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Gemex Starter Kit - Low Your Own Jewelry Gemex Starter Kit - Low Your Own Jewelry  33,50 € 


Gemex - Super Gem Creator Gemex - Super Gem Creator  46,80 € 


Gemex Refill - 2-pack - Gel Magic Gemex Refill - 2-pack - Gel Magic  13,40 € 


Gemex Starter Kit - Make Your Own Jewelry Gemex Starter Kit - Make Your Own Jewelry  33,50 € 


Gemex Refill - Gel/Form/Decoration Gemex Refill - Gel/Form/Decoration  13,40 € 


Closet amazing jewelry with the different set from Gemex

Gemex is a fun toys for kids, which makes it possible to create jewelry out of jelly in just 3 minutes! One pours the magic gel into the mold, and adds decorations. Then the magic light is turned on and then the gel becomes hard in a few minutes.

That way, kids can make fun jewelry and accessories that they can go with and give to their friends as gifts.

The fine jelly jewelry can be made into hair clips, necklaces, keychains and much more. Gemex is truly a unique product that kids love to play with and see their imaginative ideas come to life. Gemex should not be used by children under 3 years of age.

About the firm of John Adams

Gemex belongs to the company John Adams, which is a British company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of innovative toys and game for kids, as well as hobby products.

The products are sold in many places in the world, especially in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.

John Adams brings children and families together with their fun products, which encourage creativity and play.

John Adams is behind family favorites such as Rubiks Cubes, IDEAL Games, BLOPENS, Fuzzy-Felt, Tiny Tears, Girl's World and Intex.

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