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Anja Takacs

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Anja Takacs Book - Perletid Anja Takacs Book - Perletid  24,10 € 


Anja Takacs Book - Perleleg Anja Takacs Book - Perleleg  24,10 € 


Anja Takacs Book - Mine første Perlerier Anja Takacs Book - Mine første Perlerier  25,40 € 


Anja Takacs Book - Perledyr Anja Takacs Book - Perledyr  24,10 € 


Anja Takacs Book - Pearl Fun Anja Takacs Book - Pearl Fun  24,10 € 


Anja Takacs

Wonderful activity books for kids from Anja Takacs

Anja Takacs is a creative mother who produces really fun and entertaining activity books for kids. She is enormously skilled and creative with beads, and her books primarily focus on bead patterns and innovative ideas and ways in which kids can use beads and bead pegboards.

At Anja Takac's home, she spends a great deal of time on bead projects and other creative pursuits, and she also loves to change the look of the kids' rooms.

Anja Takac has generated bead books for all different levels, so even if kids are beginners, they can easily participate. The book “Perledyr” (“Bead Play”) gives kids an opportunity to create advanced toys in 3D out of beads with the help of their parents.

This book contains many of the cute animals that Anja Takacs has designed and the book “Mine Første Perlerier” (“My First Beads”) is really good for beginners. Discover the adventurous world of beads and creativity with wonderful books by Anja Takacs.

More about Anja Takacs

Anja Takacs lives in a terraced house in Vallensbæk with her husband and her two kids. She owns the company Krea By Anja Takacs, where she publishes books with her completely unique and creative bead designs.

It all started with her posting a bead pattern on social media a few years ago, which quickly became popular, and since then, things developed very quickly.

Anja Takacs collaborates with Dreamlitt and People’s Press who publish her bead books, and Makeable publishes her app “Det Perler” (It's Beads).”

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