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New Balance Footwear for Kids

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Shoe Size

New Balance Sneakers - Classic 327 - Rose/White
New Balance Sneakers - Classic 327 - Rose/White 66,90 € Save 20,08 €
46,83 € 









New Balance Sneakers - Classic 996 - Saturn Pink New Balance Sneakers - Classic 996 - Saturn Pink  60,20 € 





New Balance Sneakers - Classic 373 - Pink New Balance Sneakers - Classic 373 - Pink  53,50 € 


New Balance Sneakers - S120 Colours - Bordeaux
New Balance Sneakers - S120 Colours - Bordeaux 76,30 € Save 30,53 €
45,78 € 


New Balance for kids

New Balance produces trendy trainers for both little and big kids. The nice shoes from New Balance are suitable for both boys and girls and there are many different models. New Balance also offers some models that are gender neutral which makes them suitable for all little fashionistas. 

Trainers from New Balance are recognized by the large "N" that is usually found on the sides of the shoe. The logo makes it easy to see that the shoes are made of the highest quality. 

Here in our range at Kids-World you will find many stylish shoes from New Balance for kids of all ages. The shoes come in many different colours, some are block colour while other models are designed in multi colour.

Trainers for kids of all ages 

kids along with their feet, are active all day, which means they need good shoes. Even during a normal day at nursery or school, kids spend much of the day running and playing in the playground or in the school yard. 

Since kids’ feet are not fully developed, it is incredibly important that they have proper shoes. Faulty and bad shoes can damage the foot and cause long-term problems for the little ones.

That is why trainers from New Balance are a great choice for both little and big kids. The shoes from the popular brand are comfortable and amazing to wear. Kids shoes from New Balance are available in different models and in the categories on the left side of the menu you can see some of the most requested models. 

The story of New Balance

New Balance is an American shoe brand that has been found for over 100 years. The company was founded in Boston in 1906 when William J. Riley designed an arch support. The product had three support points under the foot which increased comfort and balance which led to the name New Balance. 

The support was initially an aid for nurses and police who need comfortable shoes to be able to stand and walk all day. New Balance was also one of the first to manufacture shoes for professional runners and New Balance produced its first running shoe for the Boston Running Club in 1928. The company has since produced many professional shoes for other sports. 

In 1960, the well-known shoe, The Trackster, was launched and the shoe became incredibly popular among the universities' running teams. The running shoes were also the first shoes in the world that were made in different width, which allowed them to fit different types of feet. In 1972, the New Balance 320 shoe was named the world's best running shoe. 

Over 100 years of experience in shoe making

When a company has over 100 years of experience in making shoes, you know that you can trust that the kids shoes from New Balance are perfect for young kids’ feet. The kid’s shoes are shaped to provide optimal support while the shoes are still light and flexible. 

Although New Balance has been around for an exceptionally long time, it is still a modern company that cares about the environment. They are constantly working to develop better and more sustainable production to protect both nature and the local community as much as possible. 

The company also tries to make a positive contribution through many different social projects where their operations and factories are located. 

Large range of kids shoes from New Balance

Trainers by New Balance have a stylish design with a retro style. The shoes are modern while they are incredibly comfortable to wear. When you buy a pair of kids shoes from New Balance, you always get a pair of trainers that you can trust that they are good for your kid. 

In our range you will find shoes in many different models and colours. We offer shoes for boys and girls and there are also many gender neutral shoes that are suitable for all little adventurers. The shoes from New Balance are always popular which is no suprise. The shoes are comfortable and lovely to wear. 

New Balance for kids 

Some of the kids shoes from New Balance do not have regular laces, but the models instead have closure made by velcro. Over the foot there is a wide ribbon that is attached to the shoe with the help of velcro. This makes it easy for kids to take off and put on their shoes without help. 

There are also models of trainers that have a smaller band of velcro as well as regular laces. These models are suitable for slightly older kids who have learned how to tie shoelaces. 

We offer many models that are both trendy, beautiful, and stylish for both boys and girls. We have shoes for the smallest feet all the way up to the bigger teenage feet. Browse all our nice sneakers from New Balance that we offer here at Kids-World. Shoes are made to be comfortable but over time they have become part of fashion and statement outfits. 

New Balance offers many stylish shoes in retro style. A pair of kids shoes from New Balance is always made in excellent quality with a stylish design and the shoes have a light and flexible sole that is gentle on kids’ feet. Please browse our different categories to find everything from kid’s clothes and kids shoes to interior design for the kids’ room and much more. 

News, new collections and offers from New Balance

The products from New Balance are extremely popular and therefore it is good to keep track of when the latest collections from New Balance are released. Despite the popularity, we sometimes clear out some of the products from New Balance at a reduced price. If you want to buy products from New Balance at a discount, it is important to keep track of our sales category.

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