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Kinetic Sand

Recommended Age (Toys)

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand - the magical play-sand that never dries!

Kinetic Sand is the original malleable sand that kids cannot get enough of. 

Kinetic Sand is easy to clean because it only sticks to itself and nothing else. Just shape part of the sand into a small ball and then press it against the sand you want to pick up.

If the Kinetic Sand gets wet it is easy to dry. Spread the sand out on a flat surface. Once dried, it will automatically return to its original form.

Let kids create art with Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand does not dry either. If it changes texture, it is probably only because of humidity. If you add a few drops of water with a pipette, the sand becomes as new again. It is incredible and magical. Kids can't stop playing with the sand and they love to create different characters.

Kinetic Sand for kids contains 98% sand and 2% magic which allows kids to stretch it or shape it in to different things, thus creating incredible sand art.

Many hours of play with Kinetic Sand play sand

Turn the kids into little contractors, architects and artists with Kinetic Sand play sand. We have a very wide range with completely different types of beach set that come in countless color combinations. It guarantees a magical experience for the kids, where all their senses are stimulated with hours of play. The children's creative imagination will also be developed in a completely unique way.

Kinetic Sand teaches kids a lot about how to mix sand in the most imaginative ways and how to build and construct the most incredible things.

Since Kinetic Sand never dries out and only sticks to itself, it is easy to keep clean and separate. The kids can therefore use it again and again without it becoming boring.

In this way, the kids can quickly make the lessons go by with Kinetic Sand. Rome wasn't built in a day, but with Kinetic Sand, your kids can take as much time as they want to immerse themselves in their own imaginations. It will have a relaxing and therapeutic effect on the kids, as there is an opportunity to immerse themselves artistically and creatively without expectations.

All of our different set available with Kinetic Sand play sand come with all the instructions and tools you need. So it's just a matter of getting started - your kids will easily be engrossed for hours with Kinetic Sand play sand.

See also the different Kinetic Sand set

We offer an incredible variety of Kinetic Sand set, so just take a look at our range. Here you can find just the Kinetic Sand set that suits you and the kids.

For example, you can get Kinetic Sand set, which give the kids new challenges and activities all the time and make it possible to shape sand in an infinite number of ways. For example, try making a treasure hunt with Kinetic Sand. Here you can hide small treasures and jewels in the sand from your Kinetic Sand set.

You can also try our Kinetic Sand set, where you can take Kinetic Sand with you and create the play where it suits you. It is absolutely ideal for creating great experiences with the kids, where they can try out different constructions and create imaginative castles.

The adhesive binder in Kinetic Sand makes it much easier to create coherent formations of the sand. There are no allergenic substances or harmful chemicals for the environment. Kinetic Sand consists of 98% sand and only 2% binder, which is completely gluten-free and allergy-friendly.

Do you want your Kinetic Sand in a storage box?

With Kinetic Sand in a storage box, it's even easier to keep track of Kinetic Sand and take it anywhere. When the kids have finished playing with Kinetic Sand, you can easily store it in a smart storage box with a lid.

There will also be space here for the included tools. This makes it even easier to keep all the different parts together.

By making sure to keep Kinetic Sand stored in a storage box with a lid, the sand never falls out or is exposed to moisture.

Should it still spoon that Kinetic Sand becomes too wet, you can simply lay it out to dry on a napkin. Kinetic Sand will then regain its delicious and soft consistency in almost no time.

This is because the consistency of Kinetic Sand is held together with a binder that ensures that the consistency always feels uniform.

With several storage boxes for Kinetic Sand, it becomes even easier to keep the sand separated into different colour and even in smart buckets.

Several sizes of Kinetic Sand

You are free to choose which size of Kinetic Sand you want, as we have many options in our assortment. Try Kinetic Sand 127 gr. It's easy to carry around and not heavy to carry - even very small kids can carry it around. However, we recommend Kinetic Sand from 3 years and up.

Once the kids have tried Kinetic Sand, they will prefer it to beach sand, as it is incredibly much easier to deal with.

You can get Kinetic Sand up to 1,360 grams, where you have the opportunity to create large imaginative formations or artistic castles.

Find Kinetic Sand in different colours

Kinetic Sand is available in several different colours - yes, in fact in all the colours of the rainbow! For example, try Kinetic Sand in blue or purple, or low a Kinetic Sand rainbow.

A colorful Kinetic Sand set makes it possible to mix colours together and see the result. This makes it extra exciting for the kids, once they learn how to mix the colorful sand.

We have up to several set of Kinetic Sand, where it is put together in fun shapes, after which the sand is cut into pieces. It gives the kids the opportunity to create their own magical patterns in the sand.

All of our Kinetic Sand set always come including the necessary shapes and carving tools that you and the kids will need to get the most out of Kinetic Sand.

Kinetic sand means it only sticks to itself, making it easy to keep colours separate if you wish. But don't pack Kinetic Sand too far. The kids will love playing with the magic sand day after day.

If you want to give your kids the opportunity to fully immerse and develop their creative senses with hours of fun, then you should buy Kinetic Sand for them.

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