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Magnetic Toys for kids

Janod Magnets - Cars - 24 pcs Janod Magnets - Cars - 24 pcs 13,16 €
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Janod Magnet Book - Sport Janod Magnet Book - Sport 18,76 €
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Magnetic toys for kids

Magnetic toys are fantastic toys for kids of many ages. Among other things, because it makes both demands and allows the kids to unleash their imagination. Magnetic toys allow kids to think outside the box and not least try their hand at the love of physics. The magnetic toy can often be expanded and allow for play across generations.

Magnetic toys have always created large fascination for both kids and adults. The way they sit together and attract each other seems almost magical! Magnet toys for kids promote creativity and stimulate the imagination.

There are many benefits for kids from playing with magnet sets. They serve as an introduction to concepts such as art, architecture, engineering and construction. As your kids enjoy putting together various wondrous constructions, they also begin to gain an understanding of magnetic principles. Playing with magnetic toys allows them to develop their motor skills, improve concentration and learn problem solving.

High quality magnetic toys

Magnetic toys have in common that they are made of fine materials and are of high quality.

Our selection is large, so we hope you can find some cool magnetic toys from Connetix or one of the others brands.

We hope you found the Magnetic Toys in our range of Construction Toys that you are looking for. Finally, use our search function and filter if you are looking for something specific. This is true whether you are looking for a particular magnetic toy or if you are looking for clothes or toys.

If you have special wishes, perhaps a specific product from a specific brand that you would like in the shop, you are of course welcome to send us an email with your wishes.

Popular brands

Bristle Blocks Magna-Tiles Grimms
Connetix MEGA Bloks GraviTrax

Large selection of magnet sets for kids

Regardless of your child's age and interests, you will be able to find the perfect magnet set for them at Kids-world. We offer educational and creative magnet sets from many different brands with a range of features - some are very experimental and fun and will require your child to think independently and problem-free.

Please see our magnet set from Connetix, which comes in a selection of different set that also fit together. There are no limits to what your child can build from whimsical and unique constructions. They can gradually expand their collection of Connetix magnet sets if the product really captures their interest and becomes a hobby.

Magnet sets for kids: See our popular magnet sets

Magnetic sets are brilliant for hours of educational entertainment, and what's even more brilliant is that many brands make magnetic sets that are compatible with each other. At Kids-world you will find a huge selection of magnetic sets from all the best brands - see, for example, the popular set from Magna-Tiles, which are plates where all edges are magnetic. They come in many different themed sets and set in different sizes. That way, your child can always expand their collection if they like their first Magna-Tiles magnet set. Magna-Tiles are suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

Magnetic ball tracks

Bowling alleys are fascinating and a hit with kids of all ages. And what could be better than building your very own magnet ball track? Challenge your child's creative and logical abilities with a magnetic ball track. We have a selection of different types from well-known brands such as GraviTrax and Connetix.

Magnetic ball courts come with many cool magnetic plates, tubes and shapes that will stimulate your child's intellect while inviting them to many hours of educational and interactive fun. They will improve their focus and building skills, and it will be a great experience to enjoy the balls running through the track when it is finally successfully built.

Magnetic toys and magnetic blocks

With magnetic building blocks, your child gets the opportunity to build many different kinds of constructions, shapes, or even geometric designs. When you buy a set of magnetic blocks, your child has large freedom to design countless different constructions, which ensures them against boredom. Magnetic blocks are equally fun to play with every time and are always a new experience. Magnetic blocks are an incredibly versatile toys that your child will enjoy spending many hours on.

Magnetic toys for kids of all ages

Magnetic toys are educational and fun, and luckily you can get magnetic toys that are adapted to kids of all ages - even very young kids. There are actually magnetic toys for kids from the age of 1 and up.

Kids at this age are very curious about the world, they love to touch, feel and explore things. They tend to put things in their mouths, so choose large and colorful magnetic toys that they will love to play and experiment with for many hours a day.

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