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Recommended Age (Toys)


Educational building toys for kids from Magformers

Magformers manufacture educational building toys for kids that can be used to construct different objects with magnetic 3D parts. With the toys from Magformers there are no limits on the imagination or how much fun a kid can have. Kids will be able to admire their creations for many hours.

Magformers are probably the ultimate educational toys. Both parents and their kids are completely crazy about these toys and you never get too old to grow your imagination and create new shapes.

The magnetic toys from Magformers rotate in all directions and they connect to other Magformers regardless of position. You do not have to stack them on top of each other, but you can really let your imagination run wild and put them together just how you want.

Amazing toys for kids’ development

Magformers are absolutely fantastic for kids’ development. The toys can be used to make everything from different flat 2D shapes to many different geometric 3D structures and it offers kids the ability to understand how magnets work.

Magformers are made with very strong magnets that take the kids on a journey into a world of infinite creativity. All magnets are produced in BPA-free HQABS plastic which protects every magnet and provides a long-lasting toy and a safe play.

Educational construction toy from Magformers

Magformers are a unique type of magnetic building toy that allows kids to explore and learn through play. This toys is designed to promote creativity, problem-solving skills and spatial awareness, all while providing endless hours of fun.

One of the great things about Magformers magnets is their versatility. They can be used to build a wide variety of structures, from simple shapes to complex designs. This means that kids of all ages and at all levels can enjoy playing with Magformers.

Magformers are also available in a variety of set, each with sine own unique features and design. This means you can tailor your child's toy collection to his or her specific interests and needs.

In addition to being fun and educational, Magformers also encourage social interaction and collaboration. Kids can work together to build structures, parts ideas and learn from each other. It promotes teamwork and communication skills that are valuable both inside and outside the classroom.

Keep driving with a Magformers car

The cars' bodies are made from Magformers signature magnetic shapes, which can be easily configured into different car designs. And with the addition of Magformers wheels, kids can watch their creations roll and move just like a real car.

But that's not all. The cars' Magformers magnets also teach kids about the science of attraction and repulsion. They can experiment with different compositions to see how the magnets affect each other and how they affect the movement of the car.

When kids play and experiment with a Magformers car, they develop important skills such as problem solving, spatial thinking and fine motor skills. Magformers educational cars are a great way to spark kid's curiosity and encourage learning through play.

Many different Magformers set

Magformers has created a line of educational toys designed to keep your child engaged and learning while having fun.

The Magformers sets come with, among other things, 26 parts or 62 parts. The sets contain a range of magnetic shapes which can be used to create different types of scenarios in your child's play, for example a police set, fire truck or Magformers construction playset.

Magformers police set is perfect for the kid who loves to play cops and robbers. With this set, your child can build their own police car and then drive around the house catching bad guys. The Set contains, among other things, 4 wheels, 2 set of side mirrors and a siren that can be attached to the top of the car.

The fire truck from Magformers is perfect for the kid who wants to be a real hero. With a Magformers fire engine, your child can build their own fire engine and then drive around the house putting out fires. The Set contains 4 wheels, a ladder and a hose that can be attached to the back of the car.

Magformers 62 parts

This set consists of 62 parts and contains a number of different shapes, including triangles, squares and pentagons, giving endless possibilities when it comes to building. Kids love the tactile feel of the magnetic bricks and the satisfaction of seeing their creations come to life.

So whether you're looking for a toys that can entertain your child for hours, or one that can promote his or her creativity and learning, the Magformers 62- parts set is definitely worth checking out. With sine magnetic parts and endless building possibilities, the set is a hit with kids of all ages.

Magformers 26 parts

With the 26- parts set, your child has everything they need to start building amazing shapes and structures. The magnetic blocks click together easily and provide endless building possibilities.

Your child will love spending hours building and creating, exploring their imagination and bringing sine ideas to life. And with Magformers 26 parts to work with, he or she gets a good overview without running out of building options.

Magformers Police

Are your kids fascinated by police cars and the heroic work done by the men and women who keep our communities safe? Then they will love Magformers 50- parts police set.

This fun and educational toys is perfect for kids who love to build, use their imagination and explore. In the company of Magformers police, your child can use his imagination to create everything from police cars to buildings and barricades. The possibilities are endless.

Magformers 50- parts police set is also great for social play as kids can work together to create different structures and scenarios. They can play police officers and criminals and practice important social skills such as communication, negotiation and teamwork.

The alarm goes off with a Magformers fire engine

Are you ready to take your child's imagination to the next level? With a Magformers fire engine, your child gets the opportunity to build a fully functional fire engine with sirens, ladders and much more. The Set contains a number of magnetic shapes and parts that can be assembled into a wide variety of buildings and vehicles.

With Magformers 50- parts fire truck set, your child can let his imagination run wild and create sine own unique fire trucks. Regardless of whether they want to build a classic fire truck or create the fire truck of the future themselves, the possibilities are endless.

Magformers fire engine set is perfect for all kids who love to build and create, but especially for those who are fascinated by heroic emergency vehicles. With sine vibrant colours, magnetic parts and exciting fire engine design, this set is sure to excite.

Adventurous Magformers Ferris Wheel

This exciting 48- parts set allows your child to build a working Ferris wheel, complete with rotating carriages and cute little toy figurine to ride them. But that's not all. With the Magformers ferris wheel set, your child can also build carousels and swings and thus create an entire amusement park.

The possibilities for imaginative play are endless with this dynamic set. The ferris wheel itself is a feast for the eyes with light and colorful parts, can be easily put together thanks to Magformers patented magnetic technology.

The two toy figurine that come with this set are the perfect size for all the rides. Their cheerful expressions will bring a smile to your child's face as he or she lets them ladder aboard his or her newest invention to his or her adventure park.

Buy Magformers at Kids-world

Are you looking for a toys that is both fun and educational for your child? Then Magformers are just the thing! These magnetic building blocks are the perfect way to inspire creativity, imagination and spatial intelligence in kids of all ages.

And you can buy them right here at Kids-world. With a wide selection of Magformers set to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect set for your child. Buy Magformers for your kids and watch their imagination and playfulness take off with flashes and sirens or ladder to the air on a magical ride in the Ferris wheel.

How to get Magformers on offer

Want to buy Magformers at a fraction of the normal price? Then we have something exciting to tell you. If you sign up for Kids-world's newsletter, you can get your hands on Magformers at a fantastic discounted price.

It's quite simple! You just need to enter your e mail address in the registration form for the newsletter on this page. Then you are ready! Once you're signed up, you'll receive regular updates on all the latest Magformers offers.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get Magformers at a discounted price. Sign up for Kids-world's newsletter today and become one of the thousands of parents who have already taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

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