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Danefæ Snowsuit for Kids

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Danefæ Snowsuit - Groenland - Navy/Army
Danefæ Snowsuit - Groenland - Navy/Army 167,30 € Save 83,65 €
83,65 € 
1 Y (80)

1 Y (80)

Danefæ snowsuits for kids

Every year, snowsuits from Danefæ will keep on making their renowned, excellent designs and fits. Kids-world always has a great selection of Danefæ snowsuits.

Their designs are made in a simplistic style which is an easily recognisable range of styles presented in shades of blue stripes and the unique detail of Erik, the Viking, as reflector tags.

Danefæ snowsuit featured with a double zip

A snowsuit with double zipping is the most suited one for babies and toddlers, since the sleighsuit design is more spacious, and getting dressed becomes much easier.

For bigger kids, Danefæ produces different designs of snowsuits, e.g. the Greenland-suit (Grønlandsdragten) for boys - always in shades of green, blue and brown. Whereas the Polar fox (Sneræv) design always is to be found in girlier colours such as red, purple and pink.

Top quality

Snowsuits from Danefæ all share the same excellent quality. The water column pressure is often at a minimum of 8,000. Furthermore, the Danefæ snowsuits are highly breathable; 5,000/8,000 in all their designs. This way, you are able to keep your kid warm and dry during winter.

In order to obtain this excellent warmth and quality, all Danefæ snowsuits have thermal lining which makes it possible to use a material that is thin and yet comfortably warm. Additionally, these snowsuits have an inner fleece lining down the back and on the bottom.

Danefæ’s snowsuits all have taped seams throughout, this way you know the snowsuit is wind- and water resistant.

Practical purpose of the Danefæ snowsuit

Practicality is basic when it comes to the Danefæ snowsuit. Comparing a snowsuit to a suit consisting of a winter jacket and a pair of ski pants, there is a risk of your kid feeling cold around the belly, because wind gets through the opening between the jacket and the pants. If the kid wears a snowsuit, this will not be a problem.

However, there are some advantages of a two-piece suit also, because of the mobility this gives the kids when running and playing outside.

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