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Beady Family w. Peg Boards - 14,400 Beads Beady Family w. Peg Boards - 14,400 Beads  46,80 € * 


Beady Pegboards - 4-pack - Square Beady Pegboards - 4-pack - Square  6,70 € * 


Beady Basic w. Pegboards - 10800 beads Beady Basic w. Pegboards - 10800 beads  40,20 € * 


Beady Family w. Pegboards - 18000 Beads Beady Family w. Pegboards - 18000 Beads  53,50 € * 



Beady - a brand new way for kids to play with pegboards

Beady combines creative play with new digital solutions - Beady products are used with the free Beady app, which offers hundreds of incredible designs.

Pegboards from Beady are meant to be placed on top of a tablet or smartphone. The beads light up so the different designs can be seen through the pegboard. In this way, you can play with beads directly on top of your tablet or a smartphone. 

Beady offers a really fun and creative activity for the entire family.

The advantages of Beady over traditional pegboards

With Beady, even the most difficult motifs and designs are made easy to make, thanks to step-by-step instructions provided. In this way, kids can make various designs all by themselves, without any help from adults. Pegboards from Beady are non-slip, so they stick well to both smartphones and tablets.

Even the Hama beads stick better to Beady's pegboards, avoiding annoying accidents that cause you to start over and over again. They are also easy to iron together and always give perfect results.

Beady is a company that loves good old-fashioned play, new ideas and creativity, but also digital technology and all its advantages. When these are combined, many brilliant new ideas arise. Beady's set contains 36 carefully selected colours of Hama beads, so all kinds of designs are now available.

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