat your little to a Noa Noa miniature jacket and make their winter days more colorful and comfortable.

Nice Noa Noa miniature trousers

Transform your child's wardrobe with fantastic Noa Noa miniature trousers. Known for their high quality and stylish design, these trousers are the perfect piece of clothing to compliment your child's outfits.

From casual playdates to family dinners, Noa Noa miniature trousers allow your child to feel comfortable and trendy at the same time. Made from soft, durable materials, these trousers will keep your child comfortable all day.

The Trousers come in different colours and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your child's personal taste. With Noa Noa miniature trousers, your child is always ready to step out in style.

How about a Noa Noa miniature skirt?

If you want to give your girl's wardrobe a touch of feminine charm, then a Noa Noa miniature skirt is the perfect choice. These skirts are the ultimate symbol of girlish grace and can transform even the most ordinary outfit into something special.

Made from soft, comfortable materials, they are perfect for both casual and formal wear.

And with their different colours and designs, there is a Noa Noa miniature skirt to match every style and occasion. Delight your little girl with a new Noa Noa miniature skirt - she will love to unfold herself in it.

Gorgeous Noa Noa miniature blouses

Upgrade your child's wardrobe with an elegant and comfortable Noa Noa miniature blouse. These blouses are a must-have in any child's wardrobe due to their timeless charm and versatility.

Noa Noa miniature blouses come in everything from floral print to classic plain, in a wide range of designs to match your child's unique style. They are made from soft, breathable materials that are perfect for all seasons.

Whether worn alone or layered, these blouses will add a touch of elegance to your child's outfits. Add a Noa Noa miniature blouse to your darling's wardrobe and let him or her shine in style.

Noa Noa miniature shorts for the hot days

When the sun is shining and the temperature is ladders, there is nothing better than seeing your child enjoying the day in a pair of Noa Noa miniature shorts. These shorts are the perfect combination of comfort and style, making them the ideal choice for the summer months.

Made from soft, light fabrics, the Noa Noa miniature shorts ensure that your child is airy and comfortable on hot days. With different patterns and colours available, you can find the perfect pair of shorts to suit your child's personality and style.

So let your little girl or boy jump, run and play in a pair of Noa Noa miniature shorts, and make their summer days even more fun.

Remember a Noa Noa miniature t-shirt

Let your child express his style with a Noa Noa miniature t-shirt. These t-shirts are the essence of kid-friendly design, combining fun and fashion in the most charming way.

Whether your child is out playing with sine friends or on an excursion with the family, a Noa Noa miniature t-shirt is the perfect choice. They are made with soft and breathable materials that ensure your child's comfort throughout the day.

And with a range of colours, patterns and prints to choose from, there is a Noa Noa miniature t-shirt for every little style icon. Make your child feel very special with a new Noa Noa miniature t-shirt.

How to get the best Noa Noa miniature offers

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Buy Noa Noa miniature today

Every season we strive to provide you with a collection of designs by Noa Noa miniature. We've got all the clothing you need for your kids to express their own personal style. And with a great selection of affordable kids clothing from Noa Noa miniature, Kids-world has you covered. We have a Noa Noa sale as well.

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