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BOSS for Kids and Teens

Shoe Size
BOSS Padded Jacket - EcoMade - Navy BOSS Padded Jacket - EcoMade - Navy 123,83 €
Originally: 165,10 €
BOSS Sweatshirt - Navy w. White BOSS Sweatshirt - Navy w. White 72,38 €
Originally: 96,50 €
BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Light Blue/Navy BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Light Blue/Navy 34,20 €
Originally: 45,60 €
BOSS Boxers - 2-Pack - Black BOSS Boxers - 2-Pack - Black 29,18 €
Originally: 38,90 €
BOSS Cardigan - Black w. White BOSS Cardigan - Black w. White 64,35 €
Originally: 85,80 €
BOSS Blouse - Black BOSS Blouse - Black 34,20 €
Originally: 45,60 €
BOSS Polo - Black w. White BOSS Polo - Black w. White 41,25 €
Originally: 55,00 €
BOSS Hoodie - Grey Melange w. Black BOSS Hoodie - Grey Melange w. Black 74,40 €
Originally: 99,20 €
BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Grey Melange BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Grey Melange 37,28 €
Originally: 49,70 €
BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Navy BOSS Beanie - Knitted - Navy 37,28 €
Originally: 49,70 €
BOSS Sweatshirt - Black w. White BOSS Sweatshirt - Black w. White 64,43 €
Originally: 85,90 €
BOSS Changing Bag - Navy/Blue w. Pattern BOSS Changing Bag - Navy/Blue w. Pattern 169,13 €
Originally: 225,50 €
BOSS T-shirt - Navy w. White BOSS T-shirt - Navy w. White 34,20 €
Originally: 45,60 €

BOSS for Kids and Teens

BOSS kids’ clothes – grow up in style 

Kids’ clothing from BOSS are created in the same vision as the adult clothes, namely in a minimalist yet luxurious beautiful design that kids can wear all year round. 

A great combination of perfectly sewn and a relaxed style, BOSS kids clothing has a sense of German values and the feel of its cultural heritage. 

Relaxed and festive kids clothes from BOSS

We have clothes for kids from 18 months to older teenagers, mainly for boys. We sell both festive and nice clothes as well as casual everyday clothes. The clothes from BOSS always look great and catch the eyes of many. The clothes are usually designed in muted and neutral shades, but there are also colorful options. 

BOSS always check all the details of the clothes to make sure and that the clothes will last a long time. The quality is at its peak which makes these clothes the favorites of many parents. We have everything from the famous T-shirts with BOSS prints and embroidery, trousers, jumpers, accessories as well as so much more for kids. 

BOSS kids clothes

We hope you find what you are looking for from BOSS here in our shop. We have a large range in many nice designs and styles. Feel free to take a look at the different styles that we sell to find new clothes for your boy or girl. 

Shirts from BOSS for kids

Find beautiful shirts from BOSS that your girl or boy will enjoy walking around in. There are both plain, multicolored and polka dot, and therefore the BOSS shirt can be used for any occasion.

Dress your girl or boy with a BOSS shirt along with some jeans. A pair of nice trousers and a shirt are usually a good match both for holidays and as everyday clothes.

The BOSS shirt can also be combined with a blouse, where the BOSS shirt is placed as the inner layer, which gives something extra to the otherwise smart outfit.

Get clear for summer with a pair of BOSS shorts

Shorts from BOSS are also good for the more active girls and boys who like to play in the park, in the woods or on the playground.

The Shorts from BOSS can usually be bought in different designs with different functions. In addition, we can offer shorts from BOSS and all the others brands in our selection in a wide range of nice color combinations.

Shorts from BOSS that fit your child

BOSS shorts are smart in the sense that they are usually adjustable in size as needed - either with a drawstring or an adjustable elastic edge.

Take a look around our entire fine range of BOSS shorts and shorts from the others popular others brands, and find your favorite.

Good combination options with a BOSS dress

It is rarely a problem to put together a smart outfit that can be used for today's activities. The Dress from BOSS in many cases is pair of beautiful tights, and/or a cool jacket or a cute cardigan.

It's obviously about what your girls' preferences are. In the end, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Ift. footwear, there should be a matching BOSS dress in our range. Your kid can wear the BOSS dress for many different activities such as walks, baking and socializing with friends.

Buy a BOSS dress for multiple events

With us, there is broad agreement that dresses are absolutely amazing, and we are sure that many girls there are many kids who also love to wear a dress. The Dresses from BOSS are usually also a winner on festive occasions, where the girls want to look a little extra beautiful.

BOSS socks for baby and kids

If you are looking for a BOSS socks for your kids, you have come to the right place - whether he or she is 1, 2, 3 years or older.

BOSS socks with pads for baby and kids

Are you looking for socks - non-slip with dots? It can easily be difficult to find socks with dots for your kids. Take a look at our categories with socks from i.a. BOSS - We regularly sheep new collections of socks from i.a. BOSS, so stay tuned, there are usually always socks - non-slip with dots.

The non-slip features of the socks should make life a little easier for both kid and parents, as it helps to provide better friction against the surface.

We have a fantastic selection of socks from BOSS and many others brands in both neutral and playful colours. The Socks from BOSS can be bought in many different sizes, so there are a pair socks for your child.

Tips when buying BOSS kids’ clothing 

If your kid is still growing, it may be helpful to buy clothes in a slightly larger size than the one that your kid is currently wearing. It is not comfortable to wear clothes that are too small whether it is BOSS clothing or from any other brand. 

It is therefore common practice for parents to buy clothes in one or two sizes larger, such as a size 68, even if your kid wears size 56 or 62.

Another tip - have a look at our BOSS sale as well. There you will find BOSS products at reduced prices.

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