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Rollerskates for Kids

Shoe Size

Rollerskates for kids

On this page you will find our large selection of rollerskates for kids. Many kids love to stand on rollerskates, whether it is down in the farm, on the residential road or on the skate ramp. Kids-World has rollerskates in many different sizes, variants and colours. Therefore, we naturally hope that you can easily find the perfect rollerskates for your girl or boy.

If you are looking for something specific then use the filters at the top of the page. You are of course also welcome to just look through our range and be inspired. If you have any questions about products or assortment, remember that you can always contact our friendly customer service, who are clear to help and answer questions.

Rollerskates for boys and girls in many sizes

When you buy a pair of rollerskates for your child, it is a good idea to include a growth supplement of approx. 1.5 cm thus that your boy or girl does not grow out of sine new rollerskates right away.

As with all our others shoe here at Kids-World, we have of course also measured all the rollerskates with a special shoe gauge. Under each product, you can therefore not only see the size of the rollerskates but also the inside length in centimeters. Therefore, if you are in doubt about your child's correct size, you can just measure your child's feet at home and easily find the right size.

Remember that you can use the filter at the top of the page, so that you e.g. sheep only rollerskates in your child's size.

Inliners and side-by-sides

We have both inliners and side-by-sides in our range. Inliner rollerskates are characterized by having four wheels on the strip. In addition, they often have shoelaces and buckles as well as a brake at the heel. The Side-by-side models, on the other hand, have four wheels that sit in pair two and two, a brake pad in front and typically they are only closed with shoelaces.

There is no one model that is better than the other. Which variant you and your kid choose is therefore more about taste and pleasure. Some like inliners best, while others are more for side-by-sides. Often inliners have a more sporty look, while side-by-sides have a more retro look.

Rollerskates for kids in beautiful colours

You can find rollerskates for kids in many different beautiful colours. That way, it is easy to find rollerskates in the favorite color or perhaps with a fine pattern or design. We often have rollerskates in stock in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, multicolour, orange, pink, red and black.

Some of the rollerskates are solid color while others come with several different colours or patterns. In addition, we have both rollerskates in fine pastel and wild pan colors.

If you are looking for a pair of rollerskates in a certain colour, use the filter at the top of the page to get an overview of our selection.

Find 2-in-1 rollerskates and skates

In our range you will also find 2-in-1 rollerskates and skates. These are perfect for the versatile and sporty kid who loves to skate both summer and winter. Using the included tool, you can easily switch between skates and rollerskates in just a pair minutes.

You will typically be able to find models that come with inliners and skates. But there are also variants that come with inliners, side-by-sides and skates. That way, it is easy to be prepared for any occasion.

Which rollerskates should I choose?

In general, rollerskates are divided into two categories: Inline rollerskates and side by side rollerskates. Inline rollerskates have wheels that sit on a row, while the wheels on side by side rollerskates sit in pairs in front and behind. Both types of rollerskates are rollerskates with 4 wheels.

The majority of the models you find here at Kids-world follow the recommendation of a high boot for kids that provides increased stability around the ankle and lower legs. The kid thus Sheep better control over the rollerskates, as well as a better position.

A good tip is to buy a pair of adjustable rollerskates, which can be easily adjusted to the kid's foot size using a metal buckle on the outside. The adjustable rollerskates for kids are available both as inline rollerskates and side by side rollerskates.

That way, the kid can grow with the rollerskates and enjoy them for more than one season. In addition, 1-1.5 cm growth allowance is always recommended when you buy rollerskates with 4 wheels. Both types of rollerskates for kids are suitable for beginners who want to learn to stand on rollerskates.

If you have a slightly older child who is already whizzing out of there on rollerskates, then a pair of inline rollerskates with ball bearings in a high ABEC rate is a good offer, as it provides a better rolling speed.

Buy accessories and protection

In addition to our selection of rollerskates, you will of course also find various types of accessories and protection. Both for the kid with experience and the kid who is new to rollerskates, it is a good idea to use protection. It can often go wild on rollerskates, and if the game does not end in tears and injuries, then it is smart to acquire protection with the new rollerskates.

On this page you can therefore find a fine selection of helmets, knee pads, elbow protectors pads and wrist pads.

You can both find set with many different parts or buy e.g. wrist protectors or knee pads separately.

Find set of rollerskates and baby hat

If you want to buy both rollerskates and protection for your child, then you can actually also find set with e.g. rollerskates and baby hat. This way things match nicely together and you do not have to go out and find everything separately.

You can find set of rollerskates, baby hat, knee pads and wrist protectors as well as set of rollerskates, baby hat, knee pads, elbow protectors pads and wrist protectors. Often there can be money to be saved by buying a complete set rather than buying all the parts separately.

Rollerskates with adjustable size

If you are tired of buying new rollerskates every time your child's feet grow a single size, then there is good news. You can also buy rollerskates with adjustable size. This kind of rollerskates can often be adjusted to 3-4 sizes, which ensures that your kid will be able to use them for a longer period of time at a time.

That way, the rollerskates can literally grow with your boy or girl. All you have to do is adjust the adjusting screw.

Rollerskates from well-known brands

Because we have a large and wide range, you can of course find rollerskates from a long range of different brands. We go up to have different brands in our webshop because we want there to be a lot of different to choose from. Like adults, kids have different tastes and therefore there must be a bit of it all.

You will often be able to find rollerskates from the brands Fila, Impala, K2, Rollerblade, Supreme and Tempish. But we are constantly expanding our range, so finally check at the top of the page if we have the brand that you are looking for.

Popular brands


Where to buy rollerskates?

Whether you are looking for side by side rollerskates or inline rollerskates, you can buy them here at Kids-world. Here you will find a wide selection of different types of rollerskates with 4 wheels, whether you are looking for side by side and inliners for kids of all ages.

Dimensions and sizes of the children's rollerskates vary from model to model, so we recommend that you read the size guide for the individual rollerskates for kids, which you will find under each product description. You will also find rollerskate protection in our large range.

How to brake on rollerskates?

There are several ways to slow down when you suddenly get a little too much speed or you just have to stop. The vast majority of rollerskates for kids are fortunately fitted with a brake.

Here in the category you will find rollerskates for kids with a heel brake, which is activated by lifting the toes and pressing the heel down to the ground. The heel brake is usually found on inline rollerskates.

Side by side rollerskates usually have a brake pad mounted on the front, which is pressed into the ground until you are fully braked.

How many calories do you burn by standing on rollerskates?

Not only is it fun to stand on rollerskates, it is also an all-time form of exercise - both before kids and adults. It is both a form of social activity and a fun alternative to a run.

When you whiz out in the blue with the rollerskates on, you can actually burn up to 426 calories per hour. In this way, rollerskates for kids become a fun form of exercise, which can also be combined with company with friends or family.

When were rollerskates invented?

The first rollerskates can be dated back to the 18th century. In 1819, the first inline rollerskates were patented, but for approx. In 1860, the side-by-side rollerskates were developed and the inline rollerskates overtook within.

It was not until the 1980s, when Roces and Rollerblade created inline rollerskates as we know them day, that they really became a success.

Although the rollerskates have a good 300 year history, the same does not apply to rollerskate protection, which is always a good idea to buy with when buying rollerskates for kids.

Which rollerskates are best for kids?

Introducing your child to roller skating can be one of the best gifts you give. But with several choices, deciding which type of rollerskates for kids is best can be a challenge. Here is a comparison of the two most popular types: side by side and inliners.

Side by side rollerskates for kids

Characterized by their four wheels arranged side by side (two in the front and two in the back), side by side rollerskates are loved for their stability.

Advantage: The wide base makes it easier for beginners to find their balance and stand firmly.

Use: Ideal for indoor rinks, figure skating and roller derby. Good for kids who are just starts out with roller skating.

Inline rollerskates for kids

With wheels arranged in a straight line, usually 4-5 wheels in a row, inliners are designed for speed and agility.

Advantage: Offers speed and is good for more technical moves, making them attractive to experienced skaters.

Use: Preferred for street hockey, aggressive Skate tricks and long trips outdoors.

Tips for choosing rollerskates

Consider the kid's experience: For complete beginners, side by side rollerskates may be the best choice, while kids with a little more experience or an interest in speed may prefer inliners.

Safety first: Whatever type you choose, you should also invest in protective gear such as helmets, knee pads and elbow protectors.

With this information in hand, you can better assess which type of rollerskate best suits your child's needs and interests. Look forward to many hours of fun and exercise on wheels.

How do you learn to rollerskates?

rollerskates is a wonderful activity that combines exercise, fun and development of motor skills. If your child is ready to dive into this sparkling world, here is a step- by-step guide to getting started with either side by side rollerskates or inline skates.

Preparing to stand on rollerskates

Protection first: Start by equipping your child with a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protectors.

Choosing a place: Find a flat, even surface, preferably away from traffic. An tom parking lot, an ice rink or a quiet road can be ideal.

First steps with side by side rollerskates for kids

Stand steady : First, your child must learn to balance. Ask them to stand with their feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

First movements : Teach your child to push alternately from side to side, where he or she pushes one foot out and the other foot in.

Stopping : Most Quad skates have a front brake. Teach your child to gently press down on it with their toes to slow down.

First steps with inline rollerskates for kids

Balance: Start by keeping your balance by standing with your feet close together and your knees slightly bent.

Glide Forward: Encourages your child to alternate pushing with the feet while the other foot slides on the ground.

Stopping: Inline rollerskates often have a brake on the back. Teach your child to activity toy the foot upwards and press the brake pad down towards the ground.

Rollerskates for kids - General tips:

Fall technique: Everyone falls at the start. Teach your child to fall properly by rolling and using their protective gear to absorb the impact.

Patience: Encourages your child to keep going even when the going gets tough. With time and practice, he or she will become more confident on the skates.

Roller skating is a learning process that is filled with both challenges and triumphs. But with support, encouragement and the right techniques, your child will soon be gliding around safely and confidently. Have fun on the wheels.

When can kids go on rollerskates?

rollerskates is a wonderful way for kids to improve their balance, coordination and motor skills. But when is the right time for your child to begin this exciting travel? Here are some considerations and tips for introducing rollerskates for kids:

Age recommendation for rollerskates

In general, kids can start experimenting with rollerskates from the age of 3-4. At this age, there are special rollerskates designed for the youngest, which often have larger wheels and more stability.

However, always remember that children's development varies, so the most important thing is to assess your child's individual abilities and comfort.

Requirements for standing on rollerskates

Balance: Before your child starts rollerskates, he or she must have good basic balance. Activities such as tiptoeing, hopping on one leg or riding a bicycle without support wheels can be good indicators.

Physical strength: Kids need a certain amount of leg strength to be able to push, slide and stop. If your child is used to running around and playing and jumping off obstacles on the playground, he or she should be ready to try his hand at rollerskates.

Any lessons: Consider roller skating lessons or lessons for beginners to give your child a solid start. It can be private lessons, group lessons or yourself teaching with a pair good YouTube videos by your side.

In principle, it is never too early or too late to introduce Rollerskates for kids. So finally introduce your child to the magical world of roller skating.

With the right approach and the right equipment, your child can start a lifelong passion for this fun and healthy activity.

Where is it good to see rollerskates?

Finding the ideal spot for kids rollerskates can make the experience even more enjoyable and safe for your child. Regardless of where you live, here are some general guidelines on what to look for for the perfect roller skating rink.

Roller skating rinks

Indoor Roller Skating Rinks: Often designed specifically for roller skating, these rinks offer a smooth and even surface. They are ideal for beginners and those who want to practice without worrying about road conditions.

Outdoor roller skating rinks: These can be specially designed rinks in parker that offer a wide and even surface, often surrounded by green areas, and are ideal for for kids rollerskates.

Parker and sidewalks

Smooth asphalt paths: Many parker have paths that are perfect for roller skating, with the right balance of smoothness and handles.

Sidewalks: If they're wide and level, sidewalks can be great places for for kids to rollerskates, but be aware of cracks, pebbles, pedestrians, and cars backing up in driveways.

Empty parking lots

When shops are closed, empty parking lots can be ideal training grounds, as they often have a flat surface and plenty of space.

Paths and schoolyards

Outside of school, schoolyards and trails can be great places to practice. They are often well maintained and have fewer distractions.

Substrates to avoid

Gravel and sand : This can be dangerous for for kids rollerskates, as the wheels of the roller skates can easily get caught.

Wet and slippery surfaces: Rain, wet leaves and others slippery loose parts can make skating risky.

Extra tips

Check the surface: Before your child starts rollerskates, inspect the area for holes, cracks, rocks or others obstacles.

Time: Consider Skate in the early morning or late afternoon when there are fewer people around.

No matter where your child chooses to Skate, safety must always come first. Remember to wear protective equipment and always be aware of your surroundings.

With these things written behind the ear, rollerskates for kids is at once a fun, healthy and gentle form of exercise that trains the kid's strength, speed, balance and fitness at the same time. Let the adventure roll.

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