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Candylab - Toy Cars

Candylab Armored Van - 8,5 cm - F702 Candylab Armored Van - 8,5 cm - F702 14,46 €
Originally:  24,10 €  

Candylab - Toy Cars

Incredible wooden toys for kids from Candylab

Candylab wants to create the absolute best wooden toy cars for kids, on the market. The team behind Candylab consists of car enthusiasts, designers, engineers, and parents who have joined forces to create toys of the best quality that meet the demands of their customers. 

The company believes in the use of natural materials, a unique craftsmanship and the principles of renewing modern design. It is also a great love for vintage cars that is behind the creation of Candylab. The toys are loved by kids, parents, and collectors all over the world. 

Candylab – toys that last 

The toys from Candylab are for parents and kids who are tired of the market's rubbish cars made from plastic that easily break. The beautiful pictures from Candylab are made in a vintage style and they are exceptionally durable. Cars can be inherited from generation to generation. The cars have many beautiful styles and colours which makes the cars perfect as decorations in the kids’ room where they will spread joy. 

Candylab was created as the result of a desire to take the retro style of the 1960s in the United States and implement it on modern wooden toys for kids. The wooden toys are simple and elegant, and they require kids to invent their own stories when playing, which means that kids have to use their imagination to play with the cars. 

The toys from Candylab are a big hit among kids and they are wonderful to decorate with when not used for play. The toy cars are made from beech and the paint is water based and the plastic wheels are made in ABS.

Candylab toy cars

We stock a stunning choice of toy cars from brands such as Candylab and many others.

We stock a lot of toy car brands - including Candylab. Toy cars from Candylab are a perfect choice.

We are convinced that our filter can comfort you in your request for the perfect toy car by Candylab.

Buy Candylab toy cars today

We hope you can find the proper Candylab toy car for your boy or girl at Kids-world.

We store lovely toy cars by Candylab. That is why, we trust you will spot exactly what you are seeking for.

Buy new toys from Candylab from us 

We hope you find one or more nice toy cars from Candylab in our shop. We have a large range of many fine products and toys for kids. Browse the other categories to find everything that you and your kid need. 

If you are looking for a specific product from Candylab that you cannot find in our online store, please contact our customer service and we will try our best to help. 

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