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Cups and Cup w. Spout for Kids


Cups for kids, babies and toddlers

Here you will find a large selection of different kinds of cups for kids and toddlers. Most kids have their very own cups because their cups must be able to withstand being smashed on the floor or knocked down the table.

The cups available on this page are high-quality cups, designed especially for the little ones. You can find cups in many different colours and varieties. There are cups for kids with and without lids as well as with or without handles.

Besides, some cups come in dinner sets along with a plate and cutlery. Check out our wide range and get inspired, or use the filters at the top of the page to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Buy cups for kids in sets

The vast majority of kids need more than just one cup. Therefore, it might be a good idea to buy cups in sets containing several cups. On this page, you can find sets containing 3 or 6 cups.

Such sets often contain cups in slightly different colours which still fit well together. Besides the fact that it is cool and handy to have matching cups, it also saves some money when buying a set with several cups.

The price for a cup coming in a set with more cups is often lower than when buying a single cup for your child.

Cups for kids in fine designs and colours 

Tastes and preferences might be different, and with that in mind, we have selected cups for toddlers and kids in many different colours and cute and fun motifs. Typically, you will find cups in the following colours - blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, red, black, and turquoise. Besides, you will also find cups in muted, pastel colours as well as in eye-catching, bright colours.

In addition, we also have cups with various motifs on. For example, you will find cups with lovely figures from Done By Deer, cups with pandas, cups with cars, cups with dinosaurs, cups with cats, cups with dots, cups with tractors, cups with letters and text, cups with flowers, cups with dogs, cups with wildlife and much much more. Last but not least, we also have cool, transparent cups.

Find cups with dinner sets

If you do not need a cup for your kid only, but also missing a plate or bowl, then you should take a look at our dining sets. A dinner set typically comes with a cup, a plate and maybe even a bowl and a spoon.

With a dinner set, your cup will fit well the rest of the cutlery, and it will also save you some time looking for all the parts separately. If you would like to see an even larger selection of dinner sets, look under our category of dinner sets at the top of the menu.

Cups with or without a handle

You can find cups for kids with and without a handle. No version is better than the other one - some kids find it easier to drink from a cup with a handle, while others prefer cups without a handle. Or it may just be a matter of preferences - some like cups with a handle while others prefer cups without it. Whatever the reason, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

You can find cups with both one handle and two handles. You can also find cups with removable handles.

Cups with a spout

If a little too much drinks end up being spilt all over the clothes or floor, then a cup with a spout may be a good solution. A cup with a spout is a kind of a mixture between a feeding bottle and a cup. A drinking spout makes it easier for your boy or girl to drink without spilling the liquids down on themselves or other things.

Once your boy or girl has completely mastered the drinking from a cup, a spout can be removed and the cup can then be used as a regular kid's cup.

In addition, you can also find cups that come with lids and straws, which are good to take on a trip.

Cups for kids from well-known brands

Here at Kids-World, you can find cups for kids from over 20 different Danish and international brands. That means that you can easily find various cups in many different designs, colours and price ranges. Whatever you choose, high-quality is guaranteed.

Speaking of brands, you will find cups for kids from Sebra, Smallstuff, Design Letters, Done By Deer, EzPz, Liewood, Petit Jour Paris and Filibabba.

If you are looking for a particular brand or a cup for your kid in a determined price range, remember that you can use the filter at the top of the page.

Buy lids for kids cups separately

If your kid already has a cup at home but would like a lid or a spout, you can also buy it separately. Just remember to check if the lid fits your cup before purchasing it. 

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