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Toy Figurines for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Toy figurines for kids

We have an incredible selection of toy figurines for kids, young and old. These figurines are not suitable for kids under the age of 3 years. The toy figurines can be used as decoration on the kids' room until the kid is older enough to play with them. 

The toy figurines are unbelievably detailed and you will be surprised. We have many different toy figurines in all different styles. 

We have everything from wild animals for all around the world, pets, insects and spiders, ancient animals, medieval knights and princesses, castles, and also fantasy creatures such as fairies, mermaids, phoenix birds, unicorns, pegasus, and dragons. 

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Farm, stables, islands and many more 

The toy figurines need a place to live and we have the right buildings for the toy figurines. We have buildings or sets like farms, cottages, islands for dinosaurs, research labs, stables for horses, chicken coops, and other buildings needed at a farm. 

The toy figurines are great toys for kids to stimulate and inspire the imagination. They are also great when the kid wants to role-play. The toy figurines help the kid to visualize the story better and the toy figurines can also introduce new characters into the story. 

Toy figurines stimulates curiousity

The beautiful and highly detailed toy figurines can also increase a kid's curiosity and interest for animals and their natural habitat. 

You can also find some houses for fairies with great details and beautiful colors. The kid can decorate the house however they want it. We also offer a great selection of toy figurines made of wood. 

The large selection of toy figurines is perfect for lively play at home on the floor of the living room but also for that calm time before bedtime. It can also be a great activity for a weekend morning when there are no other plans. 

Beautiful toy figurines for role-play 

For any kids who are interested in the life at a farm, we have many different toy figurines and buildings to help create the setting for the farm. 

We have many of the different animals that live on a farm like horses of many different breeds, dogs, puppies, cows, calves, sheeps, and lambs. We also have the equipment you need in order to take care of the animals like brooms and shovels, pig feed, and much more. 

For the farm we also have the house, barn, and stables and many different animals, furnitures, and tools. Your kid can decorate the farm the way he or she wants to. Only the imagination can limit the possibilities. 

Animals from the zoo

Most kids like animals, both wild and domestic animals. A lot of kids also want to become a zookeeper when they grow up. 

We have what you need in order to let your kid build their own zoo and fill it with animals like tigers, wolves, beras, monkeys, sloths, polar bears, flamingos, lemurs, suricats, bats, crocodiles, leopards, okapis, zebras, orangutans, antilopes, hippopotamus, rhinos, lions, lynx, walrus, turtles, and many more animals.

Toy figurines as dinosaurs 

Dinosaurs are fascinating to kids of all ages as well as adults and we have a large selection of different dinosaurs. You can find the following dinosaurs in our webshop: dimetrodon, carnotaurus, spinosaurus, giganotosaurus, velociraptor, pteranodon, triceratops, allosaurus, and many more. 

There is also an incredible world under the sea and we have a lot of the creatures from marine life. We have different types of fish, penguins, whales, sea cows, sea leopards, mantas, clownfish, dolphins, beluga whale, killer whale, white shark, seals, reef shark, and many more animals. 

Beautiful and imaginative toy figurines made from wood and plastic 

Dreams are made from imagination. Hence why we are offering a large selection of many wonderful characters from the fantasy and adventure world. You can find everything from fairies, dragons with multiple heads, unicorns, pegasus, mermaids with or without seahorses, and also some cute and some scary monsters.

We have a huge amount of different toy figurines in all different colors, patterns, and sizes. Your kid can choose what toy figurines fit into his or her world. It will be a fun time for both you and your kid. It is also great that the kid will have to use and develop their imagination. You will never know where the story will go when you play with your kid. 

Our toy figurines have a high quality and they are made from hard plastic and many of the toy figurines are painted by hand. The details hold high standards and the faces are well detailed. 

Toy figurines while you are traveling

The toy figurines can be used as a decorative element in the kids' room. They are perfect to display in a bookshelf or on a shelf. They are available in the room for when the kid is old enough to play with them instead of only looking at them. 

The toy figurines are great to bring if you are going on a trip. The kid can pack a small toy suitcase with some of their favorite characters. They will be available for the kid when they get bored during the trip or if there are any longer wait times. 

The kid can play with the toy figurines and maybe he or she is playing as a knight who is fighting against dragons in order to save the princess. It could also be a dangerous expedition to the jungle or maybe they have traveled back in time to spend some time with dinosaurs. 

The toy figurines give the kid something to do and pass the time instead of using electronics like an iPad. While playing with the toy figurines the kid gets to use their own imagination instead of zoning out in front of a movie or a mindless game.

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