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Asi dolls and equipment

Recommended Age (Toys)

Asi dolls and equipment

The most beautiful and detailed dolls from Spanish Asi

Asi is a Spanish brand that produces dolls and all their dolls and accessories are also produced in Spain. Asi has a wide range of products for dolls of all sizes and shapes, but it is the baby dolls that are the most famous from the brand.

Kids love the realistic little dolls and they can play with the dolls themselves as if they are parents, just like mum and dad. There are extremely cute accessories and clothes that give the dolls extra nice details. The doll Loenora is the most popular doll.

Realistic dolls from Asi

The dolls from Asi look like real babies with clear and present eyes and various details on the bodies. Among other things, you can see different folds on the thighs, fingers and toes are also beautifully detailed. The baby dolls have eyebrows and nails that are hand painted and the weight of the dolls makes them feel like real babies.

Asi has over 40 years of experience in the industry and they have great knowledge of dolls and their production. The dolls, dresses, accessories, and details attract many doll lovers among both adults and kids. The dolls are incredibly beautiful. Both doll collectors and parents who buy dolls for their little ones love the products from Asi.

Asi has kept pace with time to make sure to match the look of its dolls and mix old and contemporary traditions with technological advances. The dolls from Asi will certainly charm kids and they are a fantastic gift idea.

Dolls from Asi guarantee many hours of play

It is only your child's fantasy that sets the limits of what personal doll Asi should have when your girl or boy is playing.

Also remember to look around in our others categories for clothes and doll beds for the doll.

Produced in Spain

Asi dolls are designed and manufactured in Spain and are therefore subject to EU requirements as to what materials can be used in manufacturing dolls. The dolls from Asi are filled with soft capok and arms, legs and head are made of soft vinyl.

Asi dolls

At Kids-world, our selection of Asi dolls is an invitation to a world of play and imagination. Our Asi dolls are more than just toys; they are created with care to enrich your child's liv with fun and creativity. Enter our universe of Asi dolls, where each piece tells a unique story.

Explore our range of Asi dolls and find the perfect companion for your child's fairy tale. Kids-world is the place where play and learning go hand in hand with our selection of Asi dolls. Experience the magic of Asi dolls at Kids-world - where play never ends.

Large and varied selection of Asi dolls

We are proud to present our impressive selection of Asi dolls. At Kids-world you will not only find simple toys, but a diverse collection of Asi dolls that appeal to different interests and preferences. Our selection is carefully selected to meet the needs of all kids, regardless of age and area of interest. Explore our range and discover the many different Asi dolls that are waiting to become set of your child's play universe.

With our fine, large and varied selection of Asi dolls, there is something for every taste. Choose from different sizes, styles and characters, so your child can find the perfect Asi doll that fits their personality and imagination. At Kids-world, we strive to offer a selection that inspires play and creativity. Experience the diversity of our Asi doll collection and closet unforgettable moments of joy and play with Kids-world.

The popular Asi Leonora doll

Step into a world of fantasy with the Asi Leonora doll from Kids-world. This charming doll is created with attention to detail and designed to inspire creative play. The Asi Leonora doll is more than just a playmate; it is an insight into a magical world of fairy tale.

Discover the beauty and elegance of the Asi Leonora doll's design. With fine details and an expressive appearance, this doll quickly becomes a favorite among kids. Choose Kids-world to introduce the Asi Leonora doll into your child's world and create magical moments of play and imagination.

Asi Maria doll - Elegance and beauty

Step into a world of elegance and beauty with the Asi Maria doll from Kids-world. This enchanting doll is designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship that reflects timeless beauty. The Asi Maria doll is not just a toys; it is a work of art that brings a touch of classic style into your child's play.

Experience the refined look and charm of the Asi Maria doll, which will quickly become a favorite in the doll collection. With fine materials and a design that appeals to both kids and parents, the Asi Maria doll is a unique addition to Kids-world's selection. Invite elegance and beauty into your home with the Asi Maria doll.

Asi Koke doll - Fun and playful

Discover fun and play with the Asi Koke doll from Kids-world. This playful doll is designed to bring smiles and joy to your child's face. With colorful details, playful expressions and a durable construction, the Asi Koke doll is a perfect companion for hours of creative play.

Explore our selection of Asi Koke dolls and find the perfect playmate for your child. At Kids-world, we believe in bringing joy into everyday life, and the Asi Koke doll is a great way to spread playful fun. Let the fun begin with the Asi Koke doll.

Asi Leo doll - Cute and lovable

Meet the Asi Leo doll, a sweet and lovable addition to our doll collection at Kids-world. This charming doll is created with attention to detail and exceptional quality. The Asi Leo doll is perfect for little hands who love to hug and play.

Explore the soft world of the Asi Leo doll and add an extra dose of love to your child's play universe. At Kids-world, we believe in providing dolls that are not only toys, but also create precious moments of care and joy. Choose the Asi Leo doll to enrich your child's daily play with sweetness and love.

Asi Paolo doll - Fairy tale and excitement

Join us on an fairy tale with the Asi Paolo doll from Kids-world. This exciting doll is inspired by imaginative worlds and creates a universe of play and fairy tale for your child. With unique details and vibrant colours, the Asi Paolo doll brings the magic to life.

Explore our selection of Asi Paolo dolls and choose the perfect companion for your child's fairy tale. At Kids-world, we are dedicated to providing dolls that are not only toys, but also open the door to a world of imagination and excitement.

Let the adventure begin with the Asi Paolo doll - where every moment is filled with magic.

Size guide for Asi Dolls

To ensure that you choose the perfect Asi doll for your child, we recommend consulting our size guide, which is available in the product text. Here you can read about the sizes of each individual Asi doll and get information about their fit and dimensions.

By following our size guide, you can easily choose the right size and give your child the ideal Asi doll that suits their preferences and play style. At Kids-world, we want to make your purchase of Asi dolls as hassle-free as possible.

You will find Asi dolls in several different sizes here at Kids-world. We have, among other things, Asi dolls of 36 cm, Asi dolls of 43 cm and Asi dolls of 46 cm, so you can easily find an Asi doll in exactly the size you are looking for.

Asi doll accessories and doll clothes

Complete your child's Asi doll experience with our selection of doll accessories and doll clothes. At Kids-world you will find everything you need to dress your Asi doll in stylish outfits and add fun accessories to play.

Explore our Asi doll accessories, including clothes, shoe and others accessories that allow your child to create unique looks for their dolls. At Kids-world, we believe that creative play has no limits, and our Asi doll accessories are designed to inspire imaginative game. Let your child explore the world of Asi doll clothes and accessories.

How to get an offer on Asi dolls

Enjoy great deals on Asi dolls by visiting our sale category, signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media. At Kids-world, we want to give our customers extra value and the opportunity to acquire Asi dolls at favorable prices.

Take set in our exciting offers and updates so you never miss the chance to buy stylish Asi dolls at discounted prices. Choose Kids-world for the best offers and discounts on Asi dolls, including special offers on popular models such as the Asi Leonora doll. Closet magic without breaking the budget with our fantastic offer on Asi dolls.

Buy new dolls from Asi here with us

We hope you will find nice new dolls and accessories for your dolls from Asi in our shop. We have a large assortment with many of the popular dolls from Asi. Please browse our online store to find other products that you need for your little one or for their bed- and playroom.

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