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Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Vinterbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Vinterbarn  26,80 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Vinterbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Vinterbarn  33,50 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Efterårsbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Efterårsbarn  26,80 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Efterårsbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Efterårsbarn  33,50 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Forårsbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Forårsbarn  33,50 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Sommerbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 21x30 - Sommerbarn  26,80 € 


Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Sommerbarn Alfabetdyr Poster - 30x42 - Sommerbarn  33,50 € 


Lovely posters for the kids' room and cards from Alfabetdyr

Alfabetdyr creates completely unique posters for kids' rooms, all of which are printed with quality paper.

The well-known learning poster "The Alphabet" is always a hit for little ones, and the soft calm colours fit in with almost all decor. In addition, all the posters from Alfabetdyr fit well together.

Alfabetdyr come with really nice milestone cards that parents can use to commemorate wonderful memories of their kid’s first experiences. Milestone cards come in the same soft style and designs as the posters.

How Alfabetdyr was founded

Anne Sofie Anholm was sitting in a train on its way from Copenhagen to Jutland in 2013, when she overheard a game being played between a mother and her child.

The mother came up with a letter, after which the child was to name an animal that began with that letter. This was the inspiration behind Alfabetdyr, which Anne Sofie founded when she was studying to be a Design Technologist.

Anne posted the first Alfabetdyr on her Instagram profile, and they quickly became popular.

When Anne Sofie became busy with her own family, Camilla and the team from Stær Group took over Alfabetdyr in the year 2020.

The sweet products from Alfabetdyr last a long time, and have a calming effect on kids with their fine, muted colours. They will also love to sit and watch the fine animals. Many of the products are produced in Denmark.

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