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Scooters for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Scooter for kids

In a few years, Scooter have become many kids' favorite means of transport. You do not have to move many meters down any residential road in Denmark before kids come milling on scooter. And that's not so strange at all. Scooter are both fun and really good exercise. At Kids-World we have a large selection of different kinds of scooter for boys and girls. In addition, we have scooter in many different beautiful colours and variants.

Go hunting in our range and see if you can not find the perfect scooter for your eye stone. If you are looking for a special scooter, do not forget that you can use the various filters at the top of the page to quickly and easily get an overview of our range.

Which scooter should I choose?

There is a sea of scooter for kids and trick scooter to choose from. It might be a little difficult to figure out what the difference is between them.

First of all, you need to figure out what the scooter is to be used for. Should it be to transport your child from A to B when the kid is going to school or over to a friend, or just for fun and games? No matter what type of scooter you need, most of our scooter for kids are obvious.

Which scooter to choose depends on your preferences in terms of colours and features. Some scooter, such as Scoot and Ride, have cool LED light and can be folded without the use of tool.

If the kid is a little younger, it can be an advantage to choose a scooter with three wheels from brands such as Primus Scooters.

If, on the other hand, your child is more into wild tricks, spins and jumps on ramps and in skate parks, a Y-shaped trick scooter from Tempish can be luck.

Hard wheels with ball bearings in high ABEC rate provide better rolling speed, while the aluminum frame provides a good basis for learning new tricks. If, on the other hand, your child dreams of learning to do tricks, then a beginner trick scooter from Panda Freestyle is worth exploring.

Popular brands

GoRunnerScoot and RideCrisp
Speed DemonsAquaPlayGlobber

Scooter for kids with 2 and 3 wheels

On this page you can find both scooter with 2 wheels and scooter with 3 wheels. Scooter with two wheels are the classic solution, where you can really get up to speed and maybe even do some tricks and ride on the ramp down on the skating rink. However, especially smaller kids may have difficulty maintaining balance and really gaining speed if there are only two wheels.

That is why we also run scooter on three wheels. With a scooter with 3 wheels, there is a little more stability, which ensures that your boy or girl can speed up without being afraid of tipping over. Scooter with three wheels are especially popular with smaller kids, but they are also available in larger sizes for older kids.

Scooter in beautiful colours

You can find scooter in lots of beautiful colours. Therefore, it is easy to find in scooter in the favorite color or perhaps in a colour that matches the helmet. Usually we have scooter in the colours blue, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red and black. Some of the scooters are solid color while others come with multiple colours, patterns or graphic details.

If you are looking for a scooter in a particular colour then do not forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page to quickly and easily get an overview. In addition, you can easily combine several different filters, so you e.g. looking for red scooter in size 5 years.

Scooter for kids of many ages

Scooter are a hit among both adults and kids. That is why we naturally have scooter for kids of many ages and sizes. You can find scooter for very young kids with lots of support and good ergonomic handles, which make it easy to control the scooter even for smaller kids. In addition, we also have smart scooter for older boys and girls that you can really ride hard or do tricks with.

These also come in many different styles and designs so there is something for everyone, whether the scooter should be street, raw, classic, simple or cute.

Accessories for scooter

In addition to scooter, we also have a number of different types of accessories. It can e.g. be locks so the scooter is safe down in the common yard or over at school if your kid rides the scooter to and from school.

It is a really good idea to lock the scooter (and possibly also lock it in place) when not in use. You also ville not leave your kid's bike unlocked unattended.

If there is a special kind of accessory that you can not find in our range, please contact us finally. We are constantly expanding our range and love receiving good ideas and recommending new products.

Scooter safety and safety equipment

Before you let your child roll away on the board with wheels, we have gathered some safety tips that are the alfa omega for your child's safety. It is important that your child wears the proper safety equipment when he or she is on a scooter.

Helmet, elbow, wrist and knee pads should always be a matter of course. It should have the correct size in relation to your child. Although it is not stated in some of the few rules for scooter that are, it should be a must that you make sure that the equipment is in proper condition.

You should therefore keep an eye on the wheels that are not worn and that the brakes work appropriately, so that you avoid crying and being frightened when the kid rolls out into the blue.

Remember that even though the kid has been riding a scooter for a long time and has almost become a mini- pro, it is important to use protection. We therefore always recommend that appropriate safety equipment is purchased in connection with the purchase of a new scooter for kids, so that you can send them out on the trails safely and securely.

How to lock a scooter

Unfortunately, it can be a large necessity to lock a scooter, so you are sure that it is also there when you need to use it again.

There are different types of locks for scooter. You can even use a regular bike lock. If you choose to go with a bicycle lock, it is important that it is either a folding lock or a chain lock, which makes it possible to lock the scooter to something solid, such as a lamppost or a bicycle rack.

Remember that the lock for the scooter must be passed through and not around the scooter. A scooter lock, on the other hand, is a hoop lock that is specially developed for scooter. It is shaped like a hanger with a combination lock, so you avoid having to keep track of a key. It is much smaller than a bicycle lock, but fits perfectly to attach to one of the wheels on the scooter to, for example, the bicycle rack.

Scooter with basket

If it needs to be a little extra pimped, then we also have scooter with a basket. The baskets are perfect if your kid would like to take a few small things or toys with them on a trip or would like a place to store a little bag.

In addition, they also just look really nice and can have the same function as a basket on a bike. You can find both scooter with regular baskets and scooter with a little bag that can be closed in front.

Find folding scooter

In our range we also have scooter that can be folded. It can be smart with a scooter that can be folded if the scooter is to go on a trip. A folding scooter can easily get in the car or on the train without filling up too much.

In this way, it is easy to take the scooter with you to a holiday home, on a picnic or on holiday, e.g. instead of a bike which typically also takes up a little more space.

In addition, many kids find it fun to have the scooter with them when you go for a walk. Then it is easier to follow the adults.

Buy a scooter that can grow with your child

Most of the scooters on this page can be easily adjusted in size. Therefore, you do not have to buy a new scooter every time your kid grows a pair centimeters. The Scooter can instead get bigger as your boy or girl grows.

Most of our scooter come in one size, but under the descriptions of the individual scooter you can read more about both handlebar height, recommended age group and maximum weight for which the individual scooter are intended. It is a good idea to read this information before buying a new scooter for your child.

Under the various scooter, you can also read more about the details of the scooters, such as brakes and whether they are suitable for ramp riding and tricks.

2-in-1 balance bike and scooter

Last but not least, you can also find 2-in-1 balance bikes and scooter here. These scooter are super fun and suitable for small kids who can only use the balance bike while they are small, and later can use scooter function.

Most of balance bike/scooters can be easily converted without tool, and the kid can use both functions without parents must find toolbox and manual forward every time.

With a 2-in-1 balance bike and scooter your kid sheep therefore extremely versatile vehicle in high quality and long life.

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