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Closet amazing jewelry with the different set from Gemex

Gemex is a fun toys for kids, which makes it possible to create jewelry out of jelly in just 3 minutes! One pours the magic gel into the mold, and adds decorations. Then the magic light is turned on and then the gel becomes hard in a few minutes.

That way, kids can make fun jewelry and accessories that they can go with and give to their friends as gifts.

The fine jelly jewelry can be made into hair clips, necklaces, keychains and much more. Gemex is truly a unique product that kids love to play with and see their imaginative ideas come to life. Gemex should not be used by kids under 3 years of age.

About the firm of John Adams

Gemex belongs to the company John Adams, which is a British company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of innovative toys and game for kids, as well as hobby products.

The products are sold in many places in the world, especially in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.

John Adams brings kids and families together with their fun products, which encourage creativity and play.

John Adams is behind family favorites such as Rubiks Cubes, IDEAL Games, BLOPENS, Fuzzy-Felt, Tiny Tears, Girl's World and Intex.

Large selection of Gemex

We are proud to present our impressive range of Gemex products designed to inspire children's imagination and creativity. Regardless of whether it is jewelery, starter sets or other fun accessories, you will find a varied selection at Kids-world.

Explore our range of Gemex and find the perfect product to awaken your child's creative spark. We have something for every taste and occasion. Choose Kids-world as your destination for colorful and imaginative Gemex products.

Gemex gel - Legend of creativity

Gemex Gel is more than just jewelry; it is a playful creativity. With Gemex Gel, kids can create their own unique designs and express their personality through colours and shapes.

Discover the magic of Gemex Gel, where only your imagination sets the limits. Closet colorful bracelets, key rings and much more with Gemex Gel - the perfect tool to explore the kid's creative side.

Fantastic Gemex jewelry

Upgrade your child's jewelery collection with our fantastic offers on Gemex jewelery and individual jewelry. At Kids-world, we present a wide selection of colorful and unique Gemex jewelry, suitable for every occasion.

Explore our offer of Gemex jewelry and find the perfect gift for your child. Gemex jewelry is not just accessories; they are small works of art created by the kid's own hands.

Fulfill your creative treasure with Gemex refill

Gemex refill is the key to endless creative possibilities. With our range of Gemex refill packs, kids can revive their Gemex collection and continue creating fantastic jewelry and accessories.

Discover our range of Gemex refill and give your child the freedom to explore and express themselves creatively. Closet a world of colours and fun with Gemex refill from Kids-world. Choose Gemex Refill for continuous play and creative expression.

Experience the magic of Gemex Super Gem Creator

Gemex Super Gem Creator is the ultimate experience for kids who love to create their own jewelry. This innovative set allows kids to design and create real masterpieces with ease.

Explore creativity with the Gemex Super Gem Creator and let your child become a true jewelry artist. Closet jewelry with ease and precision using this fantastic set from Gemex. Have a magical and fun creative experience with Gemex Super Gem Creator.

Start the adventure with a Gemex starter kit

Introduce your child to exciting fairy tale with our Gemex starter set. These set are designed to give kids a great start on their creative travel with Gemex. Whether it's beads, ribbons or other accessories, Gemex starter sets are the perfect choice for beginners.

Explore our selection of Gemex starter sets and kickstart your child's creative fairy tale. Let them create and explore the world of jewelry art with ease. The Gemex Starter Kit is an ideal introduction to creativity and fun.

How to get an offer on Gemex

Get great deals on Gemex by visiting our sale category, signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media. At Kids-world, we make sure to keep you updated with our latest campaigns and discounts on Gemex products.

set advantage of our offer and give your child the opportunity to explore the world of Gemex at reduced prices. Explore, closet and save with Kids-world.

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